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Thread: My vision (wish) for Thief IV

My vision (wish) for Thief IV

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    one reason I'm not in favour of random patrols is that it shifts emphasis away from skill and towards luck

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    one reason I'm not in favour of random patrols is that it shifts emphasis away from skill and towards luck
    Not so sure I agree. Sure, if the mission was loaded with guards that just randomly walked about, it would be all about luck. But in my idea guards are fewer but smarter.
    What I want to see is a game where skill is being defied by your ability to adapt to unforeseen situations, not by your ability to memorize predefined walkpatterns after numerous quickloads. Skill should also be defined by your ability to maintain situational awareness and trick the guards, not by your ability to blackjack everyone in the level by finding the "alone spot" along their predefined walking path.

    I honestly think that it is this "waiting for the right moment, quickload if wrong" philosophy that puts the mass marked off stealth games like this. If the stealth and missions were more dynamic, and if skill was defined by smart player movement, I think most people would have a lot more fun trying to trick the guards.
    Also bit more interactive enviorment (like in penumbra) and we would have a lot of fun.

    The example given was one where skill could not protect you. If the random movements of guards results in you being trapped in a light area with two guards approaching you from opposite directions then you are going to be caught. It is true you do not have to reload, but can simple run (or fight), but your ghosting for that mission is ruined either way unless you reload. No amount of skill changes that your ghosting of that mission was a failure.
    First: Ghosting has nothing to do with skill in the current thief games. Its about knowing the mission and guard patrols by heart. Saying youre skilled in thief because you can ghost every level is like saying youre skilled in Myst because you know every puzzle solution. Add random AI behaviour and gohsting would be a real skill.

    The "trapped in the corridor" scenario could be a problem. But I believe it’s mostly a case of level design.
    I also think with in my ideas of Thief4 the player would naturally try to stay farther away from guards than in current thief games, as you can’t "trust" them to do the same thing over and over again anymore. Simply put: planning your theft so that you won’t end up in a "trapped in a corridor" situation would be a skill in itself.
    A hypothetical thief 4 player would know after a few levels that a lit corridor is something you stay far away from. Levels should be open enough for the player to find another route (or at least scout the area so he is positive no guards are coming while he crosses the corridor). Sound would play a very big role in this

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