Thread: HDTV Calibration Advice/walk through. PS3!

HDTV Calibration Advice/walk through. PS3!

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    Exclamation HDTV Calibration Advice/walk through. PS3!

    As the title states,this thread is a HD calibration walk through.

    Some important notes before we start..
    1. This is based on my experiences with ps3 and is a guide only,
    it may work ok for xbox too,either way you can revert to the defaults again.

    2. Some steps are missing from the THX optimiser,this is intentional
    on my part,as long as you follow the following text everything should
    be vastly improved.

    3. The 2 larger images towards the bottom of the tutorial are to
    be saved to your desktop then transferred to your ps3 via data
    stick or equivalent and opened up full screen when you get to the steps involving
    said images.

    4. If your TV set supports enhancements such as colour depth IE warm,cool,normal,cinema ect or any sort of enhancement at all,
    you should disable them all and have the colour set to WARM.
    Things like noise reduction should also be disabled as should the backlight.

    5. VIA your XMB go to the ps3 settings and then goto video output
    settings then select HDMI if supported and select custom,you
    then want to uncheck 720p & 1080i and have only the first one checked and 1080p.

    6. This is best done in low lighting but not darkness..i suggest dusk/evening with a low powered lamp behind the screen.

    Next goto cross colour reduction filter and turn it on.

    Then RGB full range HDMI and select full.

    Last but not least in the pre calibration tut..the last menu 'ypb/cb/cr super-white HDMI option should be set at on.

    Before 1 get pounded with comments, i will disclose that this method is
    not the best way to calibrate your digital set.
    The intention here is to make some basic adjustments to get your set closer to perfection. Let's just say it's much better than "eyeballing" the adjustments!

    Tucked away on just about every Pixar and Lucasfilm DVD
    since the year 2000 is a "THX Optimizer" chapter in the SetUp or Special
    Features section of the DVD. Check any of the recent kids DVDs
    from Pixar: Monsters, Inc. seems to be the one 1 use the most.
    Pop the disc in and look for the Optimizer chapter. The DVD
    will walk you through a series of tests, complete with instructions,
    on how to adjust your set to best "pass" the test. IF however you
    have no pixar movies to hand then you can go onto the PSN store
    and download the bourne identity' game demo,within this demo you
    will find the THX optimiser which we will be using in a mo.

    Now.. The first test helps adjust your Contrast and Picture settings.
    You're looking for the darkest blacks and the brightest whites in this test.
    The DVD will show a white box that has eight sections to it. Around the white
    box is a black border. For this test, you adjust your Picture and\or Contrast
    settings so that the eight white boxes are distinct and so they don't blur into
    the black border.

    what i done was set my contrast real high then bring it down 1 bit at a time
    until the distinction between the shades of white where evident..
    once this happened i brought it down 1 extra bit just for good measure LOL

    Ok...The second test focuses on setting the Brightness levels.
    The test will show the "THX" logo surrounded by boxes in ten shades of
    black. Here you want to ensure the black levels are dark, but not limited
    to just a few shades of black. This will help with dark scenes and
    shadows, providing depth to those areas of the screen. Adjust your
    Brightness settings until you can count seven of the ten shaded boxes.

    A few notes on the above step! If you have a back-light
    feature be sure to turn it all the way to 0 so essentially OFF. This can always be increased after to suit but wait until you have done the tutorial.

    PS. look at the bottom layer of boxes and then count right to left by a margin of 7! or look at the top and count left to right..whatever tickles your pickle.. either way the 8th and every one after should be pure black weras 1-7 should be distinct. (re-edit,i would actually do 8 boxes distinct and 2 pure black..this is due to SD test variants.. should provide better results in both instances)

    The next test requires special blue filter glasses available from THX
    and helps with the colour and hue of your set. Luckily, you can skip
    this test if you don't have the glasses (a short tutorial
    will be provided in a mo to set up you colour without the glasses)
    or if you just feel silly wearing blue glasses. Skip this
    chapter and quit out of the demo for the last stages.

    Ok now we will do colour and sharpness.. These are my own techniques
    and should provide vast improvement. Download each photo below and
    follow the instructions.


    Look for the red box, which is the sixth colour box across the top
    half of the screen. Adjust your Colour settings on your TV to make
    the box red, but not bleeding into the boxes next to it.Colour and
    Sharpness A good way to approach this test is to back your Colour
    setting to zero so that the picture is black and white. Step up your
    colour settings until the red appears red to you, but again, not so
    much that it bleeds into the next box. Once the Colour setting is
    good, adjust your set's Tint setting until the Cyan and Magenta
    (3 & 5 respectively) blocks appear correctly. This test is a bit of
    judgment on your part and not all TV sets have a tint setting.

    Finally. This test is also semi-subjective, so there is no right or wrong here.

    What you want to do here is turn your sharpness levels to zero
    and then it should go slightly blurry dependent on model of TV,
    now you should increase sharpness one click at a time until the
    image looks good to your eyes. In my own case i moved it to
    zero and increased it by 3 and this seems best to me but it is
    subjective and model dependant so just increase/decrease until
    your happy.

    That's it! You've run through some basic calibration techniques to
    provide a better picture on your digital TV. At this point,You may want
    to download a blu-ray demo of a film from psn just to see the
    improvements.. i would recommend casino royal as it has some
    deep colours and some vibrant ones so its perfect to see these
    changes you have made.

    Closing notes: Although it may seem darker than before,this is
    normal so don't worry.. the colours should be richer and deeper
    and this is fine,you wont need to adjust for movies ect but you may
    or may not need to adjust for gaming..if this is the case and a
    particular game is too dull,simply adjust from in-game options so
    as to save the integrity of the calibration.

    Also you may want to increase the backlight ever so slightly,i done it to around 30% but once more its subjective and you may need more or less.

    Another thing of importance is lighting in the room you use the TV.. I suggest for best results you play games with a low powered lamp behind the screen.. or alternatively you can but a light specifically for this.. it clips on the back of the set,this allows your eyes to adjust to the images seeing as they wont if played in a setting with no lights at all.

    Hope you have found this of use and not as daunting as some
    of the tutorials out there,i have tried to keep it as basic as i can
    and although this will get your picture to around 80% that is far
    better than the 75% previously and its certainly better than
    paying so much to have it done professionally..this is a good
    makeshift until such times your in a position to pay $$$ for

    Any help required just ask in here and I'll try answer. Post back
    your results aswel as id be interested in if this is a good guide.

    EDIT: I had to quick edit this because it was very wide lol,fixed now so should be easier to read.

    EDIT2: Removed the embedded images as they where massive,just click the links now to download them. Cheers.

    PSN: XLost_BhoyX

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    turn off the backlight?
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    Yeah,most if not all HDTV's have a backlight.. turn it down.

    You may or may not need to turn it up after calibration but i would suggest it stays on it's lowest setting until the end of the tutorial.

    PS.. Just a quick note.. I initially said to disable 720p ect.. DON'T,if you do then JC2 will runn at a crap resolution... just use the automatic settings and have it all checked.. should be fine

    EDIT: Sorry...after some more tweaking i have concluded that step two may be redundant for most..stick the brightness up till you can see the 8th box rather than 7th should this still be too dull then do the 9th..whatever-just ensure the 10th is 'pure black'

    PSN: XLost_BhoyX

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    Whoa, massive wall of text. Good job

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    Yeah it is lol but you just go step to step so you don't really notice how long it is.

    It's not fool proof by any means but it should give you a better idea of what settings to tweak afterwards.

    My advice would be not to do this while playing GTA4 as by nature this is one odd game and is very dark by default,if you have uncharted 2 then use that,if not use any game with great graphics and good colours.. MW2 is a good option and load a single player game so you can sit idle.

    PSN: XLost_BhoyX