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Strike Force Vista 32bit

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    Strike Force Vista 32bit

    I have read that Vista doesn't support this game (at least 32bit), but can anyone give me a possible solution to "skip" a problem?

    The game runs perfectly well until the "The Cat's Eye" mission (where you start with the Sniper killing the guards at the dock), but there it constantly freezes in the dock-area, which kinda sucks as you have to kill the guards there .
    I have noticed that if I look down all the time when I'm at the area it runs well, but if I look up it freezes.
    I don't know much about coding and stuff, but can it be that there is something in the game (like the light coming of a lamp) that can cause this problem, or does it have to be something else. EDIT: I realized now that it freezes all around the map, not just in the dock area.

    And it's not like you can go back to Windows or anything. It locks the entire computer and the only option is to boot it.

    I mean, I could just skip the level and see if it is a "one mission" problem, but since that is the best mission in the game, I'd rather be able to play it you know, as the rest of the game is not that good.

    Thanks for any unexpected help in this matter.

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    Well a lot of help was found over here

    Nah, no matter.
    I can live without it.

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    I guess no-one has this problem since no-one plays this game .