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Thread: STUNNING New GOL Photo - WOW

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilhanhan View Post
    Yes I'm not alone!

    Although I have to admit, I do prefer Resi 1/Code Veronica's Chris because it was a bit weird to see him that big in Resi 5 (He's so big that they've now made him fight The Incredible Hulk in the MvC3 trailer!). O.O
    He has been working out, a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ants_27_ View Post
    Thats good that's its not CGI because I'm not a fan at all I like the comic style cutscenes though, cause the games I've seen use them are quite nice to see.

    So it just like the renders they released for underworld and the renders some games release? Not something thats actually powered by the engine as you you said as it can't be done with current engines? I'm really confused today cause I've got a headache so not much information is taken in
    It is a render, a piece of art done by some as yet unknown artist who probably does not even work for Crystal Dynamics. Nothing to do with how Lara would look in the game, although as many have said it would be nice if her face looked that realistic in TR9. Considering it is such a nice piece of artwork it would be great to see it on a magazine cover, but GOL being a download only game it might not get a cover.
    Emma Watson would make a great Lara, and a British actress should play a British icon!

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