Thread: C:BEL WinXP---Saving Preferences?

C:BEL WinXP---Saving Preferences?

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    C:BEL WinXP---Saving Preferences?

    I'm just wondering if there is a fix or something I can do to get it to save the preferences. Doing single player is fine, I'm ok with re-entering all the info every time I load the game, it really doesn't take that much time. But multiplayer over LAN is ridiculous in 512x384 and the game goes too fast, it's almost impossible to pull of the perfect-timing requirements of some missions.

    I've installed VirtualBox and I have windows98 running on it but there is no support for my laptop (Everex, shut down the beginning of 09 in the USA and as far as I can find there is no such support for Win98) and so I can't get any video drivers or networking drivers. It's really kind of frustrating. So, I'm hoping for some kind of patch or coding I could do in Windows XP. Thanks in advance y'all.

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    No one?