Thread: Problems in the game... [update: patch released - read first post!]

Problems in the game... [update: patch released - read first post!]

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    Exclamation FATAL DIRECTX EROR CODE:3.....plz help

    hiii....My system configurations are as follows...

    Acer 5742g laptop
    Windows 7 64bit
    core i3 processor 2.5 ghz
    3gb ddr3 ram
    500gb hdd
    Nvidia geforce GT 540M (1 gb with latest beta driver installed)
    Directx 11

    when i run JUST CAUSE 2 i get

    Fatal Directx error!
    The game will now exit.Try starting the game with /failsafe if the problem persist.

    Plz reply and help me....

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    Exclamation list of issues in game & posible work arounds.(xbox 360)

    Where do I start...

    Trying to take over base and well the just will not stop appearing in the aria I just killed everyone...not to leave out thy do this right in-front of you or worse off right behind you. ... and at-least 5 are inside building shooting me and I can not shot back... can not see them and yet they see me threw walls...... how the hell... this is also a problem in the woods... I am in cove and yet they can see me threw trees bushes and rocks. if I look at were the shots are coming from (as I am dieing there is none in sight.) maybe have a indicator where they are would help.

    Rockets... the ground troops have rocks.. OK that's cool but they are looking on me as I run around on foot and use grappling hook but once I kill them and take it, the rockets are unguided (don't even lock or even follow a chopper) that is bull...... take there guided missals off. (at-least for when I am NOT in an air vehicle)

    Jumping... when I am on every oil rig or other multi level buildings. (the ones with a smaller upper level) I can be trying just to just over a railing to drop down 10 feet to the next level. I go in to a free fall that i don't have the time to grapple or pull out shoot. so i hit the ground that caused damage (and usually there is a freshly spawning AI that is just shooting away) Or i go flying off the structure to my death.... This is probably one of the more annoying things. to have happen kiz when you don't die you have to climb all the way back up.... having to try and find health to recover from the glitch. Mean will the New AI are shooting you that should not be there. because you just killed everyone.

    If you must have the AI continually spawning at-least have then all com out of a localized point and have the point destroyable so the player can stop it. (like they have in Mercenaries 2) yes I play other games besides yours

    Ground vehicles.. well there are some that have over sensitive stirring.. you barley touch the stick and they are in a hard turn.. I now so turn faster than other but when you move the stick 1/2 way ALL VEHICLES should turn 1/2 there full amount. ... power... A simi Trucks Should have enough power to hall them selves up a hill... (when you load these they take 5 min to get to speed when empty.... kinda hard to do a mission when you can not run and when you try to get the off you (killing everyone) they just call in helicopters. and blow you and the truck up. starting the mission over. when a mission end you should have the options to ether restart mission from last check point or not and still be-able to go back Free play where you where just before taking mission.

    Jumps... I should be-able to take a sight down ( many ways to do this ) and use the sight(like you did all over the map) and make jumps. but Like your dead AI they only last a few seconds. (if you put in a rule for iteration... if you interact with something in the game it should not diaper for 500m. anything you don't interact with can go away with in a few moments. the trigger for this can be the grapple.

    C4(triggered explosives)...... well I like going around the towns (not the city to big) and planting one everything I wanna blow up. well if I take to long or get to far away(sometimes with in 50m) it disappears. So I have to buy more and find witch ones did not go off. (kuz it dose not return to your inventory) and plant again.

    I have many more arias that have issues but this is a good start. (kinda funny you would think you beta testes would have brought this up. This happens all over the place not just one or 2 spots on the map....

    I love this game but you beta testers dropped the ball on the little things.. I know they would have had the same problems but yet the game came out with the little glitches.. and a year latter still have them.. You may want to have a chat with them on this. I know When I was a beta tester (for American Army) I would bring up all issues.(like I just did) with recommendation on how to solve.

    i Hope when Just cause 3 comes your beta tester would have done a better job at reporting and finding solutions for these issues.

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    Need a patch badly.

    Stronghold Takeover "Oil For Blood" wont load, just gives me a fatal error.

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    New Patch!!!

    Hello, I dont know if this has been discussed or not. But please in the forthcoming patch (If you have another one planned) Make Aircraft stronger. What I mean is that sometimes I can't land properly in my airplane because it just explodes. You have to go really slow and have a very accurate angule to land properly, otherwise it just blows up like if the plane is make out of TNT!! Another thing is that if im taking off and the military is shooting, they could make your plane catch fire before youre on the air, so whats up with that? In GTA games, aircraft are more resistant to damage, eventhough they are harder to control, and for that I thank Just Cause, but if you just could make airplanes a bit stronger, so they could resist some emergency landings, a few bulltes and a fer minor crashes in the air. And in general all vehicles.

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    Mater Urbium
    Olaf16, first of all, it would help if you wouldn't be so rude.

    Secondly, the forums are not official support channels. Have you tried contacting Eidos support through the home page? | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    sometimes when you select dual wield weapons little arrows stay on the screen until you press the dual wield key again.

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    This is what I could consider BIG PROBLEM:

    On the PC version, the game minimizes itself at random. Can hear audio but he desktop is unresponsive and I am forced to end the task through the Task Manager to restore stability. Sometimes 5 minutes in, sometimes 30, sometimes 2 hours.

    There is no point in me continuing the story because the game does not autosave before it dies.


    i7 920 (HT Disabled)
    6 GB Mushkin DDR3 1600
    GTX 295 (Stock Clocks)

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    Reverse X-axis for helicopters - Huge problem

    I realize support for Just Cause 2 is probably not on the top of Eidos' to-do list, right now, but for the record:

    I play Just Cause 2 for the PS3, and I use Invert X axis for camera control.
    This becomes a huge problem when flying helicopters, because I can't invert yaw controls.

    For one thing, this is confusing.
    For another, let's say I want to turn left. To do so, I must first look towards the right. This may seem like a small problem, but in the heat of battle, it's enough to cost you your helicopter.

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    This patch was neccessary but its somewhat annoying that they posted the billion dead soul video, the panau newspaper picture , but with little to no info on the next JC game. If they are aware of us they should make a gesture that more than things in JC2, but what the future holds. Giving us videos and updates that dont pertain to the next game is tiresome. I know there are still lots of people picking up the game and its great to keep them involved, but what of the rest of us who have been playing since the release date. I cant wait till JC3 but making us wait this long with no info is annoying.

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    Check This out

    This just randomly happened one day. And after I stopped filming a load more Tuk Tuks crashed into each other. All I can say is Weird!

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    For the last couple of days I've had issues getting this game to work. All of my other games have worked wonderfully on my newly built PC minus this one. I've tried to do the shortcut parameters on the properties tab (/windowed, /refreshrate=60, -nosplash), exit steam then delete the "Square-Enix" folder in "My Documents" then go back into steam, install the directx that comes with the game in the steam folder, verify integrity of game cache, and even delete the game both from steam and from the computer and try a fresh install of the game but all have yielded the same results. The game doesn't "crash", it just continues to load in the initial splash screen, forcing me to Alt+Tab out and close the game from the Task Manager.

    I've heard of trying to delete a file on the /steamapps folder called "justcause2main.ncf" although when I searched for it, it was nowhere to be found. Also people have said to change the options on a "Bokeh Filter" but, I can't even get to the main menu so I've been unable to do so. I'm at my wits end with this game just trying to make it work.

    PC Specs-
    Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z77
    CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K
    GPU: Radeon HD 7950 (Double Black Edition)
    RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB)
    OS: Windows 7 Professional

    This is as far as the game gets no matter what I've tossed at it to make it work.

    Is there something I'm missing here? Maybe something in the build I overlooked or a setting that is causing my game not to launch? Another thing is that the game "asks my permission to start" everytime I boot it up as if I'm booting it up for the first time every chance I hit "Play" on Steam.

    And for the sake of anyone doubting, I have all my drivers, BIOS, etc up to date.

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    i dont think that you guys are still working on this or even reading this but i just started playing this game and it is amazing, could use a little polishing on the physics especially while driving. However i am very annoyed that bases can not be cleared out and communication stations do nothing for you heat level. Nobody likes an unfair advantage and a never ending supply of troops is unfair and controller throwingly annoying. I would say that by destroying communication stations it should decrease the enemy response time or disable their communication period, in that area. And for future just cause games response time of buttons is needed and a cover system for sure.

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    dual hook

    why is decrease altitude the same button as break line while dual hooking how i am supposed to lower my vehicle while dual hooked im not that is the answer why didn't you guys or your tester think about that before you made a mission that is almost impossible because of that. instead i have to drop the head and sky dive after it hopping that i dropped in in the right place omg i cant believe no tester complained about this mission please put me on your beta test list i just would like to help fix these issues before they become issues.

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    Smile multiple ps3 glitches

    i am playing the ps3 full versoin of the game and when i try to load something like black market the game often freezes. Also sometimes the map seems to randomly glitch so that there is a llayer of the map above the normal map that is different and the player can walk through. Finally when in a helecoptor or jet the screen often freezes. I would appreciate links to updates and help as I suck at this kind of thing. Thanks

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    360 version

    i bought jc2 on the 360 through the game downloads instead of getting the disc and i have some problems with freezing for at least 4 to 5 min before it finally loads. my guide button wont work and neither will any other button. i even touched the power button to turn it off and it didnt shut down till it finally loaded, but i only did that once when it froze for at least 10 min, thats the longest freeze i had so far

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    as for being stuck in missions, try and remember to save before you start that way if its a mission or you just dont want to do after you started it just load your save, not auto save.

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    Originally Posted by CloudWolf
    This is a thread to post any glitches, annoyances or errors you may find within the full game/demo that need to be fixed.

    Update by Driber 19 July 2010:

    The long awaited patch has been released. This thread may still be used to discuss the patch, but please keep it civilized. Angry/aggressive posts and arguments will be removed.

    Here are the patch release notes:

    Older updates from mycoldman.

    (Mike Oldman is the Community Manager/Spokesman for Square Enix London Studios Just Cause 2 .He's the "voice" of the developers of Just Cause 2 to the community)

    posted 06-30-2010

    posted 06-18-2010

    posted 06-01-2010

    posted 04-20-2010

    posted 04-20-2010

    posted 04-20-2010

    posted 04-08-2010

    posted 04-07-2010


    -Make a post stating clearly the problem you have encountered

    - Give time to allow me to read the post and decide of it is a problem worth adding to the thread (i may ask furthur questions)

    - Have a great time playing Just Cause 2

    (please bear in mind that i am not online all the time and therefore may not reply/read instantly)


    Big Annoyance- This MUST be fixed, as it does Noticeably detract from the fun factor of the game.

    Annyoance- Same as above but slightly less game-breaking

    Bug- A part of the game that doesn't work as it was intended and needs to be fixed

    Problem- A part of the game that works as intended But should be changed

    In no particular order

    Big Problems

    (Big Glitch,Bug And annoyance) Various people across all platforms have been experiencing the dissapearance of all civilian's and there car's, this is a BIG problem as it ruin's the game. People have found a workaround but an official patch to fix it is a must as not everyone who own's the game visit's the forum's!

    (Major Annoyance) The Camera when driving,flying, freefalling and running needs to have an ajustable distance and a rotational camera as in you can zoom out and around your car, plane or Rico as myself and lots of other people have found this a big problem.... (this should not be hard to fix)

    (Major Annoyance) Dead Bodies only stay in the game for 7 seconds, this is unfair as you might be doing things with a dead body and it suddenly dissapears. A solution would be the following: On the consoles make it so if a body isn't touched or moved for 30 seconds it dissapears, if it is moving it does not dissapear.
    On the PC make a slider in the settings allowing you to choose how many bodies are allowed to be visible, and also incorperate the console system suggested above. (Submitted By metalgear655)

    (Major Annoyance and BUG) When you are playing on a Xbox 360 using a NON-Widescreen pc screen the game still thinks you are playing in widescreen no matter what picture setting is set. this cuts off some of the screen and makes the game look squashed. (submitted by supertom)

    (This is a website problem and Suggestion) Create a dedicated forum area for discussing the future of patches, updates and the such to really make Just Cause 2 the best it can be! (submitted by dayd41)

    (Major Annoyance and Glitch) When Switching the fire buttons around to L1 R1 or LB RB you can no longer use the grapple and drive and shoot at the same time ( e.g dragging a person) as the grapple will be removed as you have pressed L1/LB (Submitted By aadams1278)

    (Major Annoyance) When you complete a base to 100% it stops all the good stuff taking place, so if you complete an airport to 100% planes do not take of anymore this realy needs to be fixed as it is ruining the fun of the game. (Submitted By I need just cause 2 @!@!)

    (Major Annoyance) The plane's are very sensitive when it comes to landing, touching the mildest bump or dip will cause the plane to blow up. (Submitted by RedPillow)

    (Bug/Glitch) the are various audio glitches and stutters throughout the game. This is quite noticable When playing at various times. (IGN review)

    (Major annoyance) You cannot move while you are crouching, this is a big mistake as it is expected and a standard feature nowaday's (Submitted By LaMOi)

    (Major Bug) In the second mission where you save karl blaine from the casino, I was in a helicopter taking out another helicopter. As soon as you take out this helicopter, there is a cutscene. The problem was that I crashed and died exactly when it started fading out to the cutscene.
    Because of this, whenever I reloaded from the autosave, I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even bring up the pause menu, I could just wait till I died by a chopper.
    So I had to replay the game from the start at that point. [/COLOR]

    General Problems (Common To ALL Platforms)

    (Error) A historical error, in the game it states that the U.S's Panama invasion was in 1986 and in fact it was in 1989. (this may be intential but i don't see why?)
    (Submitted by Danzavier)


    1. (Bug) When playing the screen somethimes freezes but the sounds still continue through the speakers, does anyone else have this problem? (Submitted By Enzoforce)

    2. (Bug) Invisible parachute, if you grapple a near by rock and open your parachute just as your hitting it you bounce away and from then on have an invisible parachute( Submitted By MatonKing)

    3. (Bug) Grapple lines do not affect people, for example tethering across a road, a bike driver does not get knocked of his bike when he hits the line, he infact goes straight through! (Submitted by LaMOi)

    4. (Bug) When a Bike ends up on top of rico when he is on the ground he is not able to get back up and is stuck under the bike. (Submitted by Mikev)

    5. (Bug) Bollards and Lamp-posts appear to be 'floating' slightly above the ground, more noticable on an incline. (Submitted by Mikev)

    6. (Bug) The Black Market helicopter can pass straight through Radio masts. (Submitted by Mikev)

    7. (Bug) There is no animation for Rico when he applies a horn in a vehicle. (CTO_7)

    8. (Bug) When you get out of the stunt plane while it's upside down, Rico gets out from underneath the plane (ie the side facing the sky). (Submitted By JustBecause_2010)

    9. (Bug) When Rico falls out of a helicopter after it explodes he just falls like an idiot. He doesn't go into the freefall position. So when you are at the sky ceiling and your helicopter explodes for some unknown reason, it's quite annoying. He just falls 5km without getting into position. That means he's falling for a long time with no way of controlling him. (Submitted By JustBecause_2010)

    10. (Bug) If you hold a grenade button when inside the helicopter and press O to go to stunt position, rico will float in the air and the helicopter will go. (Submitted by I need just cause 2 @!@!)

    11. (Bug) When playing on all three screens using Eyefinity on the PC, it is nearly impossible to hijack an aircraft as the button sequence will not appear. If I you down to one screen, the sequence appears, and then disappears when you switch back.

    12. (Bug) The Damage system is inconsistant, e.g When driving at low speed's and you hit another car your car will be majorly damaged, but if you hit it at very high speed you will not take much damage at all. (Submitted by JAGeng)

    13. (Bug) When you upgrade your weapon, that you are currently holding it wont upgrade its added ammo capacity on hud: like if you have 10 bullets, have the weapon upgraded to 14 (for eg) it will show as 4 bullets in magazine, you start shooting, then it 3-2-1 then it starts over from 10 bullets in mag. (Submitted by eriongtk)

    14. (Bug) There is a bridge that has no collision detection, images can be found here: Picture: map location: (Submitted By Sectax)

    15. (Bug) When rico is inside the hovercraft he is standing to the right of the steering wheel, and so turns his hands and grips nothing! (Submitted By CloudWolf)

    16. (Bug) the settlement Cicak Hitam is Impossible to complete 100% without a glitch, it seems that You collect and destroy everything but it is at 84%, some people have gone back and some items have respawned meaning they can complete it but it is still rather annoying. (Submitted By Various) And a link to a thread about it is here:

    17. (Bug) Although this is funny to watch sometimes it's a bug. AI boat drivers crashes into buildings and drive up on land quite often, I noticed it especially around Pekan Sri Vijaya (x=3968, y=29844) and nearby Bandar Batu Besar (x=4059, y=30370). But it's possible that it happens everywhere. (Submitted by Harteex)

    18. (Bug) Somtimes when driving on a highway, the game starts spawning traffic in the same direction on both sides / lanes. (Submitted By Nicromanski And Harteex)


    1. (Annoyance) Helicopters need to have their speed increased (maybe can be done through upgrades), this would simply make the game more enjoyable (Submitted By Matonking)

    2. (Annoyance) when you are dragging somone behind your vehicle with the tether, when they die the tether automatically breaks. (Submitted by McCheesy69)

    3. (Annoyance) It currently takes a unnecessarily long time to hijack a vehicle, this feels out of place as the rest of the game is fast paced and full of action. It would be nice to remove/shorten the hijack sequence (Submitted by Colonel Earnel)

    4. (Annoyance) Planes need a reverse thrust, they would also benefit from proper rudder movements as it currently looks quite weird (Submitted by robiscool)

    5. (Annoyance) The cut scenes arn't skippable, at least in the demo... The Option should be built in (Submitted by BeefyMcNasty)

    6. (Annoyance) when flying the "rowlinson K22" helicopter, if you do a stunt jump while moving forward at a good speed, rico will "miss" his grapple and you will fall like an idiot, unable to open the parachute... if you're high enough that likely means you will die! (Submitted By aadams1278)

    7. (Annoyance) Small planes could be a bit more poweful, so that they could drag a motorcycle without big problems. (Submitted By RedPillow)

    8. (Annoyance) While riding a motorcycle, square should reload weapon, not handbrake. Square button is known globally among gamers to be the reload button on any action game. (Suggestion: Handbrake can be R3.) (Submitted By drdiv)

    9. (Annoyance) Soldiers keep spawning endlessly..which is fun for a while, but i think it would be a good idea to set a spawn cap. (as annoying as the current random spawn: doesnt matter where you go, they will be there, if you gone red) (Submitted By eriongtk)

    10. (Annoyance) It would be nice too be able to select multiple weapon's and equipment (Not Vehicle's) for ONE drop, as currently it get's VERY tedious having to keep calling in the Black Market helicopter. 9Submitted By various)

    11. (Annoyance) A huge problem with this game is the lack of a look back button while skydiving or parachuting. When you jump out of a moving vehicle you won't be able to see it explode because you can't look back. Also when riding a canister it should be a must to be able to look back when jumping off so you can see it explode. (Submitted By StandOut)

    12. (Annoyance) The AI doesn't care if you use the horn in a vehicle. (Submitted By Harteex)


    1. (Problem) You currently cannot drag dead enemy's for any length of time as they dissapear. (Submitted by Colonel Earnel)

    PC Specific Problems

    1. (Feature Request) The Ability in the PC version to bind generic joystick axis to movement for non-360 controllers. (Submitted By Menthalion)

    2. (Bug) The Mouse sensitivity while free falling is WAY to high, just slightly moving the mouse swivels you nearly 360 degrees. (Submitted By Skoinks)

    3. (Bug) The Mouse Sensitivity is not even across all play forms, as in if the running sensitivity is very different to the Helicopter sensitivity, it would be alot easier if all were the same. (Submitted By p34nk)

    4. (Bug) There seems to be an issue with extra and assignable bittons on different control equipment, for example a steelseries mouse has two extra programmable buttons which the game will not accept. (Submitted By p34nk)

    5. (Bug) Button mapping can be 'hit and miss' with some category's seemingly 'tied' together. (Submitted By p34nk)

    6. (Bug) Bokeh filter is not supported on GTX 295

    7. (Bug) When playing on all three screens using Eyefinity on the PC, it is nearly impossible to hijack an aircraft as the button sequence will not appear. If I you down to one screen, the sequence appears, and then disappears when you switch back. (Submitted By merciless18t)

    8. (Annoyance) Configuration Changes can take an long time to save, this gets especially annoying if you need to kepp making changes. (Submitted By p34nk)

    9. (Big Annoyance) The vehicle camera on the PC version keeps "auto-recentering" itself. If you don't move the mouse for a moment or if you touch the steering on a controller, the camera instantly swings back behind your vehicle. This leaves some players constantly fighting the camera. This would be easily fixed with a setting in the options menu of "Never Autocenter The Camera". (Submitted By -Morlock-)
    A fix to this would be as follow's:

    - A camera should tend to point towards the direction of movement - it's important that it does so to let the player let go of the mouse and remain in control. From what I've observed in JC2, the camera is simply easing itself towards the orientation of the vehicle, mostly independent of its velocity (e.g. camera re-centers even when the car is standing still).
    - The time it takes between no mouse movement and the start of camera auto-orientation should always be the same and long enough not to be disruptive - an interval of 2 seconds is a good trade-off between vehicle control and enjoyable look-around, but this value is debatable. The important thing is that it remains the same across all vehicles, unlike what is currently done in the game (e.g. 1 second for cars, 2 for boats, 0.5 for planes).
    - The time it takes between the start of auto-orientation and having the camera pointing towards the direction of movement should be inversely proportional to the rate of the movement - this allows for a better experience because it gives more camera control to the player without making it harder to drive the vehicles (e.g. you auto-turn the camera slowly because the player isn't going fast and so does not urgently need to know what's ahead of him).
    - The camera should hint as to the current speed of the vehicle - this might include zooming-out when the vehicle is accelerating and zooming-in when it's breaking, though I wouldn't consider that a critical part of an intuitive camera, especially if 3. is done correctly and since most games today use motion blur (including this one).
    (Submitted by woodbyte)

    PS3 Specific Problems

    1. FIXED (Bug) O and X buttons aren't working and you need to press O+X to perform the action, so you can't do melee attacks, can't complete button sequences that involves O and X, and no stunt jumping, This issue has only been witnesssed on Asian PS3's so far. (Submitted By Puzzlebox)

    2. (Annoyance and Bug) It takes quite a bit of pressure to make weapons fire when the fire button is set to R1 or L1. (Submitted by aadams1278)

    Thank-you to every-one for submitting problem's

    Dear Squre Enix
    The game Just Cause 2 Is not playable on Windows Xp-Whay???
    Is it becuse u made deal with microsoft that the game will be playable on new versions to get some more cash?
    I dont Care Whay But all the XP users are mad! And we want Just Cause 2 for windows XP!

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    @ orinahari There is no such deal between developers and Microsoft, Just Cause 2 is DX10 only, and DX10 is not supported by XP, the fact is that XP is an obsolete operating system, its fine to still use it but to expect modern games to support it is a bit farcical.

    At the end of the day JC2 will never get XP support, so without being rude stop asking

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    Game breaking big annoyance:
    If you have two video cards, as in integrated graphics on a laptop in addition to dedicated graphics, the game will not start. A "Fatal DirectX Error" pops up because the game can't decide which graphics setting to use (integrated or dedicated). However, changing the launch options to "/dxadapter=0" lets the game start, but at a price. When this is set, integrated graphics are used instead of the dedicated graphics, and the performance is very, very bad. The game needs to recognize that there are two graphics cards, and that the dedicated card is to be used, not the integrated one.

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    I am having problems taking off/getting off the ground in planes???? pleawse help. idk what the problem is but ive read a few diffewrent people say the same. PS3 Just Cause2 fully charged controller and game is downloaded from psn so its on my HD

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    Problem/Annoyance related to driving:

    Sometimes when you have a collision one of the wheels (usually the front) starts spinning weirdly and causes you to lean significantly to one side, making the vehicle completely unusable. This can happen even on the first hit, and is incredibly frustrating.

    I have noticed this happens a lot in fast cars particularly the Garret Traver-z, which is particularly blood-boiling as I just paid for it and on the first hit it becomes totally unusable even when fully upgraded.

    I understand the need for damage on cars, which I am totally ok with, but the damage should build on hits and there should not be a feature that makes vehicles immediately useless. THis just happened to me with three Garret Traver-z's in a row while trying to complete The Raya Race. Very frustrating.

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    8002D001 error

    I'm trying to upload a video on the PS3, but I'm getting this error. I can't find a solution for it anywhere on the internet. I've tried using the email as opposed to the username to log in and creating a channel on YouTube first, but it doesn't work.

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    I know that the PSN was down for maintenance a couple of days ago. Have you tried lately? Have you tried doing a cold boot on your PS3 (turn off for a minute or 2 then turn on)? Try also uploading a different video. Something just a few seconds long?

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    I've just tried again. None of that works. What is the problem?

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