Thread: FlipTIB - A simple multi-core fix for your favorite old Windows games

FlipTIB - A simple multi-core fix for your favorite old Windows games

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    FlipTIB - A simple multi-core fix for your favorite old Windows games

    As you know, some old Windows games may not work properly on your shiny new PC. Some problems lie in a video- and/or audio-drivers, some -- in Windows itself, some -- in a multi-core nature of your new PC's CPU.
    My tiny FlipTIB utility has been written to cope with the multi-core issue. If you suspect that your favorite old Windows game suffers from such an issue (the game might run slower or faster than it should, or just hiccups, or even stucks), then please download FlipTIB, install it, then click Right Mouse Button on the game's shortcut, select "FlipTIB: "single-core" mode" and voilĂ* .
    It should only help in case of the multi-core issue. If you can see that my utility couldn't help your game, then you should find another cure for your problem.
    I must admit that several community tools and patches already contain the multi-core solutions (in case of Thief 1&2: Dark Engine Fix (DEF), DDFix, TafferPatcher, ImageCfg and so on), so if you are already using them, then there is no need to use my utility.

    Small FAQ:
    Q: Which CPUs FlipTIB does support?
    A: All of them. It doesn't matter what CPU are you using and how many cores/threads it has: Intel, AMD, VIA, etc.

    Q: Does FlipTIB conflict with AMD Dual-Core Optimizer or any other similar purpose programs?
    A: No at all, AFAIK.

    Q: Which games may require to be fixed with FlipTIB?
    A: Most of pre-2006. I have patched these for myself: Thief 1&2&3(DS), Deus Ex 1&2(IW), Unreal 1&2, Unreal Tournament 1, Clive Barker's Undying, Wheel of Time, Tribes: Vengeance, Half-life 2: The Orange Box (that's right, this pack of games is fresh enough) and...I don't remember all of them, sorry .

    P.S. FlipTIB can "speak" with you on 21 languages. If you want to correct one of them or add another, feel free to contact me .

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    I have tried this, and it works fine. It is simpler to use than imagecfg because you don't have to remember the input arguments, and it seems to be reversible back to multi-core, although I did not try that aspect. I suggest that you make a backup copy of your original EXE before changing it.

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    I make batch files to affect this.

    Location: Directory of Thief.exe

    File: Thiefbat.bat


    start /affinity 1 thief.exe

    Then I just create a shortcut on my desktop to that .bat file.

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    Your method is good enough, but many gamers don't know what bat-file is and how to write it properly. So I think that my utility is far more simple . BTW, it changes just one bit in exe-image, thus switching exe-file from multi-core into single-core mode and vice versa.

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    I tried your FlipTIB. I downloaded it, extracted the files, ran and installed the file. It did not change anything. Thief Gold still freezes. Are there any other patches that I could try?

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    It's definitely not a multi-core issue in your case... But what?..

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    still freezes

    I have no clue as to why this thing freezes. Are there other patches that can be tried?

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    Well, you can visit TTLG, if you wish. Perhaps you might find more help in there.

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    I download the FipTib and extracted the files and install them on my computer but it didn't work. I am still getting the same issue.
    Please tel me is their anything else i can do???

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    I tried it and I still can't get T3 to run on my system

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    Why does Norton register it as a threat?
    Also, I'm sure related to Norton registering it as a threat, I get a windows cannot find error. Any help with that?

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    Regarding t3, you may need to change two exes: t3.exe and t3main.exe

    Regarding Norton, I don't know, but I can guess. FlipTIB actually changes a bit in the EXE file. Norton could regard that as hacking behavior. I think it is not dangerous, but I cannot be sure. You should save a backup of your exe(s) before modifying them.

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    I tried to run it... clicked yes, and nothing happened... whats wrong? Can you help me?