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    I've played all the Commandos series except the 4th one[strike force]..
    Commandos is the best ever game i've played and am a mad fan of the game..
    I've got all the series in my computer and i don't find it boring at all even i've by hearted all the missions..
    since it's been a long wait from u guys, I've even tried and wasted my time to search for somebody who can create a new commandos game for me.
    Am begging u to come back with commandos 5, with the same style in 1,2 and 3.
    Thanks and gudluck for all the crew behind this beautiful game..Waiting in anticipation

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    Hey..welcome! Yeah..i love commandos games too..i've played all including strike force..though i prefer the commandos BEL and BTCOD as the user interface is much more simplistic..I've been wanting a new commandos game too..but since Square Enix is the parent company of Eidos not so sure if a newer commando game will be as great as before...

    you see...The first trilogy of commando is PC exclusive..but since consoles is now getting worried even for the next Thief game. Gameplay starts to change nowadays to suit a gamepad, GUI stars to change in form of a gamepad..and i dont think commandos classic style would fit into a console audience...

    I wish PC games are as great as before...but sometimes..we can only wish for whats impossible..i dont think Square Enix would want to make exclusive PC games...

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    Just like you I'd love to see a new Commandos game. However I don't think it will happen. Also I don't think Square Enix has the rights for a new Commandos game. Eidos sold it's shares of Pyro Studios a couple of years ago and the last game Pyro Studios made was published by Sega. Haven't heard or read anything about Pyro Studios since then.

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    Ignacio PĂ©rez Dolset said on November 23, 2011:
    "Ahora mismo estamos inmersos en muchos proyectos, cine, la universidad, juegos sociales... y hemos descuidado un poco nuestra lĂ*nea tradicional de juegos. Yo espero personalmente pronto volver a trabajar en un Commandos en una fecha no muy lejana."

    ...translated with Microsoft Translator:
    "We now are engaged in many projects, cinema, the University, social games... and we have somewhat neglected our traditional line of games. I hope soon personally return to work in a Commandos in a not very far."


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    Play Desprado 1,2,3 look like Commandos 1,2,3

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    It really sucks that awesome games don't get very far, but then mass media games like COD get very good sales due to the fact that there's like 1000 scripted events in 5 hours of gameplay.
    And now I have heard that Death to Spies 2 is cancelled.
    I mean this is a nightmare!

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    you mean this is business. anyway, same thoughts here.

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    You could try Men of War and/or MoW Assault Squad. The first is older but has better AI.

    Is that Death to Spies 3 you're talking about? I already played DtS2 and I liked it. More a sneaker than a shooter, like Thief.