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Panau City - Residential District

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    Panau City - Residential District

    I just completed this... or at least, I think I did.

    The last thing I destroyed was a gas station, and although it now says 100% complete, I didn't get the completion jingle and on-screen confirmation, and the icon on the map doesn't have the tick/checkmark over it. So is it complete, or not?

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    No it's not complete. You are at like 99.5%, you still have to find one more thing, then it will do the little jingle you are looking for. I think another one of the big cities does the same thing. So watch out for it.

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    Lol that happened to me about 10 minutes ago. Luckily I was standing right in front of a Panay statue.
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    Your percentage is rounded up. You aren't actually at 100% yet.

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    It's because they are massive cities with lots to collect.

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    Ah, sod it. I bet it's something like a single pump at a gas station or something like that. Oh well... better begin the search, I guess.

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    Spent literally hours looking for that last item last night... still couldn't find it. I should just move on, but it's really annoying me now!

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    That sucks... The exact same thing happened to me. I just kept making passes back and forth using the grapple and the 'chute, looking and listening. (if it was a propaganda trailer) Then after that failed, I finally just used the Black Market chopper to fly low and high, finally finding out it was a water tower hidden behind part of a building. It took me forever too though...

    Good luck.

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    I found it - a water tower which, despite numerous fly-overs and not being at all hidden, I'd somehow managed to overlook.

    Now I see why they say it's best to hide in plain sight!

    I've spent hours running into double digits looking for that bloody thing.