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    I've been getting a couple of 'are you real' messages recently, and I figured maybe what this forum needed was a little intro thread. After all, I want to know more about you and so does your fellow (future) forum friends! Write a little about yourself here so we all can get to know each other a little better.

    I'll start! I'm Nick, I'm the community manager at IO Interactive, the developer behind Kane & Lynch, Hitman, Mini Ninjas and Freedom Fighters. I work at the studio as part of the branding department. I've worked as a games journalist for a decade before this and worked as a game director and creative director before joining IO a year ago. My job is to get as much stuff out to you peeps as possible. In addition, I handle online development (e.g. the websites for the games), strategy, community events and all sorts of stuff. IO has not had a community manager at the studio before so a lot of the stuff I'm doing used to be done (and some of it still is) by Keir, whom I suspect a lot of you guys know already.

    I love my job. We have a blast here, we've got great games, we've got the coolest characters of any game out there. What's not to love?

    Who are you?

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    Hi im Curtis.
    I am a friendly guy really but the more you get to know me i start becoming more sarcastic lol. If i am a douchbag to anyone just ignore me.

    I was going to be a Police officer but now i am currently enlisting in the Army, i got referred from selection because i had a cold lol but i passed medical and i will carry on my physical later on in the month.

    I have a girlfriend Alex and she is kind of like me, pretty sarcastic aswell but generally a nice girl, we sometimes play games together mostly horrors.

    I LOVE horrors. Condemned 2, Fear 2, Dead Space and Doom 3 i recommend people to play!
    I dont have live yet but i will soon as i just recently got Left 4 Dead 2 and Avatar which i look forward to playing that online.

    I did have Kane and Lynch for pc and tried it online but my comp is really really *****, i struggle to play Doom 3. Thats is how crap it really is.

    I enjoy some sports like boxing, tennis, basketball and squash. Football i just cant stand it its fun playing it but watching on tv? It is really really boring.
    And rugby is definatly not my type.

    My favorite treat is The Jelly Bean Factory or Jelly Belly. Im in love with Jelly Beans. That is all...

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    Why is Lynch gonna have to talk fancy in the movie????

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    Well as you all can probably see I'm dark_angel_7.

    I wasn't exactly impressed with the first Kane & Lynch but I know the characters and franchise have loads and loads of awesome potential and I enjoyed the majority of the first game even though it was a tad dissappointing. I started actively posting on these forums when they opened as IOI really seems to be listening to fans and trying to improve upon the first game as well as trying to add something new to the franchise which is great IMHO.

    Can't wait to see more of Dog Days.

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    I'm Ethan. I write a lot. I'm finishing my senior year in high school--it's pretty crazy (college!). I used to be play video games "professionally" and I won a good chunk of change doing it. That is all.

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    I'm Hugo, I'm barely going to finish my senior year, hopefully this game gets released before I leave for college, I like shooting games and games that seperate themselves from the cliche of the typical hero ( i.e. Kane and Lynch, grand theft auto, hitman.....) of course my gamertag on xbox live is brownwolf007, I'd say send me a friend request, but if you can't understand my heavy accent then I'll just be quiet

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    I'm Kyle, I'm a big movie buff an huge video game fan. I like hanging out on message boards for mostly video games or Video Game related things.

    My favorite film is Blade Runner. My favorite game is Deus Ex. I enjoy writing film scripts, playing Video Games, talking to friends, watching movies, reading literature and listening to music in my spare time.

    I'm a friendly, easy-going guy, I hope to see this forum and the game that it is based upon, blossom into a beautiful flower (man that was corny) as time goes on.

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    Hey every one. My real name is zak I have very little motivation to do any thing in life. I dream of a day in life were these pathetic moral obligations like getting a job getting married being polite and all that jazz dont have to apply to me were i can live life in total bliss. unfourtunatley this day has not yet to come but maybe one day....?

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    My name is, Peter Nielsen

    Yeah, from Denmark.

    Im a dad, with a lovely (sometimes) wife ;-) she like to watch me playing games late night, while she does other stuff.

    I like reading, playing games and drawingstuff. I have been playing games on my c64... and always been playing something.

    a small story the guy who signed up at IO homepage, to go and playtest some accepted...and then had to write IO and say no, because...yeah family needs me more ;-) I did not think that one through...

    Still, loves great games, and games that ;-)

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    It's been a while since I've entered this forum.. hehe
    The name's Robert, from the tiny island of Malta. Big fan of gaming in general... Huge fan of the IOI games! I'm glad you guys at IOI talk to us on the forums

    Wanted to ask you guys at IOI:
    Do you take the suggestions we post on the forums? Once K&L2 is released it would be nice if you mention which suggestions have been put to good use

    No siggie to display... move along...

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    Name's Artur and I'm from Germany.

    I've been an IOI fan since i played the first Hitman and so far i was not disappointed. Hell i even loved Mini Ninjas. And that's so not my cup of tea.

    I study communication design and i'm in my last term now.

    Maybe you've seen me. Maybe not. Me and my buddy (who looks like a young version of Lynch) were at IOI on the launch day of the first K&L. Keir invited us. Talked a lot with JPK and ate some sushi.

    I've tattooed the logo of the7 on my left wrist as a tribute to you guys.

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    Originally Posted by Falkenwut
    Wanted to ask you guys at IOI:
    Do you take the suggestions we post on the forums? Once K&L2 is released it would be nice if you mention which suggestions have been put to good use
    Sure. Depends on when in the development process the feedback arrives, but part of my job now, and in the future, will be to report back on feedback from you guys. It may not fit with the design of the games we're making but sometimes it will.

    Originally Posted by YoungZer0
    I've tattooed the logo of the7 on my left wrist as a tribute to you guys.
    Cool! Keir's talked about you for sure.

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    Hi all, I'm Dr Klowneus, AKA Chris, I've been on this forum since i can remember, but I've missed the last month because I went to India on Holidays, so I've missed all the news. I live in Australia, I play Fragile Alliance allot, but i like the story of Kane and Lynch aswell. Anyway Cheers everybody
    PSN: Doktor Klown
    Slaughter is the best medicine

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    Originally Posted by Nick@IO
    Cool! Keir's talked about you for sure.
    Wait, what? What did he say? "Oh this crazy motherer, geez was i relieved after he went home."?

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    My real name is Shredder Orokusaki and i am from Greece! I am am the leader of the Foot Ninjas!! games is my favorite hooby! I also like reading books and going out with my friends. I just finished the computer univesity ( i am a programmer also Network technician)

    I am searching for a job but now it is very difffult to find a job here in Greece due to the economic crysis. I would like to work as a game developer for PC games maybe in a Japan game company because i like Japan a lot!!

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    @STOCKMAN hai!
    Happiness is an illusion. Suffering is real.

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    Names John, Ive been playing Kane&Lynch on PC since release, and loved every second of it, for the first year or so, I had random crashes caused by my mouse for some reason, but I pushed on and eventually fixed the problem, and am now an active member in the Fragile Alliance community. I have a 4 inch spade tattooed onto my side at tribute to K&L.

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    Hi there, John.
    Happiness is an illusion. Suffering is real.

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    Guten Tag!

    My name is Fritz, i am 19 years of age and a proud militarist, socialist, nationalist, and imperialist, and have a deep-seated affection for totalitarianism and other autocrat forms of society. In my free time, i like to listen to marching music, play video games, and follow my interest in history. I love watching documentaries about dictators, because i feel i can relate with these great people. Another thing i do is collecting uniforms and medals, and then wearing them around the house. I love Schnitzel, Pizza, Spaghetti and Coca Cola.

    I hope i will meet some horny women here!

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    My name is Kent and I like slow walks on the beach and playing in the rain. I'm a feisty pisces and I like japanese food. My favorite kind of cat is the kind that meows. I also like rainbows and unicorns and rice krispy treats with sprinkles.

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    Ahoy, matey's.
    Happiness is an illusion. Suffering is real.

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    Hi everyone!!
    my name is Luis and im from Portugal,and i've been a IOI fan since i first played hitman, when i first heard about kane & lynch i buyed it imediately, and i loved every part of it, it's my favourite game so far, awesome characters, awesome story, and awesome soundtrack.
    but more about me xD, im a friendly guy, i like to play ps3, read books, listen to music,be with my friends and watch movies, my favourite movie is pulp fiction.
    take care everyone!!

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    @MetalHead009 welcome aboard, Luis.
    Happiness is an illusion. Suffering is real.

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    Good day to everyone!
    I'm Nick from Poland, I loved K&L since it's premiere here in PL, fantastic characters! Beside that, I'm a movie-freak

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    @Pope Hey! I'm a movie-freak, myself. Going to see She's Out of My League later on today.
    Happiness is an illusion. Suffering is real.

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