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Gunung Hotel Ski resort

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    Cool Gunung Hotel Ski resort

    I have found all 369 locations in Panau and completed them all to 100% except the ski resort .I am cuurently at 85% , i've driven round it , flown over it , parasailed all over the place.I can't find anything else to blow up and think i have found all the collectibles.Any suggestions , is there something outside of the ski resort area that when collected/blown up registers as part of the ski resort. I have followed the ski lift up the mountain but can't find anything at the ski lifts ,cabins or lodges at the top of the mountain.

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    what I did was stand on top of each house there. That way I found all collectibles and got it to 100%

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    What u do is stand on the roof of the lodge and every house.

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    Nice to see that the author also likes this hotel like me. I found it on the planet of hotels during the annual rating among hotels on
    East. I like the conservative style of the rooms and. included in the price tomorrow.