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Thread: Online Co-Op Added Back In...Hmmm???

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    I want my money back no online play is crap. I hope some one files class action their are many adds that say online co op............

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    Should we make it official, that the online coop was always intended to be a purchasable DLC? There's no shame to admit you had a very bad, greedy idea.

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    online has been delayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodedclaw View Post
    online has been delayed.
    STILL no online co-op? Canceled?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tr1xp View Post
    STILL no online co-op? Canceled?
    No, it's not canceled, they are working on it.

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    Tweeted Karl Stewart about online coop for PC/PS3 this weekend. Only managed to get this:

    @Lordcypher PS3 and PC online coming soon dude. Watch this space.!/CrystalDKarl/s...60565760638976

    gotta love how he calls me... dude... funny. anyways...

    I've been waiting for nearly two months now. Purchased the game september 22nd. I still haven't played even one level of the game, keeping the fun for online coop with one of my buddy.

    Wanted to get a refund since I purchased the game on the fact that it would include online coop, but unfortunately, I have purchased it from Steam, steam is not known as a good support provider and will refuse any refund after a purchase (does not include "pre release purchases", wich can be refunded before the actual game is released).

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