Thread: A HD Re-Release of Dragon Quest VIII

A HD Re-Release of Dragon Quest VIII

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    A HD Re-Release of Dragon Quest VIII

    During these past months, Square Enix has given us two amazing HD Collections of their franchises Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and I'm enjoying them every time I played them on my PS3, 2014 is shaping up to be a great year for Square Enix due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix is coming out later this year, but I kept having this thought what other game from Square during the PS2's lifespan that deserves a HD Re-Release on the PS3 and then Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Curse King popped into my mind. So then I'm asking you guys do you think Dragon Quest VIII deserves a HD Re-Release if so let Square Enix know that would be great.

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    I'm all aboard as long as we get it in English. But to do that, Square-Enix would have to stop ignoring the DQ franchise in the West and take a break from over-milking freakin' Final Fantasy.

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    And unless that happens, they won't see a penny from me. If I want any of their other games, there's a lovely second hand market. I won't play any of their MMOs (which kind of sucks, since I wanted a go at FF14), but that would require me giving them non-DQ money. No DQ logo, no money from me.

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    I wouldn't mind a DQ8 remaster. I like the game.

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    DQ8 remaster would be nice so would a remaster of DQ4-5 remaster on the PS4 or Vita would be nice to

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    I would love for a remake of DQVIII, I have been dying to play this game again since I don't have a ps2 any more. DQ is one of my favorite series. Please make this happen!

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    Hi, today i have seen the video trailer release for DQ VIII for Adroid and Apple phones and couldn't believe it. We may see the game jumping on vita next hd crisp visuals and nice trophy support, please square enix should put it on ps3 too! Thanks!

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    PLEASE, we need a HD remastered of dragon quest VIII for ps3 and ps vita too.

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    Hmm, I feel there are a lot of valid forms and ideas here, I mean with the recent remakes of both Kingdom Hearts 1 and Final Fantasy X/X2 as well as the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2 remake on its way it is possible we may get a Dragon Quest 8 remake for the Ps3, lets not also forget that there is a Dragon Quest game in the making as of current time, this could possible be the next Dragon Quest game for the saga or a remake, it is currently unknown. Let's us not also forget that there has been seen footage of the game DQ8 for the Android. I guess right now we need to let time do its think and see where Square Enix stand after they finish there current projects. Hope they do make a remake of DQ8 for the ps3 and perhaps even the Vita, it would fun to play the game all over again!

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    Let's focus on getting localizations of the growing amount of Dragon Quest remakes that already exist, first.

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    good shout kaboomkrusader. As much as id LOVE to see a HD release of DQ8 for PS3, I would prefer to see DQ7 for the 3DS and DQ10 for WIIU/3DS. still, if DQ8 HD comes out then it'll be a day one purchase for me.

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    Actually I would love to see a remake/HD remastered version of the game, but I have one huge caveat. I want added content.

    I actually have been thinking about this for awhile, and whether Squeenix would do it or not is another story, but at least my ideas will be out there. I did a series of drawings which have explanations under them. I feel that DQ VIII should have more costumes for the other 3 party members and there should be more playable characters as well. I think a more difficult version would be interesting with more side quests. I must say this is a work in progress for me so feel free to browse my ideas and give me feedback. Tell me your opinion of all the NPCs that the heroes run across, which ones would you choose to be playable?

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    This better happen... Best game ever made.

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    A 3DS remake was announced for Japan recently, so it won't happen anytime soon.
    The 3DS has Red and Morrie as playable as well as new stories, things we already had but the japanese fans didn't (orchestrated soundtrack and voice acting) and things worse than the ps2 version (the graphics)

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    Just shut up and take my money! Really, I'm so down for this!

    DQ 8 was one of my favorite games and I wish there were more for us to play. I bought World Tree's Woe, just because seeing another DQ game come out, activated my metaphorical nostalgia boner! Granted it wasn't the gameplay I was looking for.
    But back to DQ8: I was sad when my PS2 disc broke and I found out I couldn't play it anymore. The only way to play it now is through emulators, but they sometimes get these weird, annoying graphic or sound glitches.

    We need this Remaster right now! Make it happen please!