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Thread: any ideas on what the story line will be about

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    any ideas on what the story line will be about

    just wondering any ideas on what the story will be about ????

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    "Two thousand years ago, an epic battle was waged between the armies of good and evil for a powerful artifact, The Mirror of Smoke," she explained. "The fearless leader of the Army of Light, Totec, rose against all odds to defeat the evil overlord Xolotl and gain control over the item. Wielding the great power of the Mirror of Smoke, Totec banished Xolotl from the world. Now known now as The Guardian of Light, Totec entombed himself with the mirror in The Temple of Light with to prevent it from ever falling into sinister hands."

    "Fast forward to today, where our heroine Lara Croft has found the long lost Temple of Light in the mountains of Central America,” Large continues. "Unbeknown to her she had been followed, and moments after Lara finds the Mirror of Smoke, mercenaries burst in and steal the artifact. With the mirror no longer safely entombed, Xolotl immediately returns from his banishment, kills the thieves, and vanishes. Totec rises from his entombed state and blames Lara for unleashing this evil force in the world, yet realizes that the only course of action is to work together to retrieve the Mirror of Smoke. If they do not succeed, Xolotl will harness the power of the mirror to plunge the world into eternal darkness."
    I don't think there will be much more.

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