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Thread: Xbox 360 Controller support?

Xbox 360 Controller support?

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    In the settings it just says Button 1, Button 2, Button 3, and even then it doesn't say which buttons it is for run.

    So with the default Xbox 360 controller what are the buttons to run away from a battle?

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    Whatever buttons you set to page up and page down are what you use to run. (In this case, I went through and mapped them to the bumpers.) You have to press BOTH.

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    Set the controller before you load up the game. Not in the in game config. Took me forever to finally figure that out. I could not understand why the controller wasn't showing up in config.

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    Yes, the controller config is in the launcher, not in-game. Go to where you can change the keyboard layout in the launcher. There you can find the controller-tab right next to keyboard-tab.

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    Thanks for the tips you guys, I hope this helps out those that were running into an issue.

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    I know the controls need to be edited in the launcher, not the game. However, I'm having an issue changing those controls. The controller, whether it be the Onza or the 360 controller, seems to be unresponsive when I try to remap a key. However, the control panel shows that both are working properly, and I'm able to use them just fine in other games. When I launch FFVII, the game recognizes the controller as well and it works just fine as long as I use the default map. I just can't seem to change the keybindings in the Joystick section of the launcher. Anyone happen to know why?

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    Well, is there a way to change the controls via text file? Such as an editable .INI or .DAT file some where instead?

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    I'm still keeping an eye on this thread just incase someone pops along with an idea, but for those who the same issue, I haven't found a solution yet, sorry

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    Contact [Customer Support]

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    when I start FFVII launcher appears. When I go to Setting menu and to Joystick menu I can change buttons. But when I launch game - controller doesnt work, only keyboard. Any idea how to make it work?


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    We apologize that you seem to be having issues with your controller. We have some suggestions to resolve this issue.

    - We strongly suggest using a genuine Xbox360 controller as these are compatable with the Windows Operating System.
    - You may want to try plugging the controller into different ports (both front and back) to see if one of them recognizes the controller and allows you to use it within the game.
    - Make sure the drivers for the controller are fully up to date.
    - Uninstall and reinstall the device drivers.
    - Disable all other device drivers, leaving the mouse, keyboard, and your controller as the only devices active.
    - If you have a specialized gaming keyboard you may want to try using a different keyboard to be sure there are no conflicts with that device.
    - Try unplugging all other devices and only plugging in the mouse, keyboard, and your controller.
    - Make sure Windows has been fully update from the Microsoft/Windows Update website.

    We hope that these suggestions resolves your issue. Should you continue to have the same issue, please reply to this email with any other steps you may have taken to resolve the issue on your own.

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    I am having this exact same issue. I've been looking everywhere, including in this forum, and still do not see a solution anywhere. Has anyone figured this out?

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    I'll add that no usb controller appears to work. Please fix. Having a drop down to select which "joystick" the game is recognizing would be best.

    This game begs to be played with a controller.

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    Testing this out on my machine, my Wireless 360 controller will not work, even when switching USB ports. It does work with every other game I have played however.

    Oddly enough, if I use my Wired 360 pad, it works with the game no problem. Any ideas why that is?

    The Wired USB device shows up as "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows" for the gamepad.

    The Wireless pad shows up as "Xbox 360 Wireless Controller".

    Please tell me there isn't some device name hard coding going on to cause this issue. Yes these are both official Xbox 360 controllers, microsoft branded.

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    You need to enable it in your "game controllers" setting in Windows. If using Windows 7 just click "start" and type in "game controllers" and select "set up USB game controllers", then select your gamepad in the list > click advanced > and select the controller again under preferred device > "Ok" out of everything.

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    Originally Posted by SouthSea

    You need to enable it in your "game controllers" setting in Windows. If using Windows 7 just click "start" and type in "game controllers" and select "set up USB game controllers", then select your gamepad in the list > click advanced > and select the controller again under preferred device > "Ok" out of everything.

    You were completely right. Verbage for screen in question was Game Controller Settings from a right click in Devices and Printers.

    Here is a screenshot of the related info, as my advanced option was set to (none). Changed to controller and loaded game up with wireless pad working. Thanks!

    Image link:

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    Question FVII PC version using Xbox 360 Wired Controller

    Anyone know of a way to customize the Xbox 360 Wired Controller with FVII? Using the game launcher settings lets me see that buttons are mapped, but doesn't let me change them. In game I can select config, but only has the keyboard keys, doesn't have a column for the controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Question How do I get an Xbox One controller to work on this game?


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    Currently the input is incorrect in the settings menu ... A/B/X/Y is read as the dpad and the dpad input doesn't work. For some reason (right thumbstick) up/down and left/right are swapped. The left thumbstick and triggers work though.

    You would need an app like pinnacle game profiler or motionjoy to map keyboard controls to your controller or wait for it to get fixed.

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