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Thread: COMPETITION TIME! Art of Tomb Raider book up for grabs.

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    Oh, I just found where my entry #7 starts out somewhat similar to Kris's on page 8. My apologies Kris, I hope I'm not stepping on your toes with that one...but if you think I am, just let me wasn't intentional.

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    Natla: Finally I've got the scion...
    Lara: Oh Natla... Natla... If you just know...
    Natla: Know WHAT?
    Lara: That it's just ANOTHER BUG so prepare to be....
    *Hard noise incoming*
    Lara (sarcasm): Oh, you were deleted before I finished that phrase...

    I told That I wouldn't continue but hey, I'm more fresh today, I still have time to make 1 or 2 more if I get something new...

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    Natla: With this new translator I can rule all the lenguages!!! HAHAH!!!!
    Lara: Really?...
    Natla: Yes, Hai, Of course, Si, Indien, Wenn, Если, Jekk...
    Lara: Are you sure you are not using just Google Translator...?
    Natla: Course not of!!!!!!!!! My Is Artifact This VERU, CIERTO, TRUE!!
    Lara: Yeah sure...

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    Natla: With this new fragance... Feel free, Feel New, Feel... Natla.
    *Strong Silence*
    *Lara looks away with unconfortable expression*
    Lara: Iugh..... That's gross...

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    Last chance to get your entries in, the comp is closing in 15 mins from now
    "......It reminds me of Beethoven..... can you hear it?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan C. View Post
    Entry N° 6 (I think somehow my previous entry dissapeared,wich was this one)

    [Mod]When your entry disappears, I'd like it to stay gone[/Mod]
    This is completely rude,I am a little bit sad,not for being deleted(I bet you have a reason)but there's no need to be so bad.I won't try with other entry,I will cross my fingers with the previous ones,but sincerely I feel bad now.

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    Entry #9.

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    Make the circle bigger? What does that even MEAN, anyway?!?

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    The first thing I'm going to do when I become the ruler of the world, is ban hotpants forever!

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    If GOL is successful, Eidos is replacing you with an Aztec Warrior named Totec for Tomb Raider 9 - his rates are less steep. I think he said something about doing the entire job for a couple of jaguar fangs.

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    (OK, all done now - mine are getting lame, LOL.)

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    OK, just to avoid confusion, I'm going to close this while we go through the entries.

    Thanks to everyone that took part, I'll post the name of the winner in this thread shortly.
    "......It reminds me of Beethoven..... can you hear it?"

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    OK everyone! The winner has been picked, but before I announce who the (very) lucky Lara fan is, I want to say thanks to all of you who took the time to enter. There were some really great entries and we had a real chuckle picking the winner.

    So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winner.

    *opens golden envelope*

    ....and the fantastic 'Art of Tomb Raider' book goes toooooooooo.....

    *drum roll*

    *drum roll continues*

    *it's a long drum roll*

    And the winner iiiiis...... Raider126 with this entry:

    Quote Originally Posted by Raider126 View Post
    Caption Entry:
    "Don't you just HATE it when you're busy raiding Tombs and you remember you left the iron on!"

    It made us lol because it's so silly and it fits Lara's expression perfectly. So, well done Raider126, I'll drop you a PM and we can sort out the prize.

    To everyone else that took part but didn't win, don't worry because there'll be more competitions and chances to win coming in the run up to the release of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
    "......It reminds me of Beethoven..... can you hear it?"

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