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    The Saboteur

    Anyone else got this game?, I only just got it myself despite it being released in 2009, here is a wiki artical on it The Saboteur, it's DirectX 9 but despite that the graphics are very good, the protagonist as stated in wiki is an irishman named Sean, he is a race car driver who through events in the game ended up in Paris, wiki will tell you more.

    The reason I started this thread is because I've found it a very enjoyable game, Sean basically gets to do the things Rico does, hence saboteur, he does not have a fancy grapple hook but he can climb on to the roof tops, slide down or climb phone lines and other cables, it has quite an epic story with freeroam at the end, Paris is really alive with NPCs, both French and German and they don't look stiff!, there was obviously a lot of work put into the models, textures and animations.

    I'll tell you one thing I really like about this game, Sean is not a uber character though his climbing skills are obviously exagerated, when he stands around he will either take a swig of whiskey from a flat flask or light up a cig, the animation for the smoking is good, he reaches into is pockets, takes out a cig and a lighter, he then shields the lighter with his other hand while igniting it, err ok, perhaps you don't want to here about that, it's not exactly game play, but it's nice to have a character acting human, he has some witty lines while killing or suddenly getting shot at, when killing it will be something like "My toothless grandmother is tougher than you!"; you have to imagine those words with an Irish accent.

    So what about gameplay I hear you ask?, you're not asking!, I'll tell you anyway, with the right amount of contraband, that's the currency in the game, he has access to an arsenal of weapons for different jobs, personally I go for the terror scoped sniper rifle and the silenced viper machine gun, always did prefer the stealth approach, his melle kills can be good also, he can beat a soldier to death just brawling, he can sneak up behind them and punch them out and he can sucker punch and snap their necks, the last one is my personal favorite

    So, anyone else out there get this game?, what did you think of it? despite it reaching gold it seems quite an obscure game, or perhaps I've not looked hard enough.
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    I consider getting it whenever I see it in the store, but I always end up shrugging and saying "Maybe next time".

    It's one of those games where you just haven't heard enough about, and there isn't even a demo, to really push you to get it. And the fact that the developers, Pandemic, are the guys that made Mercenaries 2 (which was "fun", but not really a great game) and were closed down shortly after Saboteur's release. That's never a good sign for a game.

    I'm glad to hear it's fun. Maybe next time I'l get it :P
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    I personally recommend it if you are into WWII and the french resistance, though for obvious reason it's more about Sean than the resistance, you can either blast your way through the game(not recommended) or take a more subtle approach, you can call on some resistance members to aid you in a running fire fight, another good feature is you get penalized if you kill 5 civilians in less than a minute, so in a fracus you have to watch who you shoot, there are also some civilians who will give you away, one example I had was sneaking upon a soldier guarding a tank, then some old fart shouts he's got a gun!!, I made sure I shot him before doing a runner!
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    the opening FMV is epic they did a good job on her .......

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    I forgot to add, this game actually has a garage that you can store all collectable vehicals in, once collected if you smash one up just return to the garage and get it again, not all vehicals are collectables, the truck carrying the V1 or more commonly known as the doodlebug or buzz bomb, while it's possibe to drive the truck, it's not possible to put it in the garage, but it's a target for the saboteur anyway, weapons once purchased from the black market remain on the list but do not need purchasing again, only ammo needs purchasing when you run out, at first it seems difficult to optain enough contraband, but the first couple of main missions will soon change that.
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    I have The Saboteur for Xbox 360. Another very open-world game, and, like Just Cause 2 an overlooked (by many) masterpiece. I snuck into the Eiffel Tower and climbed to the top for a nice set of achievement points. Be sure to buy it new to get the "Midnight Show" access pass.

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    The Saboteur is an excellent game! I uploaded a video to YouTube last year. I put some information in info section so I won't put embedded video here.
    The video is here.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
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    The Saboteur is a fantastic game. I borrowed it from a friend and was engrossed in it for weeks. One of the few games where I completed it 100% and got all of the achievements. It wasn't forced either, I had a lot of fun doing it. The sense of satisfaction when you got in and out of a restricted area, or stealth killed a nazi general without raising the alarm was terrific.

    It's very similar to Just Cause 2, as there are a lot of freeroam targets scattered across the entire map, which are challenging and fun to destroy. Skylar is a looker, too...

    Edit: I forgot to mention, but I liked the soundtrack of the game. Not only was it fitting for that era of history, but it changed with the mood of the french people.

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    I've heard it's it is just like Mercs 2(good to guy I asked) and then I heard it was terrible. The second guy I asked said it was way worse than Mercs 2 and I myself hated Mercs 2. Yeah it had some good stuff that Mercs 1 didn't have but the overall feel and gameplay was not as enjoyable as in the first. I still don't know whether or not to get it because it is still full price. I don't wanna drop $50 on a crappy game.

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    seems pretty good to me stuck in it though

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    i borrowed it last year when didnt have many games to play......i liked it.....atmospheric especially when was all black and white raining miserable.....although didnt know why that place in the top right where was that base and race track.....stayed black and white when the rest went coloured when completed.....managed to finish the game but missed 3 trophies.....75k spent contraband and the kiss 50 women to escape and kill in disguise german chief officer but not be detected.....i later read in a website could have done that when was doing that sniper mission.....thought it easier just kill any of the germans if they chased me.....pity.....might get it if see 2nd hand.....just to get those trophies.....also one of those points of interest on top of that huge wheel was a pain in the bum to get to.....i dont even know now if i did it......

    but nice game and some nice music......the french song homme que adore was a catchy fave.....and the song by nina simone.....feeling good also great.....

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    i got this game sometime earlier this year and i thought it was a great game.i enjoyed having the trains even if they go off the tracks and get back on in a few places and the fact that i'm killing large amounts of nazis with awsome guns. BUT it was missing somethings like the most important MULTIPLAYER if you make a great game and want a lot of ppl to buy it then make it have multiplayer (hint hint just cause developers). i also thought it was missing some of the other important things in france like the d-day landing sight, lorient u-boat super base, concentration camps, destroyable building (cmon pandemic your supposed to have everything destroyable like in mercs), a paris trolley system, plane that u can fly, and boats. the concentration camp would be so you can save people in it im not trying to be racist but im pretty shure there were a few concentration camps in france

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    I want to get this, hopefully I will get it soon. It looks really fun and sounds pretty awesome.
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