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Thread: New Lara statue on the way!

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    Hmmm... How is it that this statue has awesomeness that isn't reached in the games?

    Seriously Lara should have big cases of gear and maps :/ It just feels this is how Tomb Raiding should be.
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    I think it's great. all that detail, and Lara actually looks very elegant. It's interesting how people bring up 'the right face' when Lara has had a few face changes. So what is the right face? It's very obviously Lara, that's what matters.

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    it is full of epic win but when people say the right face , (yup myself included) i think what they mean is that the face should look like the current gen game or well thats what i am thinking lol, that said my opinion of the statue has gone from 'meh' to 'me wants'
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    Ah but I didn't like the current game face Danielsun so I myself am pleased. But even with the Underworld Lara there were a few different faces. Like, some of the big flashy renders were beautiful, but in game Lara didn't look the same to me.

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    Lara Croft figure

    That looks like an interesting figure of our Lara, one I am considering collecting. However there is another figure of her I have been trying to hunt down which, to date, I have been unsuccessful in finding. It is one of her with no clothes on and about to pounce/jump. I have a picture of the the figurine but it may not be appropriate to post it here....does anyone know the figure of Lara I am referring to and where I can locate one to add to my growing collection?

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    What have you guys done to Lara Croft...???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keir View Post
    Check out this awesome new Lara statue from Sideshow called Snow Day. It's a real beauty.

    The Exclusive edition of the Lara Croft statue will be priced at $259.99 ( ) and will include a print of the design artwork created by Adam Hughes, while the regular edition, without the print, will be priced at $249.99. Pre-orders will be opening this week, we'll pass on the links as and when.

    OMG O.O ....................

    That is a really really nice figure !

    But way to expensive.!

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    I can't wait to get this LC GOL statue, pitty is so expensive, I have to save money

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    At the start of the Croft Manor Lara returns home. On a table she finds a note by Winston.

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    I believe it is amazing. Lara, and all that depth really seems quite refined. So what's the right face? It is quite clearly Lara, that is really what matters.
    Well cost has gone up on everything since then. It is pricey but what I've come to expect extremely.

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