Thread: Why so biased?

Why so biased?

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    Unhappy Why so biased?

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    So yeah. Why is Square Enix/Eidos being so biased?

    I mean with the DLC and such. It seems that PS3 in Europe is getting tons of attention yet I have not seen anything for any other system or country other than the global free ice cream truck :C They even got the new parachute from that magazine thingy. Then before that there was the limited edition.

    I don't really want to keep up with this game if they are being biased by system AND by country. I own a PS3 so I don't even have to deal with the system bias but I think it's bullcrap. I'm not demanding everyone else get more stuff and what not I just want equality. It's stupid.

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    You're living on the wrong planet.

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    Well, I think it could be based on how many sales they are getting from certain regions and for certain systems, I mean if they weren't getting half as many sales for this system as they were for the other than there wouldn't be a rush for them to release all these things. Other than that I don't really see a reason why they wouldn't release them for everything at the same time.

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    ^The limited edition was pre-sale so thats not it.
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    Well, Like I said that was the only thing I could think of that would limit the distribution of this stuff..Other than that I guess they might just be lazy? I know that I am out for spring break right now and if I was tasked with getting these things out onto the market you guys would be out of luck.

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    The 360 also had a Limited Edition.

    Not saying it's right or anything, but for me, it makes a pleasant change for the PS3 to be getting stuff before the 360, since it's usually the other way around.