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    Questions and Help

    I want to really redo the event: The Dragon Princess. But it took so long for me to get there... about 5 months, give or take a few. I was a horrible player, by the way. I only get 1 hour on any electronic device, so yeah, it will take a while. By the way, I do own a PS3 with backwards compatibility for PS2 and PS1 games, so yeah, I'm lucky, and even then, my PS2 has backwards compatibility for PS1 games as well.

    So, does anyone have a save state with a non-cheated character that can go against the dragon princess at the moment?

    If not, can someone make one? If you must start a new game, then do the following:

    Name the character "Awenliya" (that's my character's name I played with)

    Give her a staff and magical powers, including healing abilities.

    Have a dragon pet along side her (preferrably. Most of the critter pets are not very attractive to the eye. That, or do without.)

    Save before fighting the dragon!

    Btw, Vadisa is so pretty! OMG!!! She deserves a 3D remake. But please, don't let her die, Square enix. I was relieved she didn't die in the Legend of Mana, but sometimes, other games do have a brutal outcome for pretty dragon characters.

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    I need help...

    I can't figure out where to go next...

    I got a memory card for you do the rest to complete my Infernal Doll Quest... because I'm stuck.

    It may say Digimon Digital Card Battle, but that was what I originally named the file, and is also on the file. The other is on the file too.

    Please, no cheats.

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