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Thread: Can't Afford TR Art Book? Here's some relief

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    Can't Afford TR Art Book? Here's some relief

    Just like most stores these days, I'm offering "relief" to those who can't afford the TR Art Book.

    First up - my site has over 8,000 screenshots from the entire series - and that in itself is a nice keepsake.

    Second, about 90% of the images in the book (minus the concept art) can be found at

    It's all free, all TR, and you can print what you want and build up a collection if you haven't already

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    If I could i would give you won huge hug

    Thank you very much for posting Katie you're the best
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    Thanks!!! has a lot of pictures too!
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    Thanks Katie, that's a nice alternative indeed.

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    Get the book

    I got the book, and it's totally worth it. There are a ton of little known facts written throughout both books. Repros of the images are great, but trust me, they don't equate to the whole experience contained within the pages.

    It's the single best piece of media I've ever seen dedicated to a video game.

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    Apart from the unseen concept art for TR1 nearly all the concept art can also be seen online, or for the last three games in the game itself. Below are just some of the artists and their sites, mostly for the last 3 games. The artists often only post a small sample of their work, most of the art we will never see.

    Joel Boucquemont (Legend, TRA and TRU)

    Michael "Rusty" Drake (Legend)

    Toph Gorham (Legend)

    Paul Sullivan
    (TRA and TRU)

    William Stoneham (Legend and TRU) So much art done for Tomb Raider and we saw so little of it.

    Daniel Cabuco (Legend)

    Scott Anderson (Legend and TRU)

    James Kenny (AOD and TRAE which was cancelled)

    Ben Shafer (TRA and TRU)

    Chris Piccolo (TRA and TRU)

    Jens Holdener (TRU)

    Justin Lamperski (Legend, TRA and TRU)

    Seamas Gallagher (TRU)

    Zach Cox Did concepts for the DS version of TRU

    Carl Yellot-Bilby
    Environmental art for TRAE, there is other work in other sections as well. (link has since died)

    Jon Rush models for TRA and TRU (Wii)

    Aaron Gaines models for TRU (Wii) also worked on TRA

    Toby Gard Did the concept art and storyboards for the original game, which are mostly lost now, also helped out with the Crystal Dynamics games, and posted some of his marketing art concepts. Site has also died, Toby prefers doing comics these days.
    Archived version of one page, the other is gone.

    You can also see some of Toby's work for TR1 in the AOD companion, unfortunately the complete versions were never rounded up for the art book, more Tomb Raider art lost.

    Yes it would be nice if everyone could afford a nice Tomb Raider art book to add to their collection, but for those who cannot afford it you can still see plenty of art that was in it and some that was not. Yes I brought the book, and am quite happy with it, I am also happy with my digital collection of art.
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    Great set of links, thanks man

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    That is a great resource of links! Thanks for posting

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    Thanks for all the links

    this picture is awesome (i wish Atlantis had had places like this):
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    I was a bit disappointed we did not get to see more of the pre-production art done for the Crystal Dynamics games, and yes especially that Atlantec temple. It seems Crystal Dynamics went for the more cold option rather than sticking with the lava theme from TRA/TR1. It seems strange, but the Norse myths do mention life being created when the the fire of southern Muspelheim and the cold of Niflheim meet. Maybe there is a reason for having 2 completely different forms of ancient technology.

    Probably this thread would have been better off in the Tomb Raider General Discussion forum rather than the GOL one, but thought I would add the links, some fans might notice it in here.
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    I always thought this topic was in the wrong section, but will add a new link in keeping with my first post.
    Paschal McGuire, another artist from AOD.

    Brenoch Adams (Tomb Raider 2013) Nothing there yet but there probably will be
    Emma Watson would make a great Lara, and a British actress should play a British icon!

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