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Thread: TRL save games screwed up

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    TRL save games screwed up

    - Saving games doesn't seem to work: you always end up at the last checkpoint. I had TRL on disc before this and I don't remember this problem.

    - Played Croft Manor and got all the shields, which unlocked some goodies. Went to replay the Bolivia level (which I only had some of the shields) and it forgot my Croft Manor achievements and the goodies disappeared.

    Also, reloading the latest Bolivia game save put me at some point quite far ahead of where I was, making it useless.

    I'm playing on Vista 32-bit now, previously on XP. Just thought while writing this: could it be UAC confusing it? I'll try turning it off. Still no excuse for not fixing this problem though.

    These problems ruin what is otherwise a great game and really put me off playing it. The game is still being sold for $20, so there's no excuse for Eidos not supporting it with patches. The latest one is v1.2, which dates from May 2006.

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    I´m playing on Vista too, without this problem.

    When you exit Croft Manor, you need to save your rewards. Did you do that? Make sure that, after you have finished the main game, the rewards of every level and Croft Manor + Time Trial progress are saved in the same slot or a new one. Don't reload a previous one and save there, because that will indeed screw things up. Just save everything in one slot (the newest one), to make sure.

    TRL doesn't have a 'save anywhere' system. When you reload, it indeed brings you to the last checkpoint.
    Don't try to get the remaining rewards by reloading savegames. Replay the level.
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