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Thread: COMPETITION TIME! Art of Tomb Raider book up for grabs.

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    Second Entry-

    Lara: "Wait a minute, why do I get the feeling that there's a bunch of people making silly comments about us?"

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    Natla: "This was previously wedged up my butt..."
    Lara: "ORLY?"

    Natla: "without furthur adue..Lara please accept this token of love"
    Lara: "ORLY"

    Natla:"My face was once deformed because of this..."
    Lara: "how give it here"

    "At meerkat manor, it seems as though the prey has it's attention at something else..."

    "" (explains the jist of it)

    "Scion=Priceless,Lara's dismay=priceless, Natla's cosmetic surgery=£3456.29p"
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    Big Grin Mine!


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    Another Caption for the Competition!

    Natla: Lara, take this Scion and with me, we will rule the-
    Lara: Damn! I left the kettle on. Natla, love to talk, we'll discuss ruling the world later, eh?

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    Natla: Look what I found under your bed!!
    Lara: OH NO!! You weren't supposed to see that.
    Natla: So you've been hiding pieces of the scion from me?
    Lara: um, no I have absolutely no idea how that got there.
    Lara (thinking): This is oddly similar to how I broke up with my last boyfriend.

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    "I put that where?!?!?"

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    Umm I found it on the floor.

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    - Ha ha ha, Natla laughed, now you're frozen, I can take the Scion !
    - Damn it, says Lara, Last week I locked Winston up in the Manor's refrigerator, and now he took his revenge on me !!!

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    Natla: "Lara.....I am your mother"

    Natla: "Come my child...."
    Lara: "oooo pweettyyyy"
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    urm thats not an artifact that can help you take over the world...its chocolate

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    entry 2
    Lara: how the devil did you find that.
    Natla, my giant nose led me to it

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    LOL! I have one!

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    Lara: Natla are you o.k. your hands glowing.
    natla: sorry I wasn't listening, what did you say giant octupuss

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    "Lara was shocked to find that Natla was actually a ghost all along,thus explaining why Natla's fingers went through the scion each time.."

    okay I'll stop Brains overloading with ideas. Sorryyy.
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    Lara: urm this is awquard but, can you and the scion wait here while I go back and get my gun

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    Lara: urm this is awquard but, can you and the scion wait here while I go back and get my gun...or just give me the scion ...and then you leave.

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    "Natla - Here's how to steal something Mrs Croft.
    Lara - Owww"


    "Natla - You're the tomb raider, I'm the thief. I win
    Lara - Damn !"

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    My Participation

    Lara: Natla, I lost my...
    Natla: ...Scion?
    Lara: Nope, my Activia!, Without it, I can’t to have a bowel movement! o_O

    Bye, bye
    Working in TR1 & TR2 Translations

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    "New No.7 Protect and Perfect Foundation can make your skin look more radiant and up to 10 years younger!...Lara couldn't believe it!"

    and also:

    "Lara admitted later that she was just a tiny bit creep out by Natla's bleeding neck...just a tiny amount"
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    Hi! From Colombia...
    Here my work..

    Name: Tomb Raider and the Elixir of beauty

    in JPG

    in PDF

    Good look for all the fans...

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    "Lara...Look I know this is Natla, the queen of Atlantis but this is NOT the time to go all fangirlish!"


    "Lara must admit, she did not see that plot twist coming!"


    "Lara was so happy to meet her role model that she asked if Natla could sign her scion"
    My Tomb Raider Fansite, often distracted by shiny things.Click Here for Guns and Grapple

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    I'll have what she's having.

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    Natla: "My piece of the scion brings all the Tomb Raiders to the yard, and they're like: where's my mom?".

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