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Thread: Poem Peaples!!!!! LOOK HERE!!!

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    One Day miserable...
    Next so happy seeing you.
    Being held once again feeling the warmth and closeness of you
    Sensing the radient love and care we share as i lock eyes with you
    I can see our futures intertwine...Our hearts race into the life we have together
    Finally Complete!
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    lol and someone ressurected the topic..
    you should start typing it tomb raider 2012 topic..
    im mostly there..
    Denis: There is something I don't entirely trust about this guy..
    John: Just because he just killed a girl in front of us..?

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    Eyes lock, Piercing through our souls.
    Hand held, Leading me to safety.
    Hearts beat in sync, Filling me with warmth.
    Sweet silence revolves around us
    as we stand in the rain,
    Together, we can take on anything.

    Ok Ok my poems officially suck now danget haha
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    Violent and raging we may be. But thats just our nature dont you see.
    Blood and love is what we require. We can give you what you most desire.
    Senses hyped, speed quickened. Dont underestimate what we are gifted.
    Immortal souls we are now. Accepting what we are and wondering "How?"
    Dont you worry my dear..for you see. A vampire I am. A vampire you will be.
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    Orange Planer

    Orange Planer was a stranger,
    And a long tall streak of p!$$.
    He had whiskers on his whiskers
    on his whiskers on his whisk.
    You could say nobody knew him,
    Because no-one really cared to,
    They just knew him by his grubby jeans
    And hairy hairy hairdo.
    And the song that was his mantra.
    And his blanket.
    And his fist.
    It's the song of Orange Planer,
    And it goes a bit like this:
    "All the folks that I've been knowing,
    Since before my beardly growing,
    Have all fallen by the wayside,
    Down the well,
    And left the fireside.
    If you meet me clean and shaved,
    Well dressed and beautifully behaved,
    You will never recognize me
    For we've never met before."

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    i got lemons? better eat 'em.
    no thats oranges. you squeeze 'em.
    what? the oranges?
    no. lemons.
    eat the oranges?
    no, squeeze 'em.
    this banana? squeeze that too?
    no! don't!
    please tell me what to do,
    i am hungry and i'm thirsty,
    and i've never eaten fruit.

    fruit doesn't rhyme with do
    and you're an idiot to boot

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    Of all the things I've eaten,
    Out of all the things I've tasted,
    All the time I spent on you was time
    I really should have wasted.
    You could never fill me up inside,
    No food to feed my soul.
    You were rotten.
    I was hollow.
    And we'd fallen down a hole.

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    Halitosis Cat (felis halitus)

    The morning Halitosis Cat is a different breed. A quieter breed.
    With tail between its legs it pleads apologies. With eggs.

    He tells you that he loves you
    And there ain't no-one above you
    All that nauseating crap that make you wish he wasn't there
    Yes, he smells a little worse now and..
    He's pawing through your purse now
    Then he's out the door and off again
    To god knows f**king where

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    lol How funny, I haven't been on this forum in agessss because I had to crack down on my studies... I just finished writing a poem yesterday, log on here for the first time, and this thread is the first thing I see!

    "In my dreams...

    All is not what it seems
    lush light flows in vibrant streams
    and the sky resolves to grayish greens
    warm light cools the night of day
    the sun dissolves in a northern bay
    and the south wind blows all cares away

    in my dreams…

    All is not what it seems
    blue grass smells of tangerines
    and dew ignites under red moon beams
    rainfall cleanses body and soul
    tastes of honey and makes one whole
    makes you shiver ... but never cold

    in my dreams…

    All is not what it seems
    the past can be seen in hints and gleams
    and memories rush in pools and streams
    leaving a smile upon my face
    as I'm caught inside your warm embrace...
    two souls once more … enlace…

    in my dreams…

    5-22-12 / 6-17-12"

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    We like Our friends to stay; And, after all that, They look upon We As an utterly ignorant They!

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