Thread: Just bought it again

Just bought it again

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    Just bought it again

    Noticed a comment in one of the threads about no new here's one.

    I am at this minute about to go and repurchase this classic game.

    Thought I would do a full run through before getting Dog Days tomorrow.

    About Dog Days however.....alot of complaining about the shortness of the campaign in many reviews and on forums. Couldn't give a toss about it.

    I got 5 hours out of the single player xbox demo over the last week or so, playing and replaying the different difficulties, and loved every minute of it and I've not even touched the multiplayer yet. Make of that what you will.

    Let the killing commence

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    *gives trophy* ...
    Hi, i'm the one who makes Wall of Text Armadas in a unhinged regular fashion.
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