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Thread: Official K&L2:DD Issues thread (PS3 edition)

Official K&L2:DD Issues thread (PS3 edition)

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    Official K&L2:DD Issues thread (PS3 edition)

    I suggest posting all technical issues you're experiencing with the game here. Be specific. I want the devs to help everyone out.

    This thread is for the PS3 version only.
    For the Xbox 360 version, go here.
    For the PC version, go here.
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    you should add a party system so players can join ranked matches with friends cas no one seems to be joining me or my friends public matches and its just not fun with 2 or 3 people, at least make a party system for ranked matches so we can play in full games together.

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    I noticed a lot of screen tearing in the ps3 version. Can this be fixed in a patch? BTW a VERY great game....

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    Censoring?! Why the hell is there censored headshots? That'd be great if it could be fixed in a patch!

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    PLEASE do something about the lag! The online is virtually unplayable!

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    I really hope you guys get cracking on this netcode issue (at least I think that's what's going on).

    Enemies are floating around, and the animations get very clunky. It becomes increasingly hard to not only remain engaged, but competitive in an online game that's as unstable as this.

    I consider the single player campaign to be one of the most exhilerating experiences in recent memroy; you guys nailed it! And please take this online-criticism in the most positive way, because that is how it is intended. I love the ideas of your online modes, but the execution is severely lacking. I know, and I'm sure others do as well, that this CAN be something great.

    So please, give us all a reason to want to continue on playing this. You can have an incredibly dedicated community so long as you make these necessary adjustments to the online portion.

    DLC's are okay for longevity, but without the backbone of any competitive online experience - that being the overall stability - they won't be enough to keep this game alfoat.

    Thank you for reading.

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    There's a trophy glitch for me.

    I've met the requirements for the "Alpha Male" trophy (Have the most kills in a Cops & Robbers Ranked Match.) several times.

    I make sure that I choose "Ranked Match > Cops & Robbers - Quick Match".

    I've won games with outstanding amounts of kills, once I had 33 kills in a match and the next highest kill count was 12.

    I deleted ALL of my Kane & Lynch 2 save/game data to try and remedy this problem, but it didn't work. Even after completely wiping everything Kane & Lynch 2 related from my HDD, the trophy still ceases to unlock when I meet it's requirements.

    Please patch / fix this, guys. You have no idea how frustrating it is to know that I will never 100% this game without the help of developers.

    I hope this gets worked out...I know the developers won't look into something based off of one person's problem. I know it's a small issue, guys, but please work it out! I love this game so much, I plan on getting 100% on it!

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    Game Data Corrupt Error;

    I've completed the game two times now, and after my second time I shut down my PS3 like I always do, quitting the game from the PS button menu, taking the disc out and turning off the console , and now when I want to run the game the system tells me that my game data is corrupted and I must delete whatever saves/data I have in order to launch the game...

    Needless to say all my SP and MP progress are out the window. This never happened with another game on my PS3 BTW...

    Edit: After starting a new game and shutting down and restarting it gave me the same error, and when I launched again without deleting anything the error was gone...

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    Chapter 3

    in blood sweat tears .. I blew up the van then I have to fight cops.. done. Then I have to run down stairs until I get to a red sliding door. The door won't open. I can't go any further in the game. It doesn't prompt me to open the door. A hint prompt comes up and it makes me stare at my partner. I've tried restarting from checkpoint a dozen times. I quit and restarted, nothing.

    I can't finish the game because of this bug.

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    Co-Op Hard Lock:

    The game hard locks intermittantly during split-screen co-op mode.
    This has occured a number of times on the Deal chapter as well as later chapters.

    Is this something Eidos and IO Interactive are looking to patch soon?

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    I eagerly await answers / explanations to these problems.

    It'd be a shame if IOI didn't listen to their PS3 users' issues

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    I've just encountered another bug...
    In MP menu when I select Fragile Alliance the menu routes me to a Campaign Co-Op screen. But wait. That's not it. I'm not listed as a player, I'm just spectating some other dude's screen, and I can navigate around a menu with no text, as if I was in a MP lobby... There are just empty tabs and I can spy on what the co-op players are doing... I'm in their lobby for some reason with no power to join their game, and I never chose to be there in the first place!

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    Horrible connection issues and I know it's not me because the PSN stays up it is just the game that gives me connection error. It's really annoying, been happening all day today.

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    Is anyone from Eidos actually reading this thread or should I be raising this hard lock issue in another thread or with a customer service centre (which you don't appear to have) or with the developer?

    A response would be welcome....

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    Originally Posted by jaya12
    Co-Op Hard Lock:

    The game hard locks intermittantly during split-screen co-op mode.
    This has occured a number of times on the Deal chapter as well as later chapters.

    Is this something Eidos and IO Interactive are looking to patch soon?
    I am having the same issue, hard lock up when playing "the deal". In the large room nearly cleared out then suddenly locks up... Have to start the level over and it is quite frustrating... we did this probably 5 times...

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    I am having the same issue, hard lock up when I play

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    Hi all

    We're paying attention to all your concerns and reports and they ARE being routed to QA and tech support. We can't fix everything and we can't fix it by snapping our fingers, sadly, as it's often quite difficult to figure out why a Ps3 hard-locks in one chapter but not in another, etc. We ARE trying to figure out a lot of these things but we also need to prioritize among the various reports.

    Please keep your reports coming and please provide us with as much detail as possible.



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    1.Experiencing terrible lag in 60% of games.
    2.Whats the point of the rejoin button after a MP match if it doesnt rejoin the group?
    3.Loading/buffering times takes forever and is annoying when you have to load for 3 minutes when the host quits or you couldnt join a game. It even boots me to the title screen sometimes when I couldn't join a game.
    4.Sometimes have to "waiting for players" for 3-5 min.
    5. hard locks as previously mentioned in SP and co - op games but also sometimes while loading MP or ending MP matches.
    6. Floating and stuck enemies on the ceilings of the 2nd last chapter of sp.

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    so, i just finished beating the game on extreme which boosted my trophies to 51%. i then decided i would get all of the arcade mode trophies. i decided i was going to get the LIGHTNING LOOTER trophy. first i thought it meant to have the team get a total of 8 mill in under 6 min. after it repeatedly not working, i thought it might be that i alone needed to get 8 mill in 6 min. after playing arcade mode for 4 rounds, each round killing all of the teammates, collecting more than 4 mill, and escaping in the getaway in 2 min. 30 seconds. i did not recieve the trophy with the trophy requirements met. what is going on?
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    Unhappy Please help us !!!

    So many other people are having the same game freeze in co-op offline/online --but the rest off the the game(single player and online matches) are fine -
    I am having problem ever since i finished 1st level and every now and then the game freezes (((Randomly))) maybe after 2min/5min/13min but in my case more sooner than later ---- i can't enjoy this game to its TRUE potential ----- PLEASE -good people at eidos and K&L TEAM and QA TEAM --- this is a priority#1 -- the REST CAN wait !!!

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    Exclamation ??? Patch 1.02 ???

    Could you hint us by when should to expect the new patch (Days,Weeks,MONTHS)
    i anxiously await your reply !!!

    thank you

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    I've also noticed some loss in audio at different times throughout the game (most notably during the game's introduction). Has anyone else experienced this?

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    To nick@io

    NICK,Can you PLEASE tell me WHEN is the NEW PATCH coming TO THE PS3 --- This freezing issue has left me playing other games ever since i bought K&L2 ---

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    please could someone tell me how i unlock my free exclusive downloadable content with my european limited edition kane and lynch 2? and also does it say limited edition on the disk? on the ps3.

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    The Alpha Male trophy is glitched! I already met the requirements twice and got no trophy. The second time the room was full, 12 players, finished all rounds with the most kills and the match of course and still, got nothing...even waited a while in the results screens just in case. And on that second time nobody disconnected. Please tell me this is one of the issues being looked at.

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