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Thread: OT: The Saboteur

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    OT: The Saboteur

    Has anyone any thoughts about this game? Some descriptions make it sound great, others make it sound terrible.

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    it does not look like a sneaker. How about sabotaging something with traps eh?

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    Murder, mayhem, symbolic vengeance, disruption....

    I hadn't yet heard of this, for some reason.

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    This one is new to me as well - I'll have to check it out

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    I've seen a movie for it based on a train, it didn't strike me as very stealthy

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    by the name of it I was hoping to sneak in a facility, steal some information, maybe plant a bomb or disable some nuclear missiles and sneak back out again.
    But the trailer disappointed me...

    Still looks cool though
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    looks decent,i'm going to pick my copy next week.. im busy playing Saw right now

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    The game freaking rules, but I literally only got to play it for like 2 days after it's release, my Xbox figured since I just got out of a hospital it should make matters worse and die...... But yeah it's very original in its art style and is just a lot of fun. I also like being an Irishman who has the mouth of a sailor (or just the mouth of an Irishman!) wasting nazi's!!!!!
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    Has good Ideas but I guess I can only rent it.

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