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Thread: Official K&L2:DD Issues thread (360 edition)

Official K&L2:DD Issues thread (360 edition)

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    Originally Posted by Doomsayer
    Is it too much to ask for updates? Apparently so...
    I have been PMing NickIO and he said "The patch is live today. That should fix the problem."
    That was sent Yesterday, at 07:21 AM. I have no idea what is going on.

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    Obviously there has been a breach in the parallel universe ...
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    In 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. The Tangent universe will branch off and the world will end.

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    just finished on extreme no chiev

    i did chapter 1 and 3 couch coop and the rest solo, each chapter sez i completed it on extreme like i stated above,
    what now...this was hard and i want my bloody chiev
    everything else i can live with but not a realistic/extreme chiev not poppin...not only that it updated before and after i did it...i tried to start back up again and another update went on??
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    1,859 have to complete whole thing in either Co-Op or Solo, can't mix and match.

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    oh lord
    gamertag BADGUYSKI

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    My game is no longer freezing up. I can perform brain surgery in peace now.

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    The UMP silenced is missing part of the reload animation. The character will not take the magazine out.

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    Ok can some at Eidos help me out here.

    Me and my Girlfriend have been playing Kane and Lynch 2 we came back to finish it off tonight. After the mission a thousand cuts we get a pop up box saying YOU DONT HAVE THE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT TO PLAY THIS SECANRIO

    why are we getting this message. We then even went to use the code that came with the game which we brought new and it tells us the code as been used.

    How do we fix this and why has are code been used even though its a new copy.

    If you could please get back to us thanks.

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    Originally Posted by ohitspatty have to complete whole thing in either Co-Op or Solo, can't mix and match.
    I've completed it in solo. Now playing through on co-op with a mate. I keep loosing the chapters that I've completed.

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