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Thread: COMPETITION TIME! Art of Tomb Raider book up for grabs.

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    OH CRAP!! i'm getting that tingling feeling again, this is soo not a good time right now

    dun, dun, duhhh

    To Be Continued....

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    Third sentence :

    Natla : The Scion is some kind of huge library with a lot of infos. I made it with my company, Natla Technologies, in association with Google and Wikipedia.

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    Here's my attempt. More creepy that funny, but still, enjoy

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    Natla: "Finally...THE SCION HAS BEEN RETURNED TO ME ! Thank you so so much lara...i.."

    Lara: " Hold on hold on...time out..pardon me but do have any greypooponyou?"

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    Jacqueline Natla; 'Lara, I need your clothes your boots and your motorcycle..oh and the Atlantian scion please'

    Lara croft; 'Yes Natla, but urm the thing is, thats the not the real piece, Its merely a decoy.'

    Jacqueline Natla; 'But...what?'

    Lara croft; 'Its the antidote.'

    Jacqueline Natla; ????

    Lara croft; 'For the poison you just drank. Muhahaha!!'

    Lara quickly dashes off as the decoy Atlantian Scion piece is also rigged to detonator,
    The clock on the other side hits 2..1


    Lara croft; 'Hasta la vista, baby!!'

    Jacqueline Natla's last dying words 'Should'

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    - Natla: I´ll buy your twins with this.
    - Lara: Pervert, my chest are not in sale.
    - Natla: I mean your twins guns, is enough with these coins?
    - Lara: WHAT? that coins must be very old, I only accept pounds.
    - Natla: Dough

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    "This light of yours isn't really environmental at all, Lara...", "Oh no, no, don't say this, they're watching!"

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    Underwear malfunctions always pick the worst possible moments.

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    Lara : Oh ! Two coins to play the Super VideoGame of the Last Atlantean Pyramid ! Give it to me please, I'm on the 2nd grade in the High Score List!

    Natla : Deal, but I keep one !

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    Ever had the unshakable feeling that your whole life is really just one long game, and that at the other end there's some prepubescent kid pushing all the buttons?

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    Natla: "So you're saying that this No7 Protect & Perfect Cream will get rid of all my wrinkles?"

    Lara: "Well..."

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    Lara: I feel insecure... I feel insecure... I feel insecure...
    Natla: Hey Lara, look this gives you magic powers... For as low as... $2.99 with 99 extra cents
    Lara: Omgosh!!! Does it really?
    Natla: Of course, why it wouldn't, and if you pre-order now, you'll get... this magnificent pencil.
    Lara: Ok I'm sold, give me Just one.
    Natla (inwardly): Cheap bastard

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    Quote Originally Posted by NetRaider View Post
    Ever had the unshakable feeling that your whole life is really just one long game, and that at the other end there's some prepubescent kid pushing all the buttons?

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    Here's another entry. I love everyone's entries, they're hilarious!

    so happy i could die, and its alright.

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    Natla - Finaly, the Scion is mine!
    Lara - Natla, dear, I don't want to alarm you but there's a sniper pointing at you...
    Natla - Oh Lara, please! Like I'm going to fall for that one...
    Lara - OH MY ...
    Lara - I told you...
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    Great entrys so far, I'll think more for myself Good Luck to everyone ^^!

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    WTF, you wanna make me blonde to with that thing? (Jill, anyone?)

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    Natla: Who needs a giant Torso when you have Lady Gaga?

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    Big Grin My Caption for the Competition!

    Natla (coyly): Join me Lara and I will not tell the world about your exploits, how you keep your favorite artifacts, or how many times you have been auditted by the IRS for that big ol' mansion that seems to disappear when you file your return.
    Lara (smiling with anger): I have fought yedis in the snow, battled mummies in egypt and completed fire puzzles that only an insane person would attempt. And you want to blackmail me? Good luck.

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    Lara: Natla? Do you ever get the feeling there is a lonely, sexually deprived teenager salivating over your chest...

    Natla stares at saggy breasts and dies a little inside...
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    second entry:

    Lara: Oh, *****, i didnt know i kept that picture...

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    Big Grin Another Caption for the Competition!

    Natla: Lara, join me now and we-
    Lara: Natla! Do you see that man? He is staring right at us. What is that thing in his hands? Why is he pushing those buttons? Oh my god! What if we are like, in the Matrix or something, what if we're not real?
    Natla: What if nothing is real Lara, nothing is made. A clock without a craftsman.
    Lara: Oh, do shut up...

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    Natla: "Do you take Visa?"

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