Thread: Let's play KL2 together

Let's play KL2 together

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    Steam: YoungZer0

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    I'm buying K&L2 for PC on day 1 so add me cause i'll forsure be up for co op or multi-player. My Steam is: and1er and my xfire is: wesv

    hope to play with some of you guys soon!
    Games I want to buy in 2010: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, Mafia 2, Crysis 2, Starcraft 2.

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    psn id: impyemu
    ~The Emu hath landed~

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    Gt: Knastcore

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    steam: devilgeneral1990

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    Yeah, definitely looking to play this with you guys! I'd like some trustworthy Fragile Alliance players...though it is called "fraglie" alliance. Here's my info:

    PSN: ThomasBros

    Hope to see you online!

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    Sweet! Hope I get some invites I'll try to add as much of you guys though!

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    My PSN ID is MacArthurFIN, feel free to add me.

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    PS3 ID - ColonelTom

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    PSN ID: Ftwrthtx

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    Changed my steam to Mother Flippin' Rhymenocerous

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    Anyone feeling to kick-ass online, feel free to add me. I'm European (Belgium) but off course everyone is welcome! PSN ID= SeVok

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    ChrmoSchwinn does he work for eidos??

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    My Gamertag: SantiagoDominic
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    ChrmoSchwinn does he work for eidos??
    No, he doesn't.

    Everyone's in the list now.

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    Steam ID: sivier

    In game name: Co@lition|Guvna

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    Definitely looking for some friendly people to play this with - none of my friends have picked it up (although I'm still working on it!).

    Looking forward to some games

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    PSN: THunta8

    Would do some trophies if ppl are interested.

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    PSN: ChaoticDoomOfBob
    i have the theme song stuck in my head. dum dum duuum duum dum bum bum dum.

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    Steam ID: Shinrei

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    Steam ID: jankomack or JankoSVK

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    Gamertag: iTonehh

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    Gamertag: Sk3pTiCz

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    Steam ID: archerus88

    Really looking for some peeps to Coop this game with.

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