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Thread: "Grenades" - New Weapon/Item

"Grenades" - New Weapon/Item

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    It's always James Bond and Batman, GTA and Assassin's Creed and Hitman suggestions. More Garrett, please!

    To reiterate, I really love the feel of the bow from the older titles, so much more than anything else, ever.

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    Yes...the short bow and short sword for Garrett. They are an extension of Garrett's character, and are an essential part of the look, feel, and function of the game.

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    Not to keep mentioning "other" characters in thief discussion forums, but when you say "grenades" I keep remembering "Spike" from the anime series "Cowboy Bebop." Here is an example of how he uses grenades and/or other explosive material. It's not to "destroy his enemies" but to "surprise them" along the way.

    and here is another.

    All the weapons and time setting would sound inappropriate, but the cathedral and the use of hiding / cover / stealth
    Besides, he cannot be compared with Garrett, but he is "cool" and "rational" as it goes, so I feel of spike as a future version of Garrett in some aspects.

    Yet, when you hear the word "grenade" what it first implies is noisy, destructive, fiery blast of death; which draws a lot of attention. In the way of grenades, most objects can be thrown "grenade-like" already in thief games, and instead of hand grenades (more or less) the fire crystals/arrows is alread there.

    About the smoke grenade: it would draw "lots" of attention, wouldn't it? Sı if I wanted to obscure a guards vision as I was to move by them and threw the smoke granede first, wouldn't they already understand someone or something is trying to get past by and sound the alarm? And if it is after the sounding of alarm, wouldn't smoke grenade again be a little bit dubious, because I would be showing my whereabouts?

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