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Thread: Official Just Cause 3 wishlist / ideas thread

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    Here's my wish list, assuming JC3 will be for next gen consoles/PC. I don't see why it wouldn't! :P

    1. Building Interiors - It would be nice to be able to walk into buildings and such.

    2. Destructible Buildings - Being able to topple entire structures, sorta like Red Faction, would be amazing. Maybe after a building's damaged/demolished a construction crew would come out and over time fix/rebuild it, giving you the opportunity to destroy it as many times as you like w/o it being gone for ever.

    3. Soft Body Physics - This would make vehicle wrecks and destruction more realistic looking and random.

    4. Terrain Deformation - Would love to see some form of this in the game, wheels digging into the ground, explosives creating creators. Maybe being able to create potholes and creators in roads from explosives or crashing from high places

    5. More Detail at Ground Level - JC2 had a real nice looking world, especially when flying, but it was kinda plain at ground level. I would love to see more detail go into the ground level and up close things.

    6. Trains - I would love to high-jack a train, stop it just before a switch track, switch it, then go full speed and collide with an on coming train.

    7. Wing-suits - nuff said there

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    Pretty sure I wrote my ideas here about a year ago, but I'm still playing this game (up to 96%!) and I've had a couple more small ones.

    Helicopter Rescue: Getting into falling helicopters is fun to try but near-impossible (I've done it 3 times in 160+hours gameplay), so I was thinking it could be evened out by making the grappling connection easier, but ALSO making the rotating blades injure you. This would make it really scary to attempt but entirely possible.

    Tether Physics: It's annoying that you slip off of a flying plane's roof when it reaches that critical angle, especially considering you have a grapple you could be using to hold yourself in place. Actually that would also make it a little more physically believable too. This could apply to cars as well, letting you clamber all over any car, instead of just a couple select models.
    Following on from that, I've noticed that holding down the grapple button adds the first tether point, but at this time there is no game mechanic until you shoot the second tether point. This moment could be when your character gets dragged along by vehicles (eg. by a car with your parachute out, or by a boat while using a multi-function snowboard or something), and come to think of it you could use it to swing between tall buildings. Imagine the stunt videos people could make with these rope physics! Maybe make the 'pull point' of the rope when it reaches its maximum length. Ooh, and using it to clothesline motorcycle cops, heh heh heh.

    SFX: I'm a sound engineer so maybe this only annoyed me, but the sawn-off shotgun sound was way too loud and lengthy, and so annoying when all the cops use them all the time.

    Plot: Lastly, I really love how the story and acting are terrible, like a bad B-movie. I think JC2 runs into trouble because it's hard to tell if it's taking itself seriously or not. In JC3, don't let it take itself seriously at all. It should make fun of action-cinema tropes, and make fun of itself. 'Tongue-in cheek', all the way. You'll need a good comedic writer to do this successfully. And I want more crappy one-liners from Rico! "One day, they'll write books about all of this!"

    Again, thanks for such an awesome game anyway! I'm still deciding if it's my favourite game of all time, it's between JC2, Red Dead and Goldeneye.

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    Here's my list:

    1. You have to pay to unlock black market items and then you can spawn them whenever you want for free.
    -I haven't beaten the game yet since I just got it last week (2 years late), but how do you make more money to buy items once you've beaten the game and used up all your cash? I could understand if you have to always pay for gun ammo, but why have to pay every time you want to spawn a vehicle?

    2. A super easy mode, for messing around, with unlimited ammo on all guns.
    -Why is there unlimited ammo on mounted guns and vehicles, but not on things like the bubble gun? There aren't enough places to get ammo on this game for how huge the map is.

    3. Better shocks on vehicles.
    -It's hard to have fun off-roading on this massive, beautiful game when tiny little bumps can flip your vehicle. There are a lot of awesome places to ride a motorcycle, but most of the time you'll hit a tiny rock and get turned completely sideways.

    4. Improved grappling physics.
    -When you drag a car/object behind a plane, it starts flying in all sorts of weird directions instead of just dragging behind. I want to fly vehicles to the top of mountains/buildings to do stunts but it's a pain because the cars/bikes/etc. always end up flying into the plane and blowing it up.

    5. Underwater vehicles.
    -When you press the parachute button underwater, you should get one of those handheld underwater propulsion devices. Submarines could be added to, which would be sick.

    6. Multiple camera angles.
    -With all the stunts, explosions, and sick vehicles on this game, it would be pretty sweet to get some wider camera angles, especially when you're parachuting.

    7. More wildlife.
    -There are 2D fish and birds, but that's all I've seen in the game. I realize games have graphics limitations and this is a pretty pointless request, but it would make free roam exploration a lot more fun/realistic. I feel like this is a free roam exploration game just as much as it is an action game, but I may be the only person thinks the missions are slightly less less fun than driving a rickshaw down a big mountain.

    8. Multiplayer.
    -I saw something about a multiplayer beta for the PC version and it sounded like a ton of fun. Even if it's an offline multiplayer mode, it would be beastly.

    9. Spawning anywhere on the map.
    -I wish when I save and quit the game, I could start up at the same spot I was when I quit. If not, you should have the option to spawn at airports after you've completed them. This is a really minor complaint.

    10. Cheat codes.
    -This game definitely does not take itself seriously at all (bubble gun, pie-shaped island, random whale carcass, snowman, etc.). I think it would be the perfect game to bring back some of the cheat codes that all the old console games used to have (big head mode, etc.).

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    JUST CAUSE 3 idea!!!!

    Would it be possibly to have a map editor on JUST CAUSE 3?

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    This has probably been said some times already, but here's my list of things i demand (lol) for Just Cause 3.
    1.Indirect fire systems like mortars and a similar aim system as in Battlefield3 where you aim with the help of a mini-map, and the IFS'es (see first 3 words in the sentence) i want to see is a Howitzer Artillery field gun, 120mm mortars for complete area saturation, and maybe some vehicle mounted artillery, this one will be like the other JC2 vehicles, a little made up.

    2.Tanks with catepillar tracks like the japanese type 95 tank which fits in to the exotic asian theme of Panau.
    The normal tanks are too long and flip over too easily :P

    3.Airplanes with free-falling bombs, maybe some japanese bombers, as i said, fits in to the theme.
    And heavier bombers of course
    Airplanes and helicopters with pontoons, able to land on water.

    4.Submarines, submergible and able to drive on the surface, with torpedos of course

    5.Bigger boats, ships that you can driver, walk on, and man the cannons on, if they are that big so to say.
    But also better, smaller, and faster landing boats, similar to the japanese LCVP style landing crafts, might be found on the jap island.

    6.Helicopters more fit for "Strike-and-go" missions, fast agile and heavy loaded with rockets and a heavy fast-firing MG.

    7.Animals, like tigers that attacks you, crazy villagers that tries to bite you, pigs that will flee and you might want to hunt them for fun etc etc. :P

    8.more remains of earlier civilizations like house ruins, bunkers, caves with blood writings in them.

    9.better upgrading system and customizable vehicles, upgrading for MONEY and not parts, and the customization might be paintjobs, custom text, addable sirens (for example), wheels, decorations etc etc. (And that you will be able to share your creations with others via a built in sharing system.)
    The customization will be avalible to almost all vehicles, maybe except for huge-ass airplanes.
    The customization will be avalible in garages for cars, hangars for planes, boathouses for boats, heli-pad for helicopters.

    10.Better HEAT-system, make the NPC's hearing instead of noticing when you press a button, when you shoot some people will be alerted, but not them out of range, silencers drasticly decreases the range of hearing, and a person will be alerted when finding a body.(bodies will stay until people has stoped searching for you, or when you are atleast 1km away from the bodies.

    This might have been messy, but thank for reading and i hope you enjoyed my suggestions for an upcoming game (hopefully)

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    Smile Hello Everyone

    Customize the vehicles colours on just cause 3!!! Sky drive into a enemies base. (:

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    My JC3 Ideas
    There are only three things which I would really love Just Cause 3 to include:

    1. Co-op gameplay
    So long have I waited to be able to sky dive with a friend; have aeroplane races; and be able to jump onto his car to attack pursuers.
    Adding co-op to Just Cause would be an awesome addtion. It would just add another depth to the game, and also provide much more reply value (though there is a lot already ) Also, to allow two players in a car/helicopter/plane.
    However, what this game does NOT need, is death matches or 'captures the flag'. Those game modes are far to overused, and put simply, what not be enjoyable for this particular game play. Adding co-op (both online and lan) is all that's needed to add much more replayability to the game.

    2. Stealth, AI & Heat
    One of the main things JC2 lacked, was the element of stealth. The problem here being, the AI was too smart. Now I'm not saying that it almost had human intellegence, but rather that it knew things that were really unrealistic.
    For example, I would walk around a simple village, place some triggered explosives (out of sight of enemies), and then walk away. I would be hiding behind some structure, and trigger the explosives. All of a sudden, I have heat and troops are walking/driving from far away, to my current location. The two things wrong here are (how did they know it was me, and how did they even find me). It's things like this that I dislike in this game.
    A good idea, is to add some degree of stealth and surprise to the game.
    A few suggestions would be:

    - Not being detected if you stand/walk behind enemies (though they would still be alerted if you shot up into the sky or something similar)

    - Not gaining heat from killing a single, lone enemy; especially if I used say the grappling hook to whip 'em; which makes no sound.

    - If I break line of sight with a chasing enemy, get out of my vehicle and into a different car, by the time they can view me again they don't know that I've changed my car. They may either look around for a couple moments before leaving, or chase car I used to be in, as it rolls away. They should NOT know that I have changed vehicles (at least not right way, though if I was riding a bike it would be different), and I should be able to freely drive passed them until they did.

    Though, some things that you could ADD to the AI, are:

    - They would become alerted (and trigger heat) if they see another dead enemy

    - Single enemies who see you trigger heat-related items wouldn't be able to set you on heat straight away. If they were inside a stronghold, they would have to run off and alert other soldiers before heat would be triggered. If they were in a simply village or town, you would see them call in other soldiders/air support.

    - In addition to above, maybe heat shouldn't even become active until at least 3 or 4 soldiers have been alerted, That way, you would easily take on 1 or 2 lone soldiers, with little hassle.

    Oh, and another thing. Which pursuits and chases, the military either seem to give up too early, or don't pursue me in a logically manner. Say, I'm standing in the middle of the road, with a rocket launcher. A military car drives up... boom. Another military car... boom. And yet, a third military car... boom. It's at times like this, where I wish they would learn to stop sending a single car in one at a time, and either continue on by foot, or send in a pile of cars at once.
    Another example is the planes. I jump into a plane, and a couple of soliders start shooting at the plane. Within moments, I've taken off, they may launch an anti-air missile. but that's it. Wouldn't it be awesome if they actually sent jets after you? I mean, I'd love to dog fight with a couple of army planes. But no, at the moment, they may send a helicopter after you, but I have never seen a plane. (I mention this a bit more in the 'Minor Suggestions' below).

    3. More destruction/buildings
    Finally, the destruction. While playing through JC2, I was constantly put off by the fact that I was not sure what items I could destroy, and which items I could not. Like, I could destroy a huge fuel tank, yet even my rocket launcher couldn't put a scratch on those ceramic jars.
    All I ask is either make it MUCH more clear what you can or can't destroy, or just make everything destructable.
    And also, I would love to be able to enter buildings (even just military strongholds), and be able to see what they look like inside. Plus, being able to walk through the insides of planes, buses, etc.

    Ok, so that's all I want. I'm now going to give a simply scenario of what the game would be like with these features.

    Two players take a helicopter to a enemy stronghold. One play skydives down onto one of the high buildings. An enemy here spots him, but he uses his whip to take him out (and since the whip is silent, and no-one else can see them; no heat is gained). This player then pulls out his sniper, and gets into position.
    The second player lands the helicopter, and silently approaches the stronghold. Two guards are at the entrance. The first player quickly checks that there is no-one watching, and uses his silenced sniper rifle to take out the first guard. The second player then quickly grapples the other guard off the platform, where he falls to the ground. The second player then makes his way into the stronghold. He makes his way up the side of the building, and into the main headquarters. Two enemies are facing the other way as he enters, and he slips passed them. He quickly hides a triggered explosive inside, and makes his way out. He then goes towards an exposed fuel tanker, and places another explosive charge. However, a guard sees him and races off to alert others; if he can alert another 2 enemies, then heat will be triggered. With quick reaction, the first player kills him, and prevents that disaster. The second player must then make his way out. However, another guard spots the dead body, and before long, heat is triggered. The second player gets trapped only a couple of meters away from the exit. The first player tries to help out his friend by taking out those shooting at him; but another enemy then spots him, and before long, they all realise that he's up there; and they begin shooting at him.
    This momentary distraction allows for the second player to sprint out of the stronghold, and race into the chopper, he detonated the explosives.
    The first player constantly tries to hold of the constant enemies. He able to crouch to avoid most damage, but can't hide forever. His sniper rifle runs out of ammo, and he's forced to use his pistol. The sudden explostions are able to distract enemies; then, out of no-where, the second player appears, and fires the helicopters guns. The first player quickly grapples onto the helicopter, and the two fly off

    Minor Suggestions/Fixes:
    Ok, I thought I'd include some small things that I'd like fixed/added. (Please note, these can apply to JC2 as well)

    Civilians unable to cause chaos - If you use my suggestion of heat above, then this problem will be avoided. However, for the moment, I'd love for the civilians to stop causing me heat. I was playing it recently, minding my own business, when a car lost control and crashed into a statue. The statue broke, and I got heat (and some chaos).

    Being able to walk through a plane - Say, if you hijakced a plane in mid-air, you would able to walk through and see many passengers there. And also, you would be able to leap out of any of the exits you choose.

    Military Planes
    You see military on bikes, in cars, and even in helecopters, but NEVER in their planes. I mean, you see other planes flying around freely, taking off and landing, etc; but not once have I even seen the military get into one of their military planes and take off in it. Even if it was just for ambience, I'd love to see them do that.
    Though I would be even cooler if sent jets after you if you stole one of their planes (Dog fights!). They could even do bombing runs if you made it to an extremely high heat level

    Car Phyics - This is a real minor one. At the moment, the phyics for most vehicles are awesome. I love being able to drive off cliffs, smash into on coming cars and have a motorbike land on top of my car and be abel to drive him around. I am also a huge fan of being able to shoot the car wheels, be able to tear car doors off, etc.
    There are only some minor things I would like fixed. Preferably, the handling on most cars; and also work needs to be done on the handbrake, The other thing, is the speed of bigger cars. I hate how large trucks can barely make it up hills (when they should clearly have larger wheels, and more power).
    Apart from that, I can't fault much else with the vehicles (except the planes, which I'll get to in a minute).

    Stronger Planes - I'm sure most of us have had that moment. Where a quad bike at full speed can knock down a lightpost; yet, on a plane, if the tip of the wing touches a lightpost, the whole plane explodes. Seriously?
    The strength of the planes needs to be improved by alot. I understand if you crashed them into the ground that they would explode, but not if the wings clip something. Instead, the wings should actually be broken off (say if one collided with a building); and you would be left with only one wing (and at this point, the plane should maybe start rolling or something?). This would just make planes so much more enjoyable.

    Grappling Hook Held
    This was mentioned earlier in this forum ( by Nyquist), but I thought I'd repost it.
    Basically, when you hold down the 'F' key and the grappling hook fires, you have that moment where one end is attached to something, and the other end is still inside Rico's wristband. An idea would be to allow this to perform actions, and would open possibilities such as being pulled by a car/boat while parachuting; or manual hanging from helicopters (which would also be fun in conjunction with the co-op). He also suggested that it would be awesome to cause a trip line - which could slow down larger vehicles; and knock people off their bikes if they rode through it.
    (In fact, you should read his post. It's about 5 or so above this. He makes some really great suggestions).

    When the game's completed, everything should be free and accessable
    By this, I mean that once you completed the game (mission wise), it should allow you to purchase all weapons and vehicles for free; even if it's only the DLC weapons. They should even allow you to drop in any vehicle in, once you've completed the game, both civilian and military (would love to drop one of those military tanks in ).

    More underwater attraction
    At the moment, there's not really any purpose to going far underwater. I know if I'm on heat, it allows for a quick cool down, but other than that, it plays no real purpose. Even graphics wise, it could use some fancy attractions (like seed-weed, more fish and other marine animals, and shipwrecks).
    Driving boats above the sea is ok, but even here it can get a little tedious. I'd love to see (no pun intended) tidal waves, pirates and storms (actually, I'd love to see storms regardless)- and I would appreciate the addition of underwater vehicles (submarine for example).

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    buildings you can go in, taxis you can be driven in and you can sit in passenger seats in all cars.

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    they are a lot of good ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bheliom View Post
    I don't know if its been suggested before but i think a vehicle with a flack cannon (anti-aircraft) would be pretty cool
    Isn't the tuk tuk boom boom just that??

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    I agree about the multiplayer idea, make it lie mercinaries 2 world in flames. Also what about air strikes availible from laser beacon purchesd in store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexplorer2 View Post
    I agree about the multiplayer idea, make it lie mercinaries 2 world in flames. Also what about air strikes availible from laser beacon purchesd in store.
    Yeah but make it fun instead

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    I would like to see, first and foremost, SOME INFORMATION about the next game. All I have seen so far are some sites where apparently it seems like Eidos/Avalanche are (or were) looking for employees for the game. But does anyone in this forum have actual, confirmed info that there is going to be a sequel or an approximate release time?

    One site I went to suggested that the game would launch on the next gen of consoles but would also be ported to the PS3 and 360 because not everyone will have made the upgrade. But I can't find ANYTHING official on the game.

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    Hey guys!
    Playstation 4 is coming next autumn! So JC4 is coming for PS4? If it does I hope they still release it to PS3 also...

    So I've spent last month playing GTA and as a JC2 'veteran' I made a new list of my ideas to the next JC. Unfortunately, I think Avalanche Studios are developing JC3 right now so these ideas are coming a bit late, no?

    Better physics
    Current physics in JC2 are a bit weird; I drive a car, crash into a tree and suddenly my car 'jumps' back like 10 meters and I can continue. And all vehicles explodes when rolling without a driver or when upside down. I'll recommend something like this: a softbody physics with perfect realism and crashing. And Euphoria or somehting better physics engine than old ragdoll physics.

    More interactive world, people doing things and so on... like a real country.
    In JC2 I think there is too much scooters and bikes on the roads, more different cars! And new ones of course like a train, tank with catepillars...
    And more hidden secrets and easter eggs, keep the game funny as it is. Different landscapes etc...

    Try to improve the story, voice acting and soundworld. In GTA sounds makes the game feel good I think.

    I hope Avalanche Studios will say something about the game this year. Because I believe they are doing it currently. Cant wait...

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    There must be free roam multiplayer!

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    In Mercenary Mode I always wished there would be parachute dropped troop reinforcements like in the main game. Once you hit mercenary mode that stopped happening. That would be another way for more heat to keep dropping in.

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    I want a König Monster :3

    Everything should be a sandbox

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    hi everybody!
    do you know why this wish list is sooo long???
    because change parameter in this game is so difficult. (=hacking)
    this is not a software like photoshop, the company do not want any body how they make this. maaaan... this is a game! be coool.
    gta series have two dime. the first dime is the way that company want you finish the game. ok, we do!
    but they make the game very Handsomely! yesss you can change every thing. textures, parameter, speed of vehicle, damage, weapons and so on.
    it means after you finish the game regularly you can change the game and make your game. you can walk in your kingdom. rockstor accepted this. they accept pro user want their game with their rules. when you explore files of gta series you can see every thing clearly. with the least Complexity.
    ok guys... its enough you make files better than this... we can do every thing.
    now.. for changing a few settings we have to use comlicated software and hexadecimal and ... . maaan be cool. we do not want your money!!! just more fun, more fun...
    this is Ridiculous. i want just have more speed in some vehicle, just a few... and maybe more damage and more weapon, at least some Improvement. after searching i find this page. ok guys... is this fairy!!!? you must discover this big land and you can not change the rules?! Specially in most difficult level.
    (sorry for bad english!)

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    What I want for JC3:

    1 - Change the control for the plane !!! Add the drift for the plane !!!

    2 - Seaplanes

    3 - More south-east asians sceneries: rice terraces, karst pic like Halong Bay or Phan Nga Bay

    4 - Hidden base like the one in Porco Rosso

    5 - Jetski !

    6 - Whalesharks (because they are cool)

    7 - Komodo dragons ! (farcry 3 style)

    8 - Hind Helicopter (the russian helicopter, from Rambo 3)

    9 - I miss also the white birds flying over the green canopy. They look cool.

    10 - Snowmobiles !

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    I want booby traps, land mines, bouncing Betties, flamethrowers, a variety of grenades

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    Quote Originally Posted by hibishi View Post
    does anyone think that there should be more weapon variations. it seems like there isnt many different kinds of guns in the game
    I want a ton of weapon varieties.

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    My requests are pretty simple actually:

    First and foremost, BETTER VEHICLE HANDLING!! The cars in JC2 handle so horribly that I never, ever, ever drive anywhere unless I am completing a driving challenge. I have learned to handle them "well enough" but the cars are just not any fun to drive as they slip and slide all over the place.

    Second, and probably almost or just as important is RUDDERS on the damned planes! lol Seriously, the fact that trying to steer left and right causes the planes to barrel roll is all well and good in wide open spaces but horrifyingly bad in tight spaces, particularly when doing challenges.

    Third: If you are going to have fighter planes like the Leopard, then make at least some of them VTOL's AND, more importantly, for the love of God, let us aim our missiles and guns and not just shoot straight ahead while flying at breakneck speeds. How useless is it to have a fighter plane with weapons that only shoots one way...straight ahead?

    More variety in missions, particularly in things like strongholds.

    Other than that, I would like to see alot of the great things carried over from the previous game like huge map, gorgeous scenery, grapple hook + parachute for slingshot propulsion, settlement takeovers, etc.

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    1. Trains!!! Jihaaa
    2. Better vehicle handling

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    Hello! Maybe the things I say in the post might have been said already but this what I would like in Just Cause 3
    More realistic Vehicle handling
    More Vehicle variety (e.g. more cars, more planes,etc.)
    Make all Vehicles be based in real life
    Have Trains
    Have the ability to travel to another world (e.g. travel to Panau and to Medici)
    Have a US or any friendly Military Base and Stronghold (Besides Faction captured)
    Have a VERY AWESOME safe house mansion with Interior and Garage
    Have a Mod shop like the one in Grand Theft Auto V
    MOST IMPORTANTLY a MULTIPLAYER MODE where you can customize character as new agents at the Agency
    (FBI, CIA, I don't know?) I did hear that no multiplayer will be included at launch but at least throughout time maybe 2 months
    later Developers can add that feature but that should be strongly added in the game.

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