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Thread: 16:10 issue

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    16:10 issue

    I'm playing the pc version of the game.
    There are any fixes for 16:10 widescreen monitor?
    Because if I switch on 16:9 in the option panel, images seem to be very slightly stretched vertically...

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    Yeah, I knew I wasn't crazy and that everything was kinda "tall".
    I just started playing "Legend" again and I remembered Lara differently. lol

    Anyway, I checked the WidescreenGamingForum and it turns out the widescreen-mode is in 16:9.
    And on top of that they say there isn't any known fix, but who knows how much they actually sought for it...
    But even though you CAN set it to a 16:10-resolution (so the engine KNOWS), it still stretches the image.
    Which, sure... with a little action you don't even notice as much anymore.
    But games like these are much about graphics too and it just annoys me.
    Especially whenever I'm looking at something that's supposed to be a circle, like wheels, it's oval.
    And most characters just looks ridiculous, like Lara herself...

    So is there really no way to force it to letterbox or something?
    I really don't care if I get "bars", as it doesn't cover the image.
    Cause it would force the image to squeeze vertically so be corrected at the same time.

    Otherwise maybe a way to kind of let the Field Of View fall outside the screen on the sides.
    So that the sides don't like "hold the sides inside the monitor" so it gets squeezed vertically.

    Well anyway, I also hope there's some type of fix, cause this isn't that nice.
    I'd almost go back to a 4:3-resolution, but as that's just way too unnatural in terms of view... no way...

    You know, I would think there should be a tweak to the registry or something to set the widescreen-mode to 16:10.
    Cause the widescreen-mode as it is just forces any resolution to 16:9, so there should be a way to edit that into 16:10...
    I mean, for god sake, even good old 'Splinter Cell' apparently has the ability after some tweaks.
    I'm sure a game or an engine of about 4 years later could do it too,
    even though 'Splinter Cell' is based on the "almighty" Unreal Engine.
    Isn't "Anniversary" available in 16:10 too?...


    Well, I just checked "Anniversary" and it seems to have the option to select which Aspect Ratio.
    Seeing it runs on the same engine as "Legend", I'd say it should be possible to get "Legend" into 16:10.
    Unless it's one of those cases that they took the engine and "heavily modified" it
    and the added Aspect Ratio is part of the modifications.
    But I do not know that.

    - Damage Inc.

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