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Thread: Introductions!


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    Hey people!!!!!!!!
    my name is Christian and I just want to start off by saying Kane and Lynch is one of the best crime dramas ever.And the fact that it's a game makes it a whole lot sweeter.The new shaky cam and grit of the game has to be one of the most amazing things Ive seen, the fact that the online characters give you the feel that they all could have a back story is great.


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    Big Grin

    Hello, I'm a person that exists.
    ~The Emu hath landed~

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    I'm new here 'cause i'm fan of Kane & Lynch since... 2010!

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    I am bakkiekip, real name Mike.

    i am a true gamer since my dad bought me a sega genesis in the first week of its save to say i know when a game is good. Kane and Lynch 2 is GOOD! its insane its *** crazy and man i love this game ! i do understand why the critcs are devided in 2 camps. See this game is oldschool.. but this is how shooters are ment to be. if we wanted multiple gameplay elements we would have bought a game that provides that...i want to shoot ppl plain simple and KL2 gives me lots of that.

    Bring on KL3!

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    Hey guys. Name's Pfil. I'm a real person. 28, been hooked on games since 4. And Kane and Lynch are seriously good characters put in unfortunately short but intense games that are underappreciated. Huge fan of the series. For instance, I defended Dead Men and still do to this day: the super heavy recoil is realistic. The overuse of adrenalin is realistic. The lack of ammo is realistic for the situations the characters are in. The vague, unexplained bits of dialogue DO serve a purpose as it fleshes out how mysterious and storied the characters are, etc etc. Now if only people still played it online. I'll have my "get rank 1" achievement in Dog Days before I have my "complete a session in every mode" one, lol.

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    Hey I'm Kieran. I am probably Kane & Lynch's number one fan. I am joint 1st and 2nd in the world on k&l deadmen trueskill leaderboard with my boosting partner, which means we are the only people in the world that can play as Kane & Lynch online! :O
    Too bad you guys at IO took away Trueskill from Dog Days.

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    Boosting isn't really looked up to haha.
    Xbox Live Gamertag: blood asylum

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    hi it's bill I just finished KL2 ITwas truely amazing glad they solved the control issues that hurt the 1st game

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