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Thread: FFVII Graphics Issues

FFVII Graphics Issues

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    I'm having this bizarre issue in the new release where aside from cutscenes and battle, none of the graphics are showing up. That means no menus or backgrounds outside of the opening cutscene so far, enough to the point where the instant Cloud jumps off the train, the entire background literally disappears to the point where he, Barett, and the two soldiers are standing in a black abyss. I've tried messing around with the game's settings from the launch menu, but nothing seems to fix this.

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    I'm having the same exact issue. Only cut sceneor prerender images from battles will show. everything else is black, I can't see the menus or anything else

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    FFVII Graphics Issues

    Is there a known fix for the black bar on the bottom of the game? It's not there on the menu. I know on the 1st PC remake there was a patch for it. Can't believe they didn't fix this on the Re-Release.

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    Originally Posted by imported_Jason
    Is there a known fix for the black bar on the bottom of the game? It's not there on the menu. I know on the 1st PC remake there was a patch for it. Can't believe they didn't fix this on the Re-Release.
    I think the black bar is part of the game. If you open up the menu in game, you will notice part of the menu fills up the bar.

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    I've seen this as well, and as mentioned above, it does seem to be part of the game. I'm playing in windowed mode at 4:3 aspect ratio, if that helps.

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    I'm seeing this as well on one of my PCs. Were you guys able to update to 1.06? Seems to be related to the issue in this thread:

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    The whole game has been fine up till now.
    When you leave Midgar and you're walking around on the World, its VERY VERY dark.
    Practically unplayable. Am I the only one to experience this?

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    After struggling like others to download and install the game, I managed to get it to launch. I was pretty excited to play the game once again but was disappointed to see (or not see) that the menu and backgrounds do not display at all and are instead just solid black.

    The first cutscene plays normally, but as soon as they jump off the train and it switches to the normal background, it goes black. You can still see the players and such however. Once you start any battle though, the menu also does not display.

    I have been searching for similar issues, but have not seen much on here, hence me posting this.

    I have tried other resolutions and changing the video options, but nothing has helped so far. I am currently running the 1.0.5 version, but when I try to update, the updater returns an error that it can't start the updater.

    If anyone has a solution or tricks, I would be extremely grateful to hear them. A friend of mine also purchased the game and is experiencing the same issues on his machine.

    If there is nothing I can do, I will request a refund, but I hope that is not necessary.

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    have you tried uninstalling it and then instaling it again? whenever i downloaded it the first time, it wouldn't let me play the game at all. after i reinstalled it though, it worked fine.

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    I had tried that yesterday, but I guess I will try it again. Appreciate it.

    /crosses fingers.

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    You could also try disabling/enabling the Original Graphics option, just to see if it helps. Also, just to eliminate all possiblities, I would update my graphics drivers, just in case it is an issue there and not with FF7.

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    Bump - I am having the same exact problem right now.

    I am running on Win7 Ultimate 64 (through Parallels) and I just installed DirectX (Jun 2010).

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    I uninstalled and redownloaded/installed using the supplied installer. Launched the game, same issue.

    I had also tried the 'original graphics' option both times, but experienced the same issue.

    I then uninstalled and downloaded/installed using the alternate download method that some have posted on these forums. Now when I go to launch the game, it hangs on loading. After a few moments it says that I need a working internet connection. Obviously I have one otherwise I would not be downloading it or posting this. On a side note, I have disabled antivirus/firewall and any other software that impacts my connection.

    As for the graphic card driver update, I had tried that the other day as well so I am current, but had forgotten to mention it in my original post.

    OS = win7 enterprise x64

    I work in IT, so I can normally find some workaround, but this is starting to get frustrating. I guess I had expected a re-release to be packaged to install correctly on todays standard machines, but it appears they just slapped some DRM on the original PC version, which was also a pain to get running correctly.

    Any other suggestions or advice would be more than welcome.

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    I have the same problem on one of my PCs. I think this is only happening to people who can't update to 1.0.6 because of the updater error. Devs, do you have any insight on the updater error yet? is there any information you need from us that would help?

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    Does anyone know a fix to this issue? I have a Black screen after the opening production screen. I can hear the music in the background and can select the new file but I am not able to see anything.

    Also during the game the background is black and my attack screen is blacked out as well? Is this an update issue? Direct X?


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    What version of the game is up when you run it? I think this happens when the updater is unable to run and upgrade you version from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6. Haven't heard anything from the devs yet.

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    I am having the same exact problem on a Windows 7 64-bit system. I've redownloaded and reinstalled multiple times, and every time I have started the game the initial menu does not show up, but I can still interact with it. When the game starts the cutaway scene from the train movie shows the characters but not the background.

    I also receive the update error so I am still on version 1.0.5.

    Has anyone found a resolution to this?

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    RESOLVED: Cleaned most traces off my computer and did a fresh install. At a guess, the problem was a corrupt WM0.BOT.

    I just played through almost 7 hours and had no technical problems at all up until now. I haven't made any modifications (e.g. to the sound).

    Running this game on Vista SP2 32-bit OS with a 2GHz Pentium dual-core T2400, 2GB RAM, and the Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family graphics card (780MB of memory). I'm running the game on dual monitors [edit: the game displays on the primary one, fullscreen resolution with linear filtering, aspect ratio preserved and 1280x800 @ 60Hz].

    After beating the last boss before leaving Midgar / after saving Aeris, I left to enter the world map for the first time... and the game immediately came up with an error message, which I can't even alt-tab to read (even when I tab to that box, nothing shows up). The music continues playing, but the game itself blackscreens and does absolutely nothing when I try to get to the menu, save, etc.

    A reboot didn't solve the problem, and it seems to have nothing to do with my firewall and antivirus programs.

    [edit 2: changing the resolution, fullscreen, linear filtering, aspect ratio, and graphics mode options have done nothing. I also tested my network, turned off the dual monitor setting and still no go...]

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    I am running on 1.0.5. I guess I will just have to wait for the updater to work.

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    Bump - would be nice to have resolution to the 1.0.6 updater issue and perhaps consequently fix the menus.

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    I might as well bump this, also.

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    Originally Posted by imported_Dennis

    I might as well bump this, also.

    I downloaded FF7 to a separate (pure windows) machine (same Win7 Ultimate x64 OS) and it updated (1.0.6) and worked fine from the start.

    On my original machine, I tried copypasta the programs directory and it still does not run without the blackened menus. I verified that I have the latest version of DirectX on both machines. Perhaps I'm missing something else from the new machine...will dig further until I'm out of patience.

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    Just another bump - same issue.
    I'm wondering for those experiencing the issue, is it happening on a 2nd (or 3rd) PC that you have installed the game on? For me it's happening on a 2nd... is it an issue with installing the game on multiple PCs?

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    Sorry - forgot to mention that mine is updated to 1.0.6 and still experiencing this issue.

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    when i downloaded this game it installed fine, when i press play button it goes to a full screen thats black it loads for a bit then closes back to the launcher no matter how many times i press play, weird thing is when i change from my current display hooked up with vga to my tv that uses hdmi the game loads fine! any way to fix this?

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