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Thread: First topic!

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    First topic!

    Yeah, I haven't even read the press release!

    Thoughts and opinions on the release?
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    Still too little information to make a discussion.. All I could gather is that this is a side-project from the TR series.. not an official...

    My guess: this had nothing to do with the concept art released months ago (I could be sooo wrong)
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    Thread fail. Move along Ma Chere.

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    Smile Ya

    I am always excited about a new Tomb Raider adventure!

    What are my thoughts thus far? Well much like a good monster movie it is best not to know too much - like the invisible man or the first Predator movie - you didn't get to see much till the end - but you were constantly trying to spot it in the picture.

    I love a movie that when I go in I know nothing and get taken for the ride - I hate spoilers.

    I will be doing my best to just understand when it comes out and avoid anything that might give me more information.

    When I picked up the first TR game all I knew about the plot was girl - guns and locked in a tomb. From there my imagination was the driving force behind the purchase - the finding out, the discovery and then being blown away - wow! this is unbelievable.

    I tend to hate too much back story - takes up time and ruins the pace of plot or game - a good representation of keeping it moving is the movie The 5th Element - they took very little or no time really explaining why and spent the time focusing on whats happening now and the mind fills in the gaps with even more fantastic ideas than what they might be able to put on film and this makes for a unique experience for each person.

    I can't wait !

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    I have a big remark!
    I would like to register on "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" but my country isn't listed.
    I'm from Serbia, can you please fix the form. I'm sure I'm not the only TR fan who feels left out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falkenwut View Post
    My guess: this had nothing to do with the concept art released months ago (I could be sooo wrong)
    Well the way I see it (if I was naming the game) I would say that this takes place way before she became what most see her as today.

    To me, Tomb Raider is a title she gained once she began the actual raiding tombs on purpose but anything before that will be Lara Croft and the [insert rest].

    Like say if my title in the workplace was 'director' then that is what I'd be known as whereas if before that I had the title of 'producer' then that is what I'd be known as to the people I worked with before I gained the title 'director'. That has nothing to do with the game but me trying to explain better, sounded better in my head! Basically, Lara Croft is the title she had before she got the title tomb raider.

    That's the way I see the title anyway!

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    I don't know much about the game yet, but still here i go...

    Lara croft and the guardian of light??? How bout Tomb Raider: the guardian of light or Tomb raider: lara croft and the guarding of light... okay those are pretty bad too, but common, what they have going on is just...not right. It sounds weird and it breaks my heart.( in tiny itty bitty pieces) I can only pray that the Logo will be changed(sorry but the design is atrocious, reminds me of the Lord of the rings lol) I guess this is really sudden... but if the game makes me flip my mattress in pure happiness then... right on.

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    Yeah, the title is pretty cheesy. Better than Final Fantasy: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider XII anyway.
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