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JC2 DEMO discussion thread

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    quad is random

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    350z lookin car with turret on the trunk/back (near a gas station), the airplane and tvr (locations in the first post of the demo release thread), 3 different types of helicopter (1 with just miniguns, 1 with rockets and guns and the other is like the black market cargo type chopper with no guns located near the base of the really tall radio tower located above the original start location.

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    i played bout 9 too im looking for the jet

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    about 30 × or more i wish it wasn't 30 mins, can't wait for the full game
    me and just cause 2

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    Originally Posted by jhonny cage
    about 30 × or more i wish it wasn't 30 mins, can't wait for the full game
    30 min really puts damper on the fun...

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    Originally Posted by dayd41

    It feels so weird.. wanting a game for so long.. thinking it would be your ultimate dream game..


    you play the demo....

    and it sucks

    Hopefully the full game is COMPLETELY different in terms of gameplay / driving physics / Camera sensitivity and distance / not pixilated ty ass graphics everywhere...

    If you look at any object in the game.. the graphics are seriously ty.. They look OK in motion when higher in the air but my god.. its fail.. definitely fail..

    your kidding right, drugs are bad m'kay
    me and just cause 2

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    yes indeed but its really a smart tactic they've used because it just keeps you wanting more
    me and just cause 2

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    its a demo!

    ok i keep forgetting its a demo and i keep trying to do the things i did in jc1 such as jump out of pplane chase it down get back in! 1 cool thing i found out tho u can grapple back to the helis and if u hold the grapple button ull follow it down like ur tethered! hopefully in the full game youll be able to get back in once u grapple to it! god i hope so!

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    Originally Posted by cbrookf
    me and just cause 2

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    this game is a must, i will certainly buy it no doubt about it
    me and just cause 2

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    yes i found a little stunt plane,a cargo helicopter (the one from the vid in the beginning), and pretty much everything you have said

    hey guys these r some of the cool things i found in the demo tell me if u had anymore 1. a tractor 2. an apc with mini gun and missles 3. a granade launcher 4. a cool lil buggy with a mount for a second person and thats about it anybody have anymore im missing???............oh and anybody know the location of the jet and quad????
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    Can always count on rico to big us up

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    the police had the quads as far as i know
    me and just cause 2

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    does anybody have like a pic where the sports car is????

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    the demo is good, I dont see what could make the game "suck" cause I think its seems really fun, destroy bases, conquer bases, do missions, play around you know, that kinda stuff.. the demo is good but its 1 fail.. Time Limit.. I hate it..

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    can anyone confirm with a screenshot or vid that it's out in the US for PS3? | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    Originally Posted by Driber
    can anyone confirm with a screenshot or vid that it's out in the US for PS3?
    Not with a pic, but I'm on the west coast of the us and I just turned off my PS3 and the just cause 2 demo...

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    I can't get it working! So no Just Cause 2 for me. .

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    Originally Posted by ManScuz
    Best sandbox game ever. Love this game!

    I had to register here after playing the first 30 min of the demo...just to show some support for this piece of playable Artwork!

    Here's a quick fun video from the PC demo.

    Flight and Explosives Training

    This game is going to be so much fun. It will certainly help keep my mind off the economy for a while!
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    My demo review

    I woke up before my set just cause 2 alarm today just to download just cause 2. To my suprise, it only took about 20 minutes to download. The menu to me seemed like an arcade game, it just had that feel, which i didnt like. (oh noez the menuz!@#!@)

    The reaper lady you talk to in the
    beginning and during the demo had a realllllly bad accent. I mean i was almost embarrassed when she was talking.

    You jump out right into the game which is a bonus, because i hate tutorial sequences. You play with your own style, right? Although i would have like a H U D guide to know what is what. I did not know what the signal strength bar on the top left of the mini map was for until after seeing a loading screen tip. Also, instead of a tutorial, you could have put guides for different things in the PDA, such as what items cause chaos in settlements, what objects cause chaos in military bases and stuff like that.

    On each play though i did, i set a goal, such as try not to use your guns, or try to cause as much chaos as i can. Although when trying to get some settlements and military bases to 100%, i found it increasingly difficult to find objects to increase the percentage. Radio towers, Objectives (like overload pipeline), generators and parts were very hard to find, although i did find the signal strength indicator on the mini map very helpful for finding parts.

    When i first put my foot down on a car on the witness mission, It blew my mind. This was the most outrageous and fun thing IN THE WORLD! Driving off road was a total thrill, and i think driving in this game was better then all the racing games i have ever played. Doors flying, trunks smashing and whatnot, it was amazing.

    When i first tried a helicopter (the heavy missile/machine gun one) I found it very bulky and VERY difficult to maneuver and turn. Turning seemed to take ages and when i accidentally fly out of bounds, i was usually just on the verge of hitting 0 on the countdown. Although i did find the Helicopter from the black market to be a lot more maneuverable, which is why im not hating on the helicopters because they did it on purpose.

    Although there is only one plane in the demo, what plane was the best vehicle in the whole demo. Although I did find the controls a little jerky and hard to handle, I soon realized that once you got the hang of it, it was very easy and very simple to navigate even though the most mountain-es terrain.

    The duel hook was responsible for most of my travel within the game. I found it very simple to travel via duel hook and parachute. It was hard to get the hang of it in the first place though. The duel hook instantly killed infantry duel hooked together, but it did not kill a single guy hooked to a wall, which i found odd. In the first military base you encounter, i found it very fun an good training for the duel hook while in the deep shaft. the hexagonal (i think) shape and its large walls make it fun to navigate around. I certainly hope that there is upgrades or improvements for the duel hook in the full game, because i tryed to hook a jeep to the road and it just stopped and kept on going. I also hope there is and upgrade to make the duel hook last infinitely (or at least until you duel hook something else.) A length increase in the full game would also be appreciated.

    Free fall is something that is wasn't all to crazy about compared to the other things in the demo. (although that still means it was awesome) When you jump off a ledge high enough to skydive from, you get a large boost forward which is very helpful, considering that you travel almost straight down in free fall (we need wing suit!) I found it fun to use the grappling hook in free fall when high up, just because it looked silly and near the ground, because i felt like a ninja saving myself from a fall.

    The parachute made up for the almost purely vertical free fall by making it travel very horizontally. I almost never lost any height, which made it easy to travel over the flat desert. The parachute was very much improved on from the first game and was a huge hit with me. I can only hope for different parachute designs to customize my parachute with.

    The ceiling of the game felt a lot higher then the first game, and that is why i think it is fine where it is at in the demo and in the full game. Cause i mean jeeze, whos going to need all that empty space?

    The black market was easy to access and user friendly. I found several weapon parts and vehicle parts to improve on my, surprise surprise, weapons and vehicles. I used most of my weapon parts on my SMG and most of my vehicle parts on my helicopter. They truly do help out on your weapons, and are a must have for shooting enemy's as the level one guns certainly aren't enough. Although the third black market option was blocked out(weapons/vehicles/???) I can already tell that the third option is going to be an extraction, which i have heard rumors about being able to extract to anywhere you want.

    The enemy's in the demo weren't so varied, but i know for a fact that they are in the real game. In the demo i saw that i remember are Officers, Infantry, Turrets, Sams, Colonels, Helicopters, Jeeps and Snipers. They were intelligent enough to know where i am but stupid enough to cross my path >

    Underwater game play looked great, even though there were only two spots to go underwater. It looked clean and the o2 level meter was just the perfect just-cause length.

    I did not get what the Armour parts were for. Im thinking that's what the red meter on the side of my mini map is. **EDIT** I learned the bar is a heat indicator. Low is incognito and higher is Notorious

    I found sniper scopes strangely difficult to master, considering im a beast at COD 6 snipin. no thermal tho.

    I found he 30 minute timer to be really annoying. They should have just removed that altogether.

    I saw something about "skulls found" in the PDA. I believe they are similar to the Halo skulls in the way that they are cheats.

    When inside of a military base and you haven't been seen, i found this strange sense of excitement. i don't know why.

    After finishing the demo i watched the credits. A long why down the list i see-
    Mike Oldman- Community manager

    **Added stuff**

    I read about how somebody like to hover a helicopter over a settlement, hop out, get the settlement to 100% then grapple back onto the still hovering aircraft and fly away. however, when i tryed this, mine just started blaring red lights at me and spinning out of control, crashing. same with plane. I used to like to skydive around planes in JC1, but when these planes are empty they spin out of control. No fun!
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    Can anybody please answer? I`ve tried so long on my PC and it dont even starts. I think this is caused by my ATI Radeon HD 4350 Graphics Card is that right?

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    Wow biggest thread on just cause 2 forum ever

    N e ways i think the demos great
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    Dedimes is cool.
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    The bar on the bottom right side of the mini map is the heat indicator. like if it is low they are suspicious , but wen it is high then they know where u r

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    Originally Posted by Cripplemeister123
    The bar on the bottom right side of the mini map is the heat indicator. like if it is ow they are suspicious , but wen it is high then they know where u r
    thanks ill add that if i can
    Originally Posted by N-lyger
    Dedimes is cool.
    #2 --N lyger. You all know what to do.

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    Thumbs Up Swimmable in the Demo

    for people who haven't found out yet, theres a lil sea/river area on the top right of the demo "barrier"



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