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Thread: Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Do's and Dont's

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Do's and Dont's

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    Originally Posted by qadsia123
    My improvements:

    - Stealth needs to be more interactive and fun like hiding bodies and using the dark as a hiding spot.

    -Vehicles are a must to spice up the gameplay

    - Some sort of lasting appeal to the game like online co-op or MP.

    - More combos that actually take skill and nott just pressing square and X.

    - Different type of gameplay like for example bruce wayne going to party to find sometihng out stealth would be vital here not being able to use your gadgets thats just an example look at MGS the part where your in the city following someone something like that.
    I pulled out the items I dislike to say a flat out *NO* to.

    This is Batman, not Grand Theft Auto. Yes there should be a stealth aspect of it, but I have an issue when it comes to playing "super hero" characters without their superhero gear. Usually things like this would consist of "walk over here and listen to this cutscene". It's not going to be interactive like you would hope, as video games have to be linear and self-explanatory enough that people can understand what to do. Apparently this was a huge fail with getting Dr. Young's notes in the Mansion in Arkham Asylum, so I doubt that Rocksteady will do anything like that again.

    This is Batman, not Metal Gear Solid. Batman does not kill, and fear is his greatest weapon. I sersiouly believe that the first game would have been terrible if not for the somewhat adaptive AI that reacted to finding their cohorts around the various predator rooms. As Sefton said, "You constantly have to adapt your tactics." If you could silently take people out and then *hide* the bodies, you would essentially be playing Splinter Cell...which is just not the same.

    This is Batman, not Mortal Kombat. There was nothing wrong with the combat system, in fact some people found it *too* complex, so how will making it more complex help at all? You'll just draw the hardcore gamers in and push the casuals away, most of which are old-time Batman lovers. The last thing we need is a super awesome move that can only be done with pressing X,X,X, Triangle, Up-Left, R2. Thanks but no thanks. Unless it somehow has a boss fight like
    it wouldn't make much sense.

    This is Batman, not Need for Speed / Grand Theft Auto (again). Especially for the fact that this game is not going to likely be a sandbox game, vehicles are just going to be an extra, and not a core component of the game. I hate to suggest the idea, but how would the Batwing work if it's not sandbox? Doesn't seem like it would. People would complain that they can't go up into space like in Burton's Batman movie, and go all over the city. I bet the vehicles (if any) will be limited and it probably would not be like the motorcycle in Tomb Raider: Underworld...but more like the boats in Uncharted.

    And why oh why, is the only thing that seems to add "lasting appeal" to games these days something like co-op or multiplayer?!
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    Originally Posted by Drazar
    Not to mention there is a bigger budget, and i'd love to see Batman take a MGS alike cinematic+story telling with a bigger cast of characters.
    That would be awesome if they went that route and MP worked with that game just change up the game types to fit batman

    Cops And Robers:TDM/DM
    Battle For The Cowl: CTF except instead of a flag its Batman's cowl
    Freeze Tag: TDM/DM except with Freeze guns
    Heroes Vs Villains

    And a big DON'T....If your gonna make a CE dont ruff up a batarang and(DO) add more stuff to it to make it worth shelling out $100

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