Thread: "launch & attack" never worked for me...

"launch & attack" never worked for me...

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    "launch & attack" never worked for me...

    Hi, I've been playing Midway for a while now. One aspect of the game I was never able to get working was the "launch and attack" feature for planes taking off from runways and carriers. I would select a target for the airstrip or carrier and then hit "launch and attack", but the planes would just circle around their base as if had only given the "launch" command. What gives? Still can't get it to work.

    I have the digital download btw.

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    As your base or carrier, you set whatever as its target.

    Then when you launch your planes, you do it with the "Y" button, not the "A".

    Using "A" will just have them circle.
    That's with an XBox.

    If you have a PC, then when you get ready to launch, make sure the carrier's target is shown at the top of the screen, then when you right click to launch they should go attack on their own.