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Thread: JC2 Game Guide - Easter Eggs, Coordinates, Tips&Tricks, Glitches, Videos, etc

JC2 Game Guide - Easter Eggs, Coordinates, Tips&Tricks, Glitches, Videos, etc

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    Smile JC2 Game Guide - Easter Eggs, Coordinates, Tips&Tricks, Glitches, Videos, etc

    (admin link: jump to bottom)


    LINK SECTION note: PC Mods Link section here

    High Resolution "Interactive" Map Of Panau with Points Of Interest and Easter Eggs
    Contains detailed descriptions and X-Y Coordinates

    courtesy of Keyop and friends at (map updated frequently )

    Interactive MAP LINK (Fullscreen)

    Vehicle List With X-Y Coordinates & Pictures (updated frequently) - courtesy petera94


    GameTrailers WIKI PAGE

    A Just Cause 2 Help Guide, Featuring Detailed Walkthrough Descriptions for Agency Missions, Stronghold Takeovers, Faction Missions, Quick Strategies, Black Market, Colonels, Achievements , & Trophies
    Warning:Website Contains Spoilers Proceed At Your Own Risk

    GameTrailers Wiki LINK

    The #1 Just Cause 2 Fan-made Website - courtesy Movura


    Official Just Cause 2 Website - GameStats,Media,Podcasts,New, etc.

    Official Website LINK

    "My Name Is Bolo Santosi"


    MASSIVE Map of PANAU (6666x6638 pixels) -map by rogerhnn (Excellent Wallpaper)
    Size: 8.2 mb

    Dowload Options
    Big Map Clean 6666x6638 pixels: megaupload 7.1 mb
    Mega Map with coordinates 7473x7468 pixels: megaupload 4.1 mb
    Mega Map in medium resolution 3737x3734 pixels: megaupload 1.6 mb

    2048x2048 MAP by DjParagon: imageshack (HQ bmp)

    Sandbox Map Comparison
    (How well does Just Cause 2 Stack up compared to other games.)

    (click image to enlarge)

    Map Viewer for JC2 created by DerPlaya78

    Description: loads PC save games and displays missed resource / chaos items

    (click image to enlarge)

    Download Link For Map Viewer

    A Collection Of Simple Fan-Made Photoshop Images of Just Cause 2

    Photoshop LINK here


    Hot Air Balloon Location
    X: 7391
    Y: 16151

    BaseJump EXPLOIT Tutorial
    how to achieve maximum base jump height using this tip

    6000+m BaseJump

    Tip:Set a waypoint when you are inside the balloon and look down at the waypoint after 3.0 km high in the air you can see you altitude gaining. This is a way to tell how much height you are gaining in the balloon while pressing the burners to gain altitude. After a certain height its hard to tell if your gaining altitude or not , simply look down at the waypoint and you'll see the km distance rising.


    Top Of The World Achievement (located at the Tallest point of Panau X: 20538, Y: 11836)

    Bridge Limbo Achievement

    Pinata Party Achievement

    Follow Me Achievement

    I Believe I Can Fly Achievement

    Stunt Flyer Achievement

    Invincible Warrior Achievement

    Parachute Climber Achievement

    Wrecking Ball Achievement

    IGN: Multiple Achievement Guide :Jessica Chobot

    Killing Frenzy Achievement
    during Agency "White Tiger Mission"

    Killing Frenzy Achievement
    in one second during Ular Mission "Holy Smoke"

    Just Cause 2 Achievement List

    Fast Easy Money $$$ $20,000
    BaseJump Event
    To unlock event you need to do Roaches Stronghold Missions.

    X: 3402
    Y: 15504

    video by JManGT312

    Easy $20,000
    BaseJump Event
    X: 3632
    Y: 31521

    EASY $20,000 "SlingShot -Galore"
    X: 4837, Y: 15757

    Dirt Race Track
    X : 11240
    Y : 4170

    Overhead View Of Dirt Track From Helicopter

    Desert Jump Ramps (multiple ramp jumps)
    X: 8611, Y: 24948

    NOTE: there are many ramps all over this area , grab a helo and scout the area there are over a dozen scattered throughout this general area in the desert

    Tarmac RaceTrack Island
    There is a Mancini Carallo 1001 Located here at the Race Track
    X: 9170, Y: 11413

    TENT LOCATION Mancini Carallo 1001 at RaceTrack Island

    NOTE: There are A.I. racers here on the track if you want to keep these racers spawning all the time DO NOT 100% this location , leave the location with a few percentage points left to keep the A.I. racers spawning.

    I call Shotgun!!! "Passenger Rico" at RaceTrack Island
    -tip by thestigatwar
    NOTE:Enter Vehicle The Same Time As The A.I. does at RaceTrack Island.

    The video also shows how to do it.

    More Fun with "Passenger Rico"

    The Smoke Monster LOST Island
    Instructions on how to find the Smoke Monster : Go to X: 2275, Y: 1681 and stand on the rock

    Instructions on how to get more than one smokeman

    video and tip by peanut13th

    multiple smokeman workout session
    this video was obtained by using the Multiple Smoke-man tip

    Still having trouble getting multiple smokemen? CONTACT peanut13th's Youtube Page and ask him , he's an expert at this and can guide you on how to do this with more understanding.

    Limited Edition DLC Gameplay (fan-made video)

    video by DjParagon

    DLC-Chevalier Ice Breaker
    (Ice Cream Truck)
    Very tough vehicle almost bullet proof

    Monster Truck DLC

    video byThreeToTheThird


    This vehicle has proved difficult for some people to find,
    here are a few tips to get it to show up in combat.
    First if you've already completed the mission "Taking Care Of The Dishes" and you still are looking for the MV Command then start here,try the desert regions at these coordinates.
    X: 4751
    Y: 20095
    Get a LEVEL 4 HEAT

    desert region MV Command

    "Taking Care Of The Dishes" finding the MV Command

    Another option for finding the MV Command go to these coordinates:
    X: 10725
    Y: 19866
    and start causing HEAT (up to level 4 at least) , the vehicle should show up sooner or later, try to find a good cover spot , as you are going to be in battle for a little while trying to get the MV Command to spawn.

    get the mv command in less than a minute!-Video and tip by leoni13xd

    NOTE:if you get 5 heat level, there will only spawn chepachets, if your heat is 5 let it cool down to 4.

    Time Lapse Vids

    by piginawig44

    Time Lapse Part 2

    epic time lapse HD

    Si-47 Leopard: Jet fighter

    X: 23261
    Y :5982

    X: 17141
    Y: 12369

    X: 9224
    Y: 28448

    Large Cargo Boat

    X: 16923
    Y: 17412 -courtesy JB434

    X: 16847 m
    Y: 17485 m

    -video by natsamsonPS3

    Beached Whale

    X: 29601
    Y: 31359

    LOST Hatch Location
    X: 1743

    Shark Location
    X: 12738
    Y: 22520

    Shark Jumping [Also, 2 sharks]

    TIP: To obtain (2) shark-fins , grapple the one to a helicopter , leave the area at least 1/2 mile, come back and another shark-fin spawns , now you can tether (2) together.

    X: 23745
    Y: 13662

    vid of Snowman

    Bubble Blaster
    X: 4245
    Y: 25978

    Dune Buggy Locations X2 (there are two at this location,one has a turret)
    X: 7105
    Y: 26022

    Grenade Launcher

    X: 6065
    Y: 26016

    Armed Helicopter
    X: 5887
    Y: 24928

    Tank APC
    X: 6735
    Y: 27574

    Sniper Rifle
    X: 6523
    Y: 27629

    APC Tank
    X: 6739
    Y: 27558

    Garret Traverz(car)
    X: 6436
    Y: 24313

    Armored Van
    X: 6774
    Y: 25519

    Transport Helicopter
    X: 5360
    Y: 25637

    Transport Helicopter+
    Tituz JZ+Sniper Rifle (enemy dropped Sniper not a crate)
    X: 6774
    Y: 25519

    Slice of Pie Island (looks like pie slice from the air)

    X: 24481
    Y: 906

    video by N-lyger

    Stunt Ramp "YouTube Challenge"
    X: 11554
    Y: 23677

    video by DtSGamingUK

    Stunt Jump CLiff

    X: 4080
    Y: 19244

    note:there are literally hundreds of unique stunt jump locations scattered all across Panau in many small and large forms (EXPLORE)

    video by heatseekr666

    Sniper Rifle Crate
    (note: easy area to get the Invincible Warrior Achievement)
    X : 6524
    Y : 27625

    Banana Fail

    X: 21914
    Y: 20264

    Agency Stockpile Island
    X: 20624
    Y: 31074
    Two MTA PowerRun 77 (boats with MachineGun and Rockets)
    (2) Rocket Launchers located upper part of island X: 20408, Y: 31206
    9 ammo crates (SmG ,Pistol, Grenade Crates) scattered on the island
    2 Health Kit boxes

    NOTE: The nearest Extraction point too "Stockpile Island" is "Pekan Kesuma" X: 21758, Y: 30338 , it's just across the water after extracting to this location.

    Daytime View of Agency Stockpile Island: Video also shows the second location of a rocket launcher spawn

    I Am Legend (movie reference)

    X: 18207
    Y: 21543

    C-4 & Grenade Spawn Location
    Civilian Village "Kampung Nelayan-Nelayan
    X: 17342
    Y: 4196

    video by MJHaylett

    Mount Rushmore Location
    X: 30375
    Y: 30637

    Skull Island
    X: 14834, Y: 17323

    Mile High Club
    X: 29584
    Y: 11435

    Video explains the Tesla towers on the LOST island
    (spoiler watch at own risk)

    Flying Civilian Glitch (aka) Human Volcano
    X: 3333, Y: 14758
    Suicide Civilian Video

    Note: For extraction purposes ; This is located in Panau City (Residential District)

    TIP: for best results stand exactly at X: 3325, Y: 14741 and I counted 100+ civilians all leaping from the mountain. If they stop leaping JUST WAIT it will cycle again.

    High Quality Slow Motion vids by MikeX1978 (forum name A.I.)
    Rated #1 gamer made Just Cause 2 videos by developers at Avalanche

    Mike: "I use CheatEngine's Speedhack tool to slow the game down and record with fraps. I then edit the footage together with Sony Vegas Pro."

    Subscribe to Mike's YouTube Channel (OVER 20+ Quality Slo/Fast Motion Vids).


    Featuring Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead

    Featuring Karma Police by Radiohead

    Featuring No Surprises by Radiohead

    Featuring Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

    Featuring All These Things I've Done by The Killers and
    Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd (Chosen by AssassinAgent47)

    Featuring Teardrop by Massive Attack (Chosen by Carge)

    Featuring Send Me An Angel by Scorpions (Chosen by Chris Dillon)

    Featuring Exploding Machines by Embrace

    Featuring Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter (Chosen by Rios)

    (The Best Of) Just Cause 2 in (Fast) Slow Motion 10
    Featuring Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf

    Featuring Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda.

    Featuring Telephone by Lady GaGa and Beyonce

    Featuring Ave Maria by Schubert


    Featuring 42 by Coldplay

    Featuring Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

    Featuring Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

    Featuring Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

    Featuring The Scientist by Coldplay

    Featuring This Used To Be The Future by Pet Shop Boys

    Featuring Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses

    Featuring One Vision by Queen

    Featuring In For The Kill by La Roux (Chosen by Rios)

    FireStorm Parachute DLC

    video by JoeyTR

    Just Cause 2: Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff by Ultra Ben Buja

    Billboard Easter Egg
    works on all billboards

    Massive C-4 Explosion
    vid by Causton97

    Bolo Santosi skin (PC mod)

    Just Cause 2 "The Grapple"
    Edited Horror Movie Style

    Panau P.I. (mustache optional required)
    video by elroy

    Just Cause 2 - Fun, Crash, Test and Stunts

    1892m ParaChute Climb
    can you beat it?
    climb by mandelbrot5

    101 Propaganda Trailers?? 101/100

    Pekan Kesuma 100%

    Anatomy of a Stunt "The Dolphin"

    720p Slo-mo vid by ZombieSkydiver


    NOTE: There are also weapon locations in the VIDEOS section.

    Heavy Machine Gun

    X: 13553, Y: 26303

    MG is in a hut in the village
    Extraction to village named "Kampung Sawah Hutan"

    Additional MG crate locations

    X: 21946, Y: 19527
    X: 19151, Y: 20722

    Rocket Launcher
    X: 13659, Y: 25224
    X: 9430, Y: 6609
    X: 22283, Y: 26726
    X: 19106, Y: 25870
    X: 9430, Y: 6609
    X: 20475, Y: 31170
    X: 6247, Y: 13061
    X: 22252, Y: 26785

    Sniper Rifle
    X: 6524, Y: 27629
    X: 6887, Y: 25969

    C-4 Crate Locations
    X: 6743, Y: 27569
    X: 17342, Y: 4196
    X: 21123, Y: 29592
    X: 22283, Y: 26726

    Grenade launcher

    X: 6065, Y: 26016

    Reapers HQ has 4 weapon crates (Note: You need to do at least 2 reaper missions to unlock all 4 crates)

    SMG crate , Shotgun Crate, Pistol Crate & Assault Rifle crate

    X: 17604
    Y: 12909


    Aeroliner 474 passenger jet
    X: 9896, Y: 12749

    Bering I-86DP military airplane
    X: 9224, Y: 28448
    X: 4028, Y: 21223
    X: 22491, Y: 23396
    X: 28906, Y: 5575

    Cassius 192 airplane
    X: 25757, Y: 19955
    X: 29624, Y: 11453
    X 9454 Y 5760

    G9 Eclipse jet fighter
    X: 22163, Y: 23265
    X: 11699, Y: 5106
    X: 4176, Y: 21266

    Peek Airhawk 225 airplane
    X: 14506, Y: 27989
    X: 9499, Y: 5717
    X: 6569, Y: 25971
    X: 2971 ,Y: 21918
    X: 24515, Y: 30449
    X 9454 Y 5760

    Pell Silverbolt 6 airplane
    X: 9454, Y: 5760
    X: 9499, Y: 5717

    Si-47 Leopard jet fighter
    X: 17141, Y: 12369
    X: 23261, Y: 5982
    X: 9224, Y: 28448
    X: 4028, Y: 21223
    X: 22491, Y: 23396
    X: 28906, Y: 5575


    Makoto MZ 250
    X: 20401, Y: 24964

    Makoto MZ 260X
    X: 8252, Y: 28309

    Mosca 125 Performance
    X: 14751, Y: 25692
    X: 17464, Y: 17498

    Shimuzu Freerunner
    X: 29076
    Y: 14001

    Shimuzu Tracline
    X: 6940, Y: 26060

    Shimuzu ATV55T
    X: 17713, Y: 26000


    Frisco Catshark S-38
    X: 17398, Y: 4140

    Kuang Adventure
    X: 25450, Y: 6190

    Kuang Homestead
    X: 25450, Y: 6190

    Kuang Sunrise
    X: 25450, Y: 6190

    Kuang Sunset
    X: 25450, Y: 6190

    Orque Grandois 21TT
    X: 24478, Y: 30435

    Orque Living 42T
    X: 24625, Y: 26569
    X: 24753, Y: 27199

    Pattani Gluay Pro 2
    X: 8228, Y: 23031

    Pattani Gluay Touring
    X: 8241, Y: 23037

    SnakeHead T20
    X: 17165, Y: 14340

    Trat Tang-mo
    X: 19052, Y: 26063

    Winstons Amen 69
    X: 30108, Y: 26848
    X: 16933, Y: 17430
    X: 15757, Y: 12612
    and all oil rigs

    YP-107 Phoenix
    X: 16933, Y: 17430

    Zhejiang 6903
    X: 16933, Y: 17430
    X: 16847, Y: 17485

    MTA Powerrun 77
    X: 20656
    Y: 51047


    AH-33 Topachula
    X: 5789, Y: 24985
    X: 25926, Y: 6160
    X: 10058, Y: 8310
    X: 19145, Y: 8932
    X: 24722Y: 10509
    X: 12914, Y: 11442

    H-62 Quapaw
    X: 5360, Y: 25637
    X: 5386, Y: 25645
    X: 6774, Y: 25519

    Mullen Skeeter Eagle
    X: 9454, Y: 5760
    X: 26483, Y: 28770

    Mullen Skeeter Hawk
    X: 3557, Y: 15293
    X 9454 Y 5760

    Rowlinson K22
    X: 8255, Y: 28300
    X: 5900, Y: 13663
    X: 15884, Y: 4287

    Sivirkin 15 Havoc
    X: 30222, Y: 27584

    UH-10 Chippewa
    X: 16941, Y: 9137


    Boyd Fireflame 544
    X: 4345, Y: 15528

    Chevalier Piazza IX
    X: 3503, Y: 12413

    Chevalier Traveller SC
    X: 8258, Y: 28309

    Columbi Excelcior
    X: 24378, Y: 14789

    Dalton N90
    X: 1408, Y: 13556
    X: 19081, Y: 25933
    X: 12065, Y: 11335
    X: 14470, Y: 17814
    X: 27879, Y: 7116

    Dongtai A-B Century
    X: 19106, Y: 25870

    Dongtai A-B Decalux
    X: 19106, Y: 25870
    X: 6731, Y: 27274

    Dongtai Agriboss 35
    X: 19106, Y: 25870

    Dongtai Agriboss 9000
    X: 19106, Y: 25870

    Fengding EC14FD2
    X: 17598, Y: 12914

    Fengding EC2 Lift
    X: 7477, Y: 23844
    X: 10941, Y: 8191
    X: 12082, Y: 8450 << 2 trucks very close together
    X: 24731, Y: 10482
    X: 30407, Y: 14376 << 2 trucks very close together
    X: 30825, Y: 10499
    X: 11352, Y: 10330
    X: 30524, Y: 18265
    X: 11627, Y: 10011
    X: 27344, Y: 18430
    X: 27338, Y: 18471
    X: 22781, Y: 17270

    Garret Traver-Z
    X: 6431, Y: 24282

    GV-104 Razorback
    X: 9203, Y: 28114
    X: 19180, Y: 8983
    X: 24492, Y: 10448
    X: 30396, Y: 13924
    X: 25789, Y: 6137
    X: 10897, Y: 8231
    X: 12106, Y: 8444

    Hamaya Oldman
    X: 9353, Y: 10135
    X: 10819, Y: 10652
    also at checkpoints all over Panau

    Kenwall Heavy Rescue aka FireTruck
    X: 17429, Y: 14762
    X: 9499, Y: 5717
    X: 21506, Y: 30334
    X 9454 Y 5760
    X: 21677, Y: 30243

    Maddox FVA 45
    X: 13241, Y: 29192
    X: 25517, Y: 17884
    X: 9447, Y: 6618
    X: 16966, Y: 17439
    X: 7039, Y: 25865
    X: 4365, Y: 21042
    X: 24570, Y: 10543
    X: 12935, Y: 11155
    X: 11022, Y: 8273 << 2 maddox very close together
    X: 24560, Y: 10484
    X: 27351, Y: 18494
    X: 27416, Y: 17125
    X: 27570, Y: 17243
    X: 13018, Y: 11453

    Marten Storm III
    X: 16894, Y: 9422
    X: 13107, Y: 25246
    X: 17598, Y: 12914
    X: 5609, Y: 27353

    MV Command
    X: 23189, Y: 17233 -during "cleaning the dishes" mission
    Alternately getting heat levels 3-4 will enemy spawn(note:still having trouble see video up top, scroll back up)

    MV Quartermaster
    X: 27609, Y: 8855
    X: 14203, Y: 27809
    X: 14941, Y: 17916
    X: 22306, Y: 23336

    MV V880
    X: 9203, Y: 28114
    X: 26133, Y: 4851
    X: 28199, Y: 11105
    X: 17269, Y: 28039
    X: 19069, Y: 8982
    X: 6854, Y: 13001
    X: 25702, Y: 3704
    X: 25675, Y: 3492
    X: 25282, Y: 5536
    X: 19148, Y: 9254

    Niseco Tusker G216
    X: 11976, Y: 4312

    Pocumtuck Nomad
    X: 26483, Y: 28770

    Saas PP30 Ox
    X: 6566, Y: 25704
    X: 22217, Y: 23296
    X: 15952, Y: 23490
    X: 22261, Y: 26637

    SV-1003 Raider
    X: 9203, Y: 28114

    SV-1007 Stonewall
    X: 22389, Y: 23361

    Titus ZJ
    X: 7606, Y: 24346
    X: 9424, Y: 12757
    X: 9170, Y: 11413

    Titus ZJ Cabriolet
    X: 9170, Y: 11413
    X: 6490, Y: 13168 - spawns after race activation

    Titus ZJ Soft Top
    X: 9170, Y: 11413
    X: 4563, Y: 15417 - spawns after race activation

    X: 22287, Y: 23474

    MOBILE RADAR LOCATIONS - courtesy swkwn

    1) X: 10794, Y: 2370
    2) X: 12065, Y: 2551
    3) X: 11284, Y: 3495
    4) X: 10179, Y: 3961
    5) X: 9041, Y: 6144
    6) X: 8654, Y: 8254
    7) X: 8096, Y: 8471
    8) X: 9208, Y: 10053
    9) X: 10159, Y: 10843
    10) X: 29486, Y: 13742
    11) X: 30791, Y: 15325
    12) X: 30861, Y: 16483
    13) X: 31255, Y: 17874
    14) X: 30562, Y: 18210
    15) X: 29198, Y: 20268
    16) X: 28283, Y: 20603
    17) X: 27389, Y: 20888
    18) X: 25869, Y: 20893
    19) X: 24478, Y: 21066
    20) X: 19276, Y: 28472
    21) X: 16950, Y: 27034
    22) X: 16640, Y: 28194
    23) X: 14753, Y: 27469
    24) X: 14500, Y: 28836
    25) X: 14061, Y: 30840
    26) X: 12837, Y: 31284
    27) X: 4544, Y: 31829
    28) X: 2842, Y: 31918
    29) X: 1738, Y: 28905
    30) X: 11375, Y: 10303


    X: 19431, Y: 22620
    X: 14626, Y: 5020
    X: 24518, Y: 11301
    X: 12694, Y: 7540
    X: 13531, Y: 6149
    X: 17112, Y: 5966
    X: 23517, Y: 30964
    X: 21837, Y: 6241
    X: 10703, Y: 23729
    X: 6577, Y: 24879
    X: 29598, Y: 18990
    X: 30626, Y: 15626
    X: 30581, Y: 14742
    X: 18007, Y: 16635
    X: 8458, Y: 9050
    X: 29583, Y: 14004
    X: 20730, Y: 21273
    X: 22000, Y: 21302


    X: 11346, Y: 16006, 3x
    X: 8689, Y: 11366, 5x
    X: 2436, Y: 20586, 5x
    X: 8061, Y: 26519, 3x


    X: 14568, Y: 7027 (2x)
    X: 11217, Y: 9062
    X: 12387, Y: 9248
    X: 12712, Y: 10390
    X: 9352, Y: 21774
    X: 10079, Y: 10232
    X: 9208, Y: 10053
    X: 9209, Y: 8915
    X: 9908, Y: 7021
    X: 14971, Y: 2976
    X: 13203, Y: 3403
    X: 10546, Y: 3570
    X: 10467, Y: 6034
    X: 9748, Y: 12798
    X: 4145, Y: 11628
    X: 3115, Y: 11934
    X: 13327, Y: 24895
    X: 10566, Y: 17076
    X: 9174, Y: 18466
    X: 9524, Y: 18276
    X: 6493, Y: 19897
    X: 4501, Y: 22479
    X: 6065, Y: 26016
    X: 7970, Y: 25638


    Colonels East Tanah Raya

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Perang Lee X: 26156, Y: 20072
    2) Colonel Sulung X: 28739 , Y: 17583
    3) Colonel Danyal Mail X: 17241 , Y: 21138
    4) Colonel Usop Yeop X: 20745, Y: 20676
    5) Colonel Jegathesan X: 21798, Y: 19781
    6) Colonel Bamert X: 19145, Y: 15716
    7) Colonel Wright X: 27337, Y: 18466
    8) Colonel Bertrand X: 22140, Y: 16277
    9) Colonel Zulkrnain X: 22140, Y: 16277
    10) Colonel Relutzu X: 24582, Y: 18619

    Colonels West Tanah Raya

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Abdul Ishak X: 4225, Y: 11281
    2) Colonel Rany Kiandee X: 9454, Y: 5760
    3) Colonel Loo Won Fui X: 3531, Y: 12185
    4) Colonel Chaerul Tunko X: 3716 , Y: 11529
    5) Colonel Saravanan X: 3122, Y: 12189
    6) Colonel Hamid Hitam X: 8554, Y: 9310

    Colonels Ramai Rakyat Islands

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Muhammad Yatim X: 4385, Y: 15334
    2) Colonel Tengku Bada X: 1292, Y: 14269
    3) Colonel Yuan X: 1068, Y: 13565
    4) Colonel Ibrahim Ahmad X: 8509, Y: 14037
    5) Colonel Bachtiar Saleh X: 4786, Y: 15452
    6) Colonel Rajah Idis X: 3132, Y: 15396
    7) Colonel Sutan X: 3232, Y: 15396

    Colonels Pelault Archipelago

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Ranjan X: 19399, Y: 6258
    2) Colonel Gupta X: 20830, Y: 5870
    3) Colonel Adiputera X: 28040, Y: 5716
    4) Colonel Baratham X: 26406, Y: 5427
    5) Colonel Tunko Isnin X: 28066, Y: 11260
    6) Colonel Sivanathan X: 25878, Y: 3460

    Colonels Selatan Archipelago

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Lee Yu When X: 16064, Y: 23457
    2) Colonel Ismail Omar X: 26614 , Y: 27208
    3) Colonel Rekyat X: 21758 , Y: 30338

    Colonels Senjakala Islands

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Ruofan X: 5831, Y: 29630
    2) Colonel Malaka X: 14522, Y: 26354
    3) Colonel Dollah X: 9914, Y: 28510
    4) Colonel Boon X: 15794, Y: 27920
    5) Colonel Awang Deris X: 2255, Y: 29869

    Colonels Lautan Lama Desert

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Tunko Bin Hitam X: 4472, Y: 21183
    2) Colonel Lee Seng Sen X: 6774, Y: 25519
    3) Colonel Mo Zuo Itik X: 7880, Y: 18555
    4) Colonel Romel Naivalurua X: 6330, Y: 21675
    5) Colonel Virgillo X: 2909, Y: 21057
    6) Jejomar Isko X: 5351, Y: 23777

    Colonels Berawan Besar Mountains

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel Abdul Rahman X: 19137, Y: 9061
    2) Colonel Ismaryanto X: 211087, Y: 11645
    3) Colonel Azman Sherman X: 22922, Y: 23777

    Colonels Panau Tengah Bay

    (click image to enlarge)
    1) Colonel John Yeo X: 13607, Y: 22857
    2) Colonel Yoong X: 16115, Y: 12779
    3) Colonel Siu X: 12286, Y: 25201
    4) Colonel Che Soon X: 12994, Y: 19246


    Cape Carnival Rocket base X: 30172, Y: 14068

    Desert Peak base jump
    X: 8082, Y: 28454

    Gambler's Den
    X: 8646, Y: 23133

    Karl Blaine's House
    X: 17276, Y: 14343

    Panau Capital City
    X: 3741, Y: 15786

    Panau Casino
    X: 18565, Y: 17755

    Panau International Airport
    X: 9748, Y: 12798

    Reapers HQ
    X: 17604, Y: 12909

    Roaches HQ
    X: 12063, Y: 11326

    Ski Resort
    X: 24574, Y: 14786

    Snow Peak base jump
    X: 20546, Y: 11828

    Three Kings Hotel
    X: 3709, Y: 31482

    Tropical Peak base jump
    X: 29197, Y: 28065

    Ular Boys HQ
    X: 17166, Y: 17225


    "Banana Fail" written in bananas X: 21914, Y: 20264

    Beach chalet
    X: 12052, Y: 11366

    Giant foot print in the ground
    X: 12874 ,Y: 26272

    Cargo ship in desert
    X: 10420, Y: 23490

    Fake shark fin driven by propeller in lake
    X: 12738, Y: 22520

    I Am Legend reference with chair and desk at the end of pier
    X: 18207, Y: 21543

    Large satellite dish
    X: 23440, Y: 17420

    Mountain sculpture with three large faces
    X: 30375, Y: 30637

    Ocean arrow
    X: 27000, Y: 26400

    Racetrack with sports cars
    X: 9170, Y: 11413

    Rice farming terrace
    X: 25363, Y: 16810

    Skull island
    X: 14834, Y: 17323

    Slice of pie island
    X: 24481, Y: 906

    X: 23745, Y: 13662

    100% PANAU CITY RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT -courtesy btravis72

    X: 3526, Y: 14627
    *armor pickup (steps of building)
    *cash stash (behind statue)

    X: 3002, Y: 14636

    X: 2929, Y: 14708
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 3064, Y: 14681
    *water tower
    *vehicle part

    X: 3145, Y: 14710
    *Colonel Rajah Idis

    X: 3272, Y: 14749
    *water tower

    X: 3132, Y: 14773
    *water tower

    X: 3042, Y: 14825
    *water tower
    *armor part (on sign)

    X: 3291, Y: 14860
    *propaganda trailer

    X: 3526, Y: 14856
    *water tower

    X: 3471, Y: 14992
    *water tower

    X: 3524, Y: 14980
    *water tower
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 3422, Y: 14960
    *water tower

    X: 3224, Y: 14940
    *water tower

    X: 3047, Y: 14979
    *water tower
    *cash stash (behind sign)

    X: 2905, Y: 14913
    *vehicle part (behind sign)

    X: 2712, Y: 15094
    *water tower
    *vehicle part (behind sign)

    X: 2712, Y: 15094
    *water tower
    *vehicle part (behind sign)

    X: 2848, Y: 15238
    *propaganda trailer
    *vehicle part (behind sign)

    X: 3062, Y: 15358
    *Colonel Sutan

    X: 3179, Y: 15264
    *water tower

    X: 3411, Y: 15223
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 3327, Y: 15128
    *water tower

    X: 3540, Y: 15155
    *water tower
    *weapon part (behind sign)

    X: 3538, Y: 15357
    *water tower

    X: 3553, Y: 15560
    *water tower

    X: 3631, Y: 15488
    *water tower (x2)

    X: 3708, Y: 15432
    *water tower

    X: 3615, Y: 15400
    *propaganda trailer

    X: 3693, Y: 15360
    *weapon part (on sign)

    X: 3745, Y: 15351
    *water tower

    X: 3824, Y: 15397
    *water tower

    X: 3892, Y: 15320
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 3829, Y: 15195
    *weapon part (on sign)

    X: 3895, Y: 14842
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 3966, Y: 14814
    *weapon part (on sign)

    X: 4021, Y: 14803

    X: 4181, Y: 15055
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 4131, Y: 15293

    X: 4403, Y: 15349
    *Colonel Muhammad Yatim

    X: 4308, Y: 15368
    *weapon part (behind sign)

    X: 4528, Y: 15240
    *vehicle part (on sign)

    X: 4433, Y: 15166
    *vehicle part (on sign)

    X: 4899, Y: 15481
    *vehicle part (on sign)

    X: 4872, Y: 15452
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 4860, Y: 15532
    *propaganda trailer

    X: 4738, Y: 15719
    *Colonel Bachtiar Saleh
    *armor part (behind sign)

    X: 4680, Y: 15883

    X: 4502, Y: 15742
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 4449, Y: 15689
    *vehicle part (on sign)
    *cash stash (on sign)

    X: 4496, Y: 15606
    *weapon part (on sign)

    X: 4277, Y: 15871

    X: 4130, Y: 15803
    *weapon part (on sign)

    X: 4355, Y: 16395
    *fuel depot
    *cash stash
    *silver jet

    X: 3608, Y: 16093
    *cash stash (in front of building)
    *armor part (between statue and ramp)
    *propaganda trailer

    X: 3754, Y: 15550

    X: 3215, Y: 15607
    *water tower

    X: 3271, Y: 15645
    *water tower
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 3445, Y: 15649
    *water tower (x2)

    X: 3372, Y: 15569
    *water tower

    X: 2704, Y: 15095
    *water tower

    X: 4471, Y: 15103
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 4327, Y: 15487
    *water tower

    X: 4300, Y: 15670
    *weapon part (on sign)

    X: 4260, Y: 15600
    *water tower
    *gas pump (x4)

    X: 4323, Y: 15538
    *water tower

    X: 4323, Y: 15580
    *water tower

    X: 4226, Y: 15368
    *water tower (beside bridge)

    X: 3081, Y: 15362
    *gas pump (x4)

    KomodoDave Glitches

    Cliff Scaling Technique ("CST")

    Learn a useful skill to assist in climbing cliffs or achieve freefalling height using only the ground and your grapple.

    Ghost Grapple ("GG")

    Learn how to create partially/completely invisible vehicle destruction models, palm trees and rocks, and keep them in the game. Invisible wrecking ball, anyone?

    Longest Tether Exploit ("LTE")

    Create a tether that is twice the length of what most JC2 players think is the longest tether.

    Loose Door Tether ("LDT")

    The grapple logic has been bugging me for a while. I think most of us want multiple grapples, infinite grapple strength etc. I can't do anything about the multiple grapples (unless you're on PC.. I'm on X360), but I wanted to see whether I could "trick" the physics engine in any way, and I've managed to find a way to connect vehicles with an almost unbreakable tether to any object, so e.g. you can connect 2 vehicles without you having to be driving or surfing either, and the grapple doesn't break, until a *lot* of force is applied. You can watch cars sling around windmills, unmanned vehicles get dragged away by planes, and much, much more!

    1. Obtain any vehicle from the "working" list below (e.g. any car).
    2. If you're in a..
      • CAR/PLANE:
        Get into the car/plane then stunt jump. The vehicle does not need to be moving. When you stunt jump, the door or hatch you exit from will be left hanging open. (Alternatively, shoot the door/hatch - the shotgun is best [EDIT: or a level 6 revolver, thanks sfmountainbiker], but any gun will work.)
        Shoot the left or right "door" (a pilot hatch) on the side of the helicopter until it swings open. If you're not sure whether it's open (e.g. because gravity is keeping it down), attach one grapple hook to the hatch (as described in GROUND section below) then to the ground on the hinge side of the hatch; you should see it open partially or entirely. As long as it can swing loosely, that's fine.

    3. If you are in/on:
        Just fire straight at the loose door/hatch, it's accessible as a grappling point whilst standing on the vehicle roof in the stunt jump position. Zooming can help, and the right-side door is easier to aim at on cars, since Rico stands a little more centrally on the roof when facing the right side. Any attachment to the door/hatch is fine, even to an edge of the door, or onto the glass.
      • GROUND:
        Look past the loose, swung-open door/hatch and slightly to the right (you can shoot a bullet at the door if it has partially closed, to reopen it). Fire the grapple and keep holding the button, ready for a tether shot aka "double grapple". The grapple shot fires slightly to the left of the crosshair; since we are looking slightly to the right of the hanging door, this means the grapple attaches to the loose door itself.

        If the crosshair is green or red, your aiming system has locked onto the vehicle, and attaching to the loose door won't work, since the door is not a grappling point accessible from the ground. You should move your aim away from the vehicle until the crosshair is white again, then slowly move towards the door/hatch until you are looking slightly right of it.

    4. Let go of grapple, aiming at something to attach to. You now have a virtually indestructible tether, and no need for you to be in the loose door vehicle

    Vehicles that DO work:

    1. CARS
      • All of them - except those listed in "not working" list below.

    2. PLANES
      • All of them

      • All of them

    4. BOATS
      • MTA Powerrun 77 [Black Market]
        How: Shoot the driver hatch (glass, like a plane's pilot hatch). Can attach to back of boat to check it's open; should jerk wide for a moment.
      • Pattani Gluay Pro 2 [Fishing Boat]
        How: LDT the loose rope on the back right of the canopy bar on the rear of the boat.
      • Phoenix [Common Military Gunboat]
        How: LDT the loose rope on the back right of the canopy bar on the rear of the boat.
        ^ Thanks to sfmountainbiker for reporting this

      • GV-104 Razorback [Black Market]
        How: shoot the panel on the front of the tank, just underneath the turret's firing end in the BM picture. It's easy to shoot this one off completely; use the shotgun or a high-level revolver as described in the How To: section.
      • Marten Storm III [Reaper gang car]
        How: little doors at the back which can be shot and used for LDT
        ^ Thanks to Nicate for reporting this
      • SV-1007 Stonewall/SV-1003 Raider [military APC]
        How: the tanks both have a hatch on the rear - you can shoot this and it will fall open.

    Vehicles that DON'T work:
    Why: these vehicles have no doors, panels or other loosenable/spring grapple points
    1. CARS
      • Tuk Tuk
      • Maddox FVA 45

    2. PLANES
      • bering I-86DP

      • ..none known..

    4. BOATS
      • All of them - except those listed in "working" list above.

    LDT Special Properties:
    • Very strong.
    • Use LDT between any vehicle and a chopper, then fly the chopper with attached vehicle in tow, then stunt jump from chopper. Even though you're using grapple to hang from the chopper, the towed vehicle grapple doesn't break!
      Note: Sadly it doesn't seem possible to get multi-rope out of this glitch, I've experimented and had no success.- KD
      ^ Thanks to alienator for first mentioning this.

    Fun Uses for LDT:

    The LDT can be used for many other fun activities.. including:
    • Bungie jumping in a vehicle, from a mountain
      peak/Mile High Club/bridge. Just tether loose door
      to the ground, or to the loose door of another vehicle
      on the platform.
    • Attaching unmanned vehicles to jets, and see them take off.
      Try the Titus ZJ outside the front of Panau International airport,
      LDT'd to one of the jumbo jets before it takes off. Note: This shows
      for sure that the tether is stronger than normal. However, the car drops off once
      the plane starts climbing hard, unless you're stunt jumped on the plane, or driving
      the plane or attached vehicle.
    • LDT a car to a mobile enemy chopper, then go for a drive.. depending
      on the car weight, either you go for a spin or they do!
    • LDT a vehicle to the hot air balloon, set the balloon drifting.
    • LDT the Silverbolt hatch to the ground as you're surfing it.
    • LDT the Monster Truck to a wind turbine.
    • LDT a racecar to the ground, as in my video. Or to another racecar, then shoot the wheels of the second one!

    (LDT) Loose Door Tether field tests by sfmountainbiker

    LDT Catapult

    Reverse LDT Tether Destroys Windmill

    Loose Door Tether = Long Distance Travel

    Icebreaker + LDT Unbreakable Grapple + Jet = Fail

    Military Jet Surfing with the LDT Unbreakable Grapple

    Flying Icebreaker (LDT + Ski Lift)

    LDT -Monster Truck + Windmill
    video by judoblo

    No-Clip ("NC")

    Learn how to get inside any building in Just Cause 2.

    Further Info:
    If you're wondering how to escape when inside a building, the easiest route is to zip towards a wall which has a nearby ceiling. You then jump when clinging to the inside of the wall, and Rico will jump up through the ceiling, thus exiting the building. Sometimes you'll find yourself firmly lodged in the walls of a building, unable to exit or run anywhere inside. Hold a grenade in your hands until it explodes - this usually dislodges you. If it's possible to call in the Black Market dealer, you can extract to the same location as well, as a quick fix.

    I've tried entering the landscape itself using this No Clip glitch, but Rico always gets pushed out again (though he does initially enter it). If you successfully manage to get inside the landscape and stay there, please video it and post in this thread

    Since the Air Propulsion Gun shoots through walls, it can be fun to enter a skyscraper at ground level in one of the city islands, then distress passers-by Also, be aware that you can drop weapons crates sufficiently close to the walls of certain buildings that you can refill your ammo without having to exit the building.

    Plant Surfing ("PS")

    Further Info:

    Plants that work:

    Other objects that work:

    • Destructible rocks, i.e. the large, sand-coloured rocks sticking out of the ground which are dislodged with an explosion

    I would love to find some way to make the effect last indefinitely, so get experimenting with Plant Surfing, guys!

    Originally Posted by DesertEagle8
    i just did the glitch and it froze my ps3, haha
    - Yes, unfortunately this can happen, though it's rare. You have to get the timing just right (well.. just wrong) for it to happen; the best way to avoid it is to start zipping towards the plant from a large distance away, since I believe a crash occurs when the grapple hits the plant at the exact moment the grenade destroys it. As long as you're mid-air before the grenade goes off, you'll be fine

    Refilling Crate ("RC")

    Create a crate with infinite ammo supply for most BM weapons.

    Further Info:
    For this to work, you must have a weapon that is not level 6, and enough weapon parts to upgrade it. This "not level 6" requirement means that sadly the Air Propulsion Gun won't work. However, you can get around this restriction with certain DLC weapons that share ammo with normal weapons, e.g. the Quad Rocket Launcher consumes normal rocket ammo, thus you can use the glitch on a rocket launcher to create an unending ammo supply, then spawn a Quad launcher and let the good times roll.

    Suicide Bomber ("SB")

    Become the first suicide bomber in Panau - and survive.


    There are many videos of Rico stuck in the "Superman" position on Youtube, but none showing how you can easily reproduce the glitch. In this video, I explain the usual actions which lead to the glitch, and show a much simpler method for you to try it yourself.

    Swim Response ("SR")

    Learn how to make an enemy in water swim away in terror.

    Wheels After Death ("WAD")

    Demonstrates how wheels persist after a car has been destroyed. Using a ghost grapple, you can then play around with the mobile ghost vehicle, e.g. dragging a destroyed monster truck around, or using LDT on a civilian-driven car to drag a destroyed vehicle behind them while you watch from afar.

    Tips & Tricks, Glitches & FAQ's

    note: some glitches may be patched

    How do I find the LeisureLiner in my game I can't seem to find it , are there any Coordinates or does it appear in any missions?

    The latest patch fixes the spawning issue with LL you can now find the vehicle in game:

    On consoles simply log online while booting up the game and install the title update when prompted.

    For PC STEAM updates automatically

    How do I use the X-Y Coordinates ? I see them online but how do I go to them in game?

    Go to the JC2 ingame map: in the upper right corner the coordinates of the place you are currently at are shown. The more you move the crosshair to the right the higher gets the X value. And the more you move the crosshair down the higher gets the Y value. That's because the (0;0) coordinate is top left on the map and the (32,768;32,768) coordinate is bottom right on the map. -tip submitted by s-abf

    How do I link my gamertag to my Just profile? <-----link gamertag

    Click "LINK" underneath the pictures on that screen
    you can see
    Steam,Xbox Live and Playstation Network

    Click Link and then will take you to your consoles unique login

    note:it may take several days for your stats to update after you have successfully linked your GamerTag/PSN/Steam profile

    If your still having issues linking accounts try this solution

    submitted by JustCauseStunting

    I just found a solution for linking both my psn and forum account. First login at then login here: and choose: remind me.

    Than go back to and link your accounts (you get stuck at the connect.eidos section, but my account was linked anyway)

    I have had an account on about a week ago and at the same time linked that account to my PSN account and nothing is showing up on my account any ideas?


    Go into the XMB (the main screen that the PS3 boots up) while you are signed on. Toggle to the "games" tab/section, and then go to "Trophies." After that, hit the triangle button and click on "Sync With Server," and you'll be good to go.

    Note: You cannot be running the game while you are Syncing your Trophies.-tip by ChiroVette

    NOTE: ALSO POWER-CYCLE your console (as commented on in Podcast 7) too update your stats with more efficiency.

    power-cycle just means to turn off you system completely for a few minutes and reboot and/or turn on your console, this will resend all your currents stats to the server upon completing a power-cycle.

    Help I'm on the PS3 version of Just Cause 2 and I Have lost all movement control and the mini map, what should I do?

    This a common problem on PS3 ,when you run out of recording time , it puts everything in the settings all the way left in the menu. (THIS WILL MESS UP YOUR CONTROLS)

    TO FIX THE ISSUE : Go to settings and set everything back to default , then adjust controls back to your liking , inverted or non-inverted etc so on and so forth.

    Keeping the faction gunners on the mounted (vehicle) gun - tip by Agent_4637

    Normally when you pick up faction guys on the road, the guys who operate a vehicle's mounted gun have a bad habit of jumping off the gun even when you're tearing down the road at 100 mph.

    What I found was; if you grab one of the vehicles guarding the strongholds - such as the Reaper's stronghold in the desert - the faction members on those mounted guns will not jump out as long as you do not exit the vehicle. Getting out of the vehicle seems to sometimes (if not all the time) reset their behavior, and they will start to jump out again.

    If you do something like roll the vehicle and they get thrown out, but you stay in, they also appear to jump back onto the gun if they can get to it.

    Skip the button sequence taking over helicopters shoot the pilot in the head.

    Use The Revolver on smaller helicopters when you are in "hi-jack" mode to headshot the pilot, this will kill the pilot , so you can avoid the button sequence taking the pilot out . The Revolver can shoot through the glass on the smaller 2 seated helicopters. note: if helicopter is heavily damaged it may explode upon shooting the pilot, and the 15-havoc has no "attack" position, you have to use the quick time event.

    Warning for 100% Completed Green Check-marked settlements:

    There still may be destructible items (not yet destroyed in settlements with 100% completion)

    Example video

    In the video you can clearly see the player has a "Green Checkmark" for 100% completion of the settlement : Pekan Lengkong, Coordinates: X: 24709, Y: 20586, YET the player still has a destructible item ( a transformer) in the settlement that counts to-wards a total 100% game completion.

    Players going for TOTAL GAME 100% keep this in mind when looking for the last few items for TOTAL GAME 100% completion, they may be in settlements with 100% completion and a green check-mark (as witnessed in the video).-tip by ChiroVette

    Hot Air Balloon "clipping" exploit (Achieve GREAT heights 6000m+) tip byVacour

    I found a very fast way of getting hot air ballon up to 6000m..

    1 - Acquire balloon X: 7392, Y: 16150
    2 - Navigate balloon to a wide road, okay now that you have the balloon landed on a wide highway area.

    Get in, crank the burner a couple times and let balloon take off - jump out immediately - now, grapple underneath balloon, and hang there until balloon is coming down - as balloon hits the ground (you underneath) hit the jump button -(at this point you should "clip" through the bottom of the balloon as it hits the ground with you and see "press triangle (Y one 360) to start burner") PRESS IT! -anyways you manage to clip all the way through balloon and press burner button as your cliping - the balloon's burner will not turn off and you will launch the balloon to 6000m faster. HINT:You can base-jump from the balloon

    AirGun Vehicle Propulsion Trick (use the air-gun to gain impossible speeds past the vehicle's natural speed limit)

    TIP: get into stunt position , aim the Air Gun at the rear of vehicle and fire the gun , the vehicle will go faster than it's in game speed limiter on the vehicle.

    This trick also works on planes , but instead aim the weapon towards the front of the plane while in stunt position.


    In stunt positon on some vehicles (for example on top of a car) you can control the vehicles direction somewhat by leaning Rico in the direction you want to go. Note: Only move Rico left and right , moving him forward will change his stunt position and you'll lose stunt-steering control.

    I have a problem where to put the video on YouTube directly from the PS3. So when I finished the video, go: pause menu; video capture, capture interrupt.
    Then come three options: delete, saved in the video, upload it to YouTube. If I put it on video, and then transferred onto a USB, and even after the PC and load from there, everything is fine but the graphics worse, but if I upload it to YouTube, I enter my data, I begin to load and part now 10% after just 13% and after a bit of time, remaining at 13% tells me: There was an error (80710620).

    What can I do to fix this?


    Something is causing the video cache to corrupt, so you need to do the following to get it working again:

    - Turn off automatic capture
    - Save settings to delete the video cache
    - You can now record normally again. You can also turn auto capture back on again.

    It's best just to do that every time you want to record something

    SMG + Bubble Gun AMMO Glitch -Tip by Cartzy

    You can boost your SMG ammo to 600+ rounds if you just pick up and put down the bubble gun with another one handed weapon.
    (Bubble Gun Spawn location X: 4245, Y: 25978)
    This only works with the SMG and you'll need to keep the Bubble Gun equipped with you.

    How to put away (holster) your weapon - tip by Cartzy
    While standing still hold RB (360 sprint) (R1 for the PS3) and flick the left analog forward and the right back simultaneously and Rico will holster the weapon.

    Wheelie Rico : How to perform a wheelie on a motorcycle - courtesy skeligandrew

    Find your favorite motorcycle hop on

    Pull Back Rico while pressing the accelerator pedal full throttle

    Rico will Wheelie for as long as you can maintain momentum

    wheelie vid by dejanpolo


    Have You Ever Had all the civilians and some or all vehicles in Panau suddenly dissapear in your game?

    It's a Glitch and there are (2) confirmed fixes for this:

    1) Just start a race & back out of it .
    -tip by MyColdMan


    2) Try Extracting to an area on the other side of the map, then extracting back to where you were if the race activation fails.
    - tip by PoorBison

    Anybody know how to locate the hidden skulls,drug cases, black boxes etc?

    Open PDA map, look at bottom of legend, it says- collectibles.
    to the left of it is a dot. those dots mark the collectibles.

    360 version - Blue Dots on your PDA map are the locations for hidden items

    PS3 version- White Dots on your PDA map are the locations for hidden items

    Game Glitch to Make Binoculars - glitch by Scorp

    Step1) Equip sniper.

    Step2) Crouch. (you have to crouch)

    Step3) Aim down the scope while crouching. (zoom in a far as you want)

    Step4) Un-aim while still crouched

    Step5) You should now be seeing stuff at the sniper level of zoom, but without the sniper scope and reticules in the way.

    (you can't change zooms without re-doing this though, and you can't move either...)

    Do Not Destroy SAM sites at faction strongholds OPTION
    (Surface To Air Missile)

    Some SAM sites at your Faction strongholds change to your side once you take it over. If you manage to take over a strongholds and leave the SAM's un-destroyed they will become non-hostile and useful to the player.
    FOR EXAMPLE DO NOT DESTROY ANY SAMS AT Faction Stronghold Pelabuhan Saudagar Harbor, you can get 100% without destroying one single SAM site here, The SAMs will become friendly and attack all hostile helicopters
    Keep this in mind when taking over strongholds for factions
    NOTE: later on if you are going for a FULL GAME 100% completion you will need to come back and destroy these SAMs, BUT you do not need to destroy them to get 100% at Pelabun Harbor itself (confirmed), you will need to come back later and destroy them for a TOTAL GAME 100% completion.

    NON-Stronghold SAM Option (Do not destroy the SAMs)-tip by RunningBare

    Before attacking the military base Kem Gunung Raya (located X: 21308, Y: 11576), do the Faction mission "Clear Skies" first, if successful all the SAM launchers become friendly, this means you can then destroy the rest of the base and if they send helicopters the SAMs will take care of them.
    (note: this mission involves hacking a PC to reprogram the SAMs to become hostile to your enemies) If done this way, the SAMs do NOT need to be destroyed to complete the base itself to 100%.

    NOTE: This is NOT a stronghold mission.

    How to get MAX HEAT in 10 seconds by demonkidproductions

    All you have to do is hit a propaganda trailer with the grappling hook (or shoot it) repeatedly for about 5-10 seconds and you should get the maximum heat level you can get. helicopters come after you, quadbikes, MV command, etc.

    A creative grapple/climbing technique (can you do it?)

    Apocalypse Now reference: Singing RICO

    Grab a HELO with a rocket ability (preferred but not required) and "circle strafe" a military compound (or a comm tower-the (3) button comm centers you activate then destroy), attack them relentlessly and after awhile RICO will start humming. "The Ride Of The Valkyries" song if you are causing lots of deaths and destruction .This song was played during the famous air raid scene in Apocalypse Now Movie.

    KEEP "circle strafing" the military compound while continuously firing the rockets and killing as many enemies as possible , RICO will humm a longer version as well if you continue to get kills after he first sings it.
    The first version Rico humms will be short (keep killing) and the second version, Rico will humm a little longer.

    Just spam the helicopter's rocket launcher and circle strafe one of the "spawn closets" as I call them. You'll notice enemies will continue to spawn for a time.
    It helps to destroy comm towers first to lessen the chance of many helos coming after you. You don't have to circle strafe while in the helo its just an easier way to camp a enemy spawn closet to get RICO to humm the song faster. The basic idea is just to get as many kills as possible and cause chaos while in a Helicopter if you manage to do it for long enough and survive Rico will start humming the song from the movie.

    Forever Night Time Mode - tip by Agent_4637

    I found out a way to make it stay night time. 3:00am to be exact.

    1. Extract yourself to the Mile High Club.
    2. Wait until it becomes dark, or 3:00am. (it always becomes dark quickly at the MHC)
    3. Extract straight out of the MHC to wherever you want to go.
    4. It should then remain 3:00am forever in the area you extract to, but...

    The limit I found is that it will remain dark, but only until you change climate zones. Such as, I extracted to the city, and then flew into the snowy mountains. As soon as I reached the snow climate zone, the time started again, so just beware of some of those climate zones close together, such as jungle mixed in the desert, etc. I don't know if any other specific actions will also restart the clock.
    Note: This trick works for any time of day.When it is close to the time of day you want it to stay, extract to the MHC and quickly land on top of the blimp. The sun will be setting quickly, so as soon as you can, or when you're ready, extract out to the location you want to go, following the method above. It works exactly the same way, but instead of night, it is whatever time of day it was when you left the MHC. So now it seems you can also have forever day, forever dusk or forever dawn. (more or less).

    Use more than a 1 handed weapon on a bike or four wheeler
    PC Glitch by w00tTrouble

    NOTE: It does work on consoles too -confirmed by whiteshark12

    Select a one handed weapon while facing the bike or four wheeler, hit 3 ( D-pad Up on console) to switch to your two handed weapon and half a second later jump on the vehicle, Voila, Rico drives NO HANDED and you can use your two handed weapon, not sure if it works for all two handed weapons but it works for the machine gun atleast.(press RB to fire on 360)

    If it fails for you make sure you are facing the vehicle, also try waiting slightly longer or jumping on slightly quicker, after a few attempts it will work.

    NOTE: as far as I know it only works for bikes and four wheelers, I suggest trying a four wheeler first as its extremely easy to perform on these.

    Also note this won't work for the military bike, and all 2 handers but the rocket launcher will auto-reload still

    What can be used a as wrecking-ball ?

    - Statue-heads
    - Vehicles
    - Bells from towers
    - Mobile Radars
    - Any object, that is moveable

    __________________________________________________ <----pc mod community link

    Quick Link TOP 50 PC Mods JC2

    PC modders are working on a MP option for Just Cause2
    <--MP website

    PC (mod) Multiplayer Sync Test

    MultiPlayer sync reel

    Mecha Scorpion PC Mod <---Download Link

    Parachute Thrusters MOD (unlimited fuel no cooldown)<--- download link (thrusters mod)

    Chaos Super-Para-Thruster
    Super Para-Thruster mod + defaulted Chaos parachute skin
    Download from here:**Defaulted**/

    The Now Famous BOLOPatch PC MOD coding courtesy G&H productions <----bolopatch download[/B]

    Trainer options:

    -Infinite Ammo
    -Infinite Health
    -Strong Rope
    -Multiple Ropes
    -Invisible Crosshair

    video of BOLOPatch in action (many many ropes)

    20+ LeisureLiners Grappled Together

    BlackMarket PC MOD

    Punisher Tattoo Skins for both Rico and the spyplane (PC mod)

    video of Punisher Skin mod for Rico and BM plane

    Punisher Tattoo PC skin download link

    Punisher plane skin download link

    Fly the black market plane under water with out it blowing up (PC mod)

    made by polimer (polimerjones)

    Plane Flies Underwater Download link

    video of PC mod plane flying underwater

    video of BoomStick Mod PC

    A list of the mods in use:
    BoloPatch (multirope+health+ammo+noxhair)
    Gibbed's Kane replacement model.
    Prof. Farnsworth's Heat (I think) and Traffic (I know) mods.
    and My very own custom Boomsticks (Pistols and MG)
    Boom Stick Link for PC players.

    RICO...the real Peter Parker?(multiple ropes PC mod)
    videos RunningBare

    "AirZooka Joe"
    Dual Mounted Air-Zooka Vehicle Mod<--MOD download link
    This mod turns mounted mini-guns into a modified Airzooka cannon. Using Gawl's Airzooka Bubble Blaster values modified and used with with Prof. Farnsworth's Weaponized Mancini Cavallo mod.

    NOTE:This mod requires that you already have the Parachute Thruster, and Chaos Parachute DLCs installed.

    Video of Insane AirZooka Mod

    Download Content

    Official DLC Video (featuring the "Air Propulsion Gun")<--official website all DLC info

    [B]-F-33 DragonFly Jet Fighter -[B] quad-mounted miniguns and double missile launchers – [B]

    -Dual Parachute Thrusters [B]- allow you to take to the air longer. When mounted to the parachute rig, the Dual Parachute Thrusters provide bursts of forward momentum to extend airtime.[B]

    -Multi-lock Missile Launcher [B]- allows you to lock up to four targets and unleash a barrage of homing missiles to destroy your enemies.

    Black Market Boom Pack: Available on May 25

    -Quad Rocket Launcher
    - half shotgun, half rocket launcher, all carnage

    -Cluster Bomb Launcher
    - the natural successor to the grenade launcher

    -Air Propulsion Gun
    - a highly experimental jet-powered blast weapon, powerful enough to send vehicles and soldiers skywards. Future DLC Items

    Bull's Eye Assault Rifle

    More powerful than the standard assault rifle, this lightweight and lethal automatic rifle features increased accuracy and a higher magnification scope.

    Air Propulsion Gun

    Courtesy of the Agency Propulsion Labs, this gun was originally designed as a jet engine but was soon repurposed for the weapons division where the Air Propulsion Gun was born.

    Cluster Bomb Launcher

    A natural progression of the grenade launcher, the Cluster Bomb Launcher is a small-scale weapon of mass destruction for personal use.

    Rico's Signature Gun

    Customised by the Agency and adapted for Rico’s shooting style, this deadly accurate and powerful pistol packs a punch with precision, power and flair.

    Quad Rocket Launcher

    Combine a rocket launcher with a shotgun and you've got yourself the powerful Quad Rocket Launcher - expect some collateral damage!

    Multi-lock Missile Launcher

    This highly sophisticated weapon of destruction allows you to lock up to four targets and unleash a barrage of homing missiles to take care of all your troubles.

    Tuk Tuk Boom Boom

    Try out a true weapon of mass destruction in the new and improved Tuk Tuk. No longer the runt of the litter, this particular Tuk Tuk features a ridiculously oversized mounted weapon on the roof. Just the thing you need to wreak havoc in paradise!

    Chevalier Ice Breaker

    Bring on the chaos in Panau with a pimped-up Ice Cream Van. Featuring a sturdy front ram, side skirts and greater top speed, you have the perfect tool for causing some serious fender-benders. This extreme makeover also includes a jingle to match.

    F-33 DragonFly Jet Fighter

    Try out the new F-33 Dragonfly fighter jet. With quad-mounted miniguns and double missile launchers, this agile bird is the definite ruler of the skies, and packs a serious punch to land based targets as well.

    Chevalier Classic

    No agent should be without a hot set of wheels and with an increased top speed and superior handling, you can arrive at your destination in style or make a guaranteed quick getaway.

    Agency Hovercraft

    The ultimate in amphibious transport, the Agency Hovercraft is the most flexible form of transport in the game. Steered by a thrust-based engine for smooth and agile movement, the vehicle is as comfortable on land as off. Equipped with a turret-mounted autocannon, you’re guaranteed to blow your opposition out of the water.

    Monster Truck

    The usefulness of an oversized monster truck when destabilizing small countries is clearly evident.

    Dual Parachute Thrusters

    Take to the air for longer! The Dual Parachute Thrusters when mounted to the parachute rig provides bursts of forward momentum to extend airtime.
    Dare Devil Parachute - not yet confirmed as DLCPerform your ultimate stunts in style with this Dare Devil Parachute.

    Chaos Parachute
    - available as pre-order bonus and Limited Edition "Chaos Pack" item.
    Featuring a skull motif, make an entrance no one will forget ... should you leave anyone alive to remember.

    Camo Parachute
    - not yet confirmed as DLC
    Designed for covert operations this camo parachute will make it much harder to trace your movements across Panau.

    Tiger Parachute
    - not yet confirmed as DLC
    Take to the air in style with this tiger stripe parachute.

    Firestorm Parachute
    - available through 99p promotion
    Avoid enemy heat with his hot Firestorm Parachute.

    Scorpion Parachute
    - not yet confirmed as DLC
    Rico's trademark 'Scorpion' comes to life in this bespoke parachute.

    PC vs. 360 vs. PS3 face-off: Here's an in-depth look at the technical strengths and weeknesses of each respective version of Just Cause 2 by Digital Foundry <--face-off link

    Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality
    (Graphics card dissection review on what's the best card to run Just Cause 2)<--Graphics card FACE-OFF link

    PANAU SURVIVAL GUIDE - written by stlsoldier531

    The Military is pretty rough in this game. I would not want to be messing around in any war zone with an army such as this one. The way I see it, this is one of those Guerrilla wars that we have all heard so much about. This means that the military is tough because they have they numbers and they certainly have the firepower to come after you. So you most definitely have to outsmart them. Here are some tips that make dealing with them a bit easier.

    1.)Hit and Run
    - this doesn't really apply in Strong Hold take overs but it does apply to faction missions and non mission engagements such as causing Chaos in the countryside. This means that after you attack them, you want get moving quick. When I attack installations (Such as military bases) I use a Helicopter. But If I am attacking a Propaganda trailer in some town, I move on foot. I usually toss 3 or 4 Grenades at the trailer and shoot whoever jumps out of the way of the grenades, lol. After doing this I run off, drive off etc. I try to be gone before the back up arrives. If you want to search the town for upgrades you can always return later when heat dies down. This would actually be better because the military presence will be a bit weaker in that particular town after being attacked. Which will give you a bit more of an edge if a fire fight breaks out while you are searching

    In faction missions I try to catch them by surprise. Meaning if I have to go into a base, I usually don't come through the front entrance. If I am attacking a base I usually try to destroy Anti-Aircraft systems first. That way if I am able to get my hands on a Helio ( whether via an enemy or one park at the base) I don't have to worry about being shot down and I can have my way with them. But the main point, is to pick and choose how and when to attack them and when you attack. Come hard and aggressive. Speed works to your advantage and The element of surprise is golden.

    Regarding SAM sites : DO NOT DESTROY SAMs at faction based takeovers, they turn friendly and attack enemy helos after a takeover, also some sites DO NOT count towards 100% completion so you NEVER need to destroy them. using this method you will need to attack base on foot to avoid being shot down by active SAMs, remember the goal for for OPTION B is to keep the SAM in-tact so that when you manage to take over a base for a faction stronghold, those SAMs will now be fighting for you and will attack all enemy helicopters.- AA47

    2.) Upgrade Weapons regularly
    - Always be on the look out for upgrade boxes. They can be found in all villages, towns, cities, and major installations. No matter what you are doing, always make time to look for upgrade parts. Upgrading the weapons makes them stronger. This is a huge benefit when you get caught up in a rough fire fight. It will take less shots to drop your enemy, meaning you will also use less ammo.
    Armor upgrades are also important, because they give you more health that may come in handy in an extended battle.
    Grenades get a larger blast radius and more blast damage when upgraded which will also come in handy at later points in the game. C4 gains the same advantages as grenades.
    Guns gain more accuracy and damage.You can also carry more ammo of each weapon when upgraded which is by far the most important.

    More powerful weapons equal more dead enemies, which can be crucial to keeping you alive.

    NOTE: Use your Signal Strength Indicator to locate important crates such as weapon parts and ammo upgrades crates,etc, depending on how close or far you are; the amount of bars on the meter will indicate the direction of the crate/s location.

    So you want to change direction based upon gaining bars , when the meter is FULL the crate should be in obvious visibilty and there will be a WHITE arrow indicating the direction of the crate.
    If you are losing bars in the signal strength meter you are going in the wrong direction if you lose all bars the meter will dissapear all together. When a crate is in the vicinity of Rico The Signal Strength Indicator appears on the left upper corner of your mini-map.- AA47

    3.) Don't Buy Vehicles
    - Vehicles are a given in this game. They are everywhere. So why spend money that can be used to buy ammo and guns on cars? Some of those vehicles come in handy at times. But try to minimize your spending when it comes to transportation.

    4.) Keep Ammo at all times
    - This is a war zone. And the military wants your head on a stick. If you run out of bullets, they will certainly kill you. So with that being said, check your ammo regularly. If you are low on ammo, then either find an ammo crate quick, or spend some money and buy some. This is especially important with your Primary (one handed) weapon because it is what you will most likely use in very tight situations.

    5.) Always take the Helo
    - When they call in the Helicopter, things can go from bad to worse. But the Helo can turn the tide in battle in more ways than one. Hijacking a helicopter can give you a huge advantage in a fire fight. They also keep you alive and protected from enemy gun fire. You can also use them as a getaway vehicle when things get Super Hot. Helos are also good at attacking Colonels.
    NOTE: You can kill the pilot of the 2 seater helicopters with the Revolver ; doing so also enables you to skip the (3) button hi-jack sequence. The Revolver has enough power to penetrate the front windshield.-AA47Colonels have a lot of armor, can take a lot of shots and are surrounded by troops. If you destroy the Anti-Aircraft weapons before gaining access to a Helo, you can take out the Colonel and his men with ease. Causing Chaos with a Helo should also be on your list of things to do. They have enough firepower to burn any installation to the ground. This saves you from having to use your ammo. Which means that you will have more at your disposal when dealing with the police and military.
    NOTE: Colonels can be killed with one sniper shot to the head , even on hardcore.- AA47

    6.) Chaos, Chaos, Chaos - Causing chaos is the whole strategy of guerrilla warfare. Attacking Gas stations, water towers, bases, check points, and Propaganda trailers (guard post) will cause chaos. This unlocks black market weapons, gives you cash (to buy black market weapons) and gives you upgrades. The other major thing that causing chaos does, is lower the military presence in the sector. Once a propaganda post has been attacked and destroyed you won't see as many troops hanging around patrolling that location anymore. Simply put, chaos weakens the military making them easier targets.

    Gas Stations ALWAYS have health pickups.- AA47

    7.) Keep a low profile
    - I know this is an action game and violence and shoot outs are what we all want. But you can't always run in guns a blazing. That mentality will get you killed. It will also waste much needed ammo that can be used for more important things. Avoid too many random fire fights. The army has more bullets than you do. Like I said above, pick and choose when to fight with them. The battle should on your terms, not theirs. So try to blend in, stay away from restricted areas, and drive like you have some sense when going past a check point.
    And don't drive around in their (the military or police) vehicles, you are certainly asking for trouble when passing through a town, city or check point.

    8.) Discover as many places as possible
    - As the game goes on the military becomes more heavy handed in how it deals with insurgents (mainly you). The security alert will rise faster, helos will come in quicker (sometimes two at a time), and they will also begin to spot you faster when passing check points. All this extra added heat can be a headache. So will probably want to use your extraction more often. Discovering towns will give you more options when extracting to different locations. This will save time, by not having to move on foot or in vehicle through a lot of military controlled areas.

    9.) Attack with the Gangs
    - Once a gang has influence in a particular sector they begin to show a much stronger presence. This is good news for you. When ever you are passing through a town that has a heavy military presence, it may be wise to time your attacks according to the situation. Gangs will constantly attack towns and other remote areas that are under military control.This can be your chance to cause a bit of chaos. Blowing up a propaganda trailer can be much easier when the government troops have to deal with you can the local gangs. This will lessen your chance of being overrun and killed. And when reinforcements arrive gangs can also keep them busy just long enough for you to get away.

    10.) Learn the art of Grenades and C4
    - Explosives are a Godsend in this game I swear. I have used them to take out Colonels, get me out of tight situations, attack gas stations etc.Explosives are perfect for attacking military personnel. When grenades are tossed at them they either
    - 1.) Get knocked down and take a while to get back up giving you time to kill them, reload, switch weapons or run.
    - 2.) Or Get Killed!
    - 3.) Stop shooting at you and jump or move out of the way (which buys crucial time in a fire fight)Basically grenades and C4 give you the ability to either kill or disorientate the enemy. Very useful in situations where there are swarms of them coming at you.

    C4 has a bigger blast radius than grenades, can be stuck to objects for easy demolition, and controlled as to when they detonate. For example I toss one at a an enemy but they move. A few seconds later they get caught up in the fire fight and forget the C4 is still in the same spot and I can detonate it kill them.

    Grenades can be cooked, thrown farther than C4, and can be more accurate at a distance. For example you can toss grenades at distant locations to slow down an enemy approach. You can cook them and time them to explode right when they land in the middle of a group of enemies. Or you can aim them up into guard towers to destroy the tower and all the soldiers in it.

    Also to keep enemies from rolling away from grenades , shoot them a couple times with your pistol , this will cause them to stumble and not roll away from grenades.

    NOTE: To save money you can use the C4 spawn location to restock your C4 supplies, C4 is the only weapon item that is not dropped very frequently by enemies. An easy extraction area is the Civilian Village "Kampung Nelayan-Nelayan X: 17342, Y: 4196 which always contains a C4 spawn crate. To get the box to refill simply parachute away for a few hundred yards/meters and come back the box will refill 5 at a time. - AA47 [B]

    A general way to save money is to use all of the coordinates and links posted in this thread to refill your ammo and change weapon load-outs, there are ammo crate refills for just about every weapon and there is a vehicle spawn location for vehicles with very similar abilities to BM vehicles. (With exception to the Monster Truck and Hovercraft) . Using extraction to these ammo and vehicle spawn locations is a quick ,fast ,free , and easy way to save money. After you have accumulated great wealth you can then go crazy with ordering vehicles and weapons from the BM without worry or need of money.

    HEAD-SHOTS, HEAD-SHOTS, HEAD-SHOTS : (all) enemies are extremely vulnerable to head-shots, so practice your head-shot aiming skill to improve your skill at dealing ins-ta-kills. Head-shots are very helpful on "hardcore" setting to dispatch enemies with supreme speed and efficiency.
    Even colonels on "hardcore" can be taken down with a few well placed head-shots with a level 6 starting pistol. Even better (one shot) with a sniper and magnum.

    On hardcore (or any difficulty) a very easy way to get head-shots is to gain some HEAT find a good roof/balcony/wall to crouch behind , line up the cross-hair over the enemies' head while in crouch position (use crouch toggle in options) and pull the trigger , RICO will ins-ta-pop-up over the wall and get a head-shot, if your AIM is true. This works even with the basic 6 star pistol on "hardcore" difficulty. This is a safe/quick easy way to rack up some head-shots.

    - written by stlsoldier531

    This country is in a civil war. Three insurgent groups are battling the military on a daily basis. The army has their hands full with keeping the people in line and keeping their asses from turning into Swiss cheese.

    You are a mercenary that has been hired by all three of these groups because of you skills and killing abilities. The military and police know this. They don't know exactly who you are but they do know that you exist. This makes them very jumpy and trigger happy.

    When ever you land from parachuting you should never land directly into town. Land just outside of a village, town or city. Landing in front of them will get you attacked. They are no fools now, they are actually quite intelligent. When they see you landing from a parachute, common sense will tell them that you are a hostile and not the every day civilian walking around town.

    Here are some things that will raise heat..

    1.) shooting your guns off in public. This is an obvious reason

    2.) Attacking them. need I say more

    3.) Attacking civilians. Another obvious reason

    4.) Being in an area that is being attacked by gangs. The reason is this...they start getting shot at and look across the street to see you ( a man armed to the teeth) they will assume that the attackers are with you, and will begin firing at you and them. So unless you are looking for a fight, stay out of the wrong place at the wrong time.

    5.) Doing anything out of the ordinary (parachuting out of the sky, lol). Anything that would call attention to you is probably asking for Animosity.

    6.) Attacking their installations ( gas stations, fuel tanks, generators etc.). Attacking anything with their name on it is a bad idea.

    7.) Driving a Military or Rescue Vehicle (one way to tell your in a vehicle that will give you automatic HEAT is too look for this symbol . If you see that yellow warning symbol you will get an automatic HEAT level when passing any military personal. If your goal is to just cruise around without raising HEAT , pick a vehicle that is non-military or a non rescue vehicle to cruise in relative anonymity. You can tell if the vehicle meets the "cruising with safety criteria" by looking if the yellow warning symbol DOES NOT appear when you enter the vehicle. If it does appear ,expect a HEAT detection when you pass a checkpoint or military personal.

    NOTE: A fast easy way to lose HEAT is to find some DEEP water and dive all the way to the bottom , the HEAT will rapidly fade. Works on all HEAT levels. The water has to be deep otherwise the helicopters might be able to shoot you.Don't worry if it's still in the red , just stay there until it turns into Orange cool down mode.
    You can use this same tactic in city/town areas where you can crouch behind a small wall up on a rooftop porch/balcony. If the A.I. can't see you from any angle JUST STAY STILL and crouched, they will eventually give up and the HEAT will fade very fast.


    Submitted by chris777

    Resource Items:

    • 950 Weapon Parts
    • 900 Vehicle Parts
    • 450 Cash Stashes
    • 400 Armor Parts

    Chaos Objects:

    • 90 Baby Panay Statues
    • 15 Bio-Fuel Shafts
    • 320 Broadcast Towers
    • 75 Communication Stations
    • 40 Cranes
    • 1020 Fuel Depots
    • 30 Gas Holders
    • 490 Gas Pumps
    • 400 Generators
    • 50 Industrial Chimneys
    • 30 Mobile Radars
    • 55 Pipelines
    • 100 Propaganda Trailers
    • 75 Radars
    • 25 Radio Masts
    • 185 SAMs
    • 30 Satellite Dishes
    • 90 Silos
    • 100 Transformers
    • 221 Water Towers
    • 50 Wind Turbines

    NOTE: Milestones ARE NOT NEEDED TO GET 100% Game Completion
    • Rubber Neckin' - Shoot out 500 tires
    • Terminator - 10,000 kills
    • Grande Theft Auto - Hijack 5000 vehicles
    • Around the World - Drive 40,076 kilometers
    • To the Moon - Drive 384,403 kilometers
    • High Dive - BASE jump 1500 meters
    • Follow Through - Fully complete the game
    • Yoink! - Dual hook 500 times
    • Gone in 60 seconds - Drive all unique vehicles (not including DLC)
    • MVP - Voted by Avalanche

    Mike Oldman Section Community Manager. Square Enix London Studios. Just Cause 2.

    -Mike Oldman's Twitter page-


    A special thanks to Driber
    This post uses Driber's very own BB code [youtubethumb][/youtubethumb] to embed thumbnail youtube vids without slowing down the post.

    Further instructions on using the code can be found here :

    Also thanks to ABCDEFGH for starting this thread.

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    And very special thanks to AssassinAgent47 for his hard work after taking over the thread, collecting all the information from many different forum posts into this thread

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    Smile Easter-Egg Compilation Thread /Location of all Easter Eggs ???

    I have only the Coordinates of the Hot Air Baloon and the Bubble Blaster

    X. 7397
    Y. 16150

    Bubble Blaster

    X. 4247
    Y. 25959

    Have you more for me ,post the coordinates please hear ( I search the whale and Shark, The Lost Island etc. )

    EDIT: The Other thx to all 4 This

    Sure, there you are:

    Whale : x - 29658
    y - 31349

    Shark: x - 12665
    y - 22595

    Found what is in real life known as the IKONOS Arecibo Radio Telescope based in Puerto Rico. This is the massive satellite that was used as 006's base in Goldeneye.

    Whilst I don't think the developers put this in as homage to a 1995 Bond film, I do think its where they got the idea from. Also appeared in the Jodie Foster film, Contact.

    Don't have any XY co-ords but its easy enough to spot on the map. It's above a military airport. If you broke the map into four quarters it's roughly in the top left of the bottom right quarter. (And if you can get your head around that then you deserve a medal!)

    There's also the LOST island in the top right but having been there twice, I'm a little sceptical that this is the LOST island. Sure there is a plane wreck but I've heard no smoke monster noises or seen any other signs. There is a bunker in the jungle but it looks nothing like the hatch in lost.

    Keep posting easter eggs though. This game must have more to offer! Getting the armour out of the whale was awesome!
    The Mile High Club


    I Am Legend reference


    LOST reference


    Fly an aircraft to the farthest northwest island. Stunt Jump out of the place once lightning hits it, and parachute to the island. You will find parts from crashed airliner 815 from Lost around the beach where "Search" is written in the sand. Go to the southwest corner of the island (X:1743, Y:4363 coordinates) to find the mysterious hatch from Lost. You can also hear sounds of the "black smoke" monster while on the island

    tallest point of Panau


    Thx to all and i hope you find more

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    Sure, there you are:

    Whale : x - 29658
    y - 31349

    Shark: x - 12665
    y - 22595

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    nice thank you . An d the Lost Island ? Or give it any more

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    Sweet, thx

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    Ahh guys i think that there are many more easter eggs in the game.

    It would be if there were like 5 easter eggs on 400 square miles (or was it 1000?)

    There are much more for sure but noone found them yet, thats at least what i think.

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    yes when you find one , then post it here

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    Goldeneye Cradle

    Found what is in real life known as the IKONOS Arecibo Radio Telescope based in Puerto Rico. This is the massive satellite that was used as 006's base in Goldeneye.

    Whilst I don't think the developers put this in as homage to a 1995 Bond film, I do think its where they got the idea from. Also appeared in the Jodie Foster film, Contact.

    Don't have any XY co-ords but its easy enough to spot on the map. It's above a military airport. If you broke the map into four quarters it's roughly in the top left of the bottom right quarter. (And if you can get your head around that then you deserve a medal!)

    There's also the LOST island in the top right but having been there twice, I'm a little sceptical that this is the LOST island. Sure there is a plane wreck but I've heard no smoke monster noises or seen any other signs. There is a bunker in the jungle but it looks nothing like the hatch in lost.

    Keep posting easter eggs though. This game must have more to offer! Getting the armour out of the whale was awesome!

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    yeah that thing is awesome!! Please Check out my videos! Subscribers: 86 Video Views: 75553

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    Don't ask me how this ship got there XD

    X: 10437
    Y: 23499

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    Originally Posted by Gilbratal
    Don't ask me how this ship got there XD

    X: 10437
    Y: 23499
    You kid sir?

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    Originally Posted by TheBlackWhisper
    Found what is in real life known as the IKONOS Arecibo Radio Telescope based in Puerto Rico. This is the massive satellite that was used as 006's base in Goldeneye.

    Whilst I don't think the developers put this in as homage to a 1995 Bond film, I do think its where they got the idea from. Also appeared in the Jodie Foster film, Contact.

    Don't have any XY co-ords but its easy enough to spot on the map. It's above a military airport. If you broke the map into four quarters it's roughly in the top left of the bottom right quarter. (And if you can get your head around that then you deserve a medal!)

    There's also the LOST island in the top right but having been there twice, I'm a little sceptical that this is the LOST island. Sure there is a plane wreck but I've heard no smoke monster noises or seen any other signs. There is a bunker in the jungle but it looks nothing like the hatch in lost.

    Keep posting easter eggs though. This game must have more to offer! Getting the armour out of the whale was awesome!
    The lost island is the one in the top left corner not right bu left
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    Smile Collection of Easter Eggs, Coordinates, Tips&Tricks, Glitches, Videos, etc

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    whats the i am legend reference?
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    I FOUND SOMETHING! I don't know what it is, but it may be out of a movie or something. It looks out of place, and it looks like some ancient ruins of a church or something, you may as well check it out...
    Also has anyone found that random hut in the woods yet, there's a screenshot of it floating about...?
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    Originally Posted by Tieze95
    Ahh guys i think that there are many more easter eggs in the game.

    It would be if there were like 5 easter eggs on 400 square miles (or was it 1000?)

    There are much more for sure but noone found them yet, thats at least what i think.
    200 square miles

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    Needs more chocolate...

    Seriously though, we need to find more of these.

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    kinda pointless thread... OP is supposed to add all the locations to his first post.

    someone should make a new thread and do that.

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    Ok so dude ? I Editet

    Like why not i am open to suggestions or new Easter eggs

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    Originally Posted by NightmareStorm
    kinda pointless thread... OP is supposed to add all the locations to his first post.

    someone should make a new thread and do that.
    Or you can stop being a forum nazi and just let us get on with posting new finds...

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    Originally Posted by TheBlackWhisper
    Or you can stop being a forum nazi and just let us get on with posting new finds...

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    Thx man ^^

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    Make that a Stickkkkkkky !

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    Yes , and post or send me new easter-eggs so i make it in the first post

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