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Thread: Thief Fans Top Picks

Thief Fans Top Picks

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    Thief Fans Top Picks

    What do Thief fans play when not playing Thief? Listed below are some of my top picks. Do yourself a favor and check them out. Please, list some of your own faves we can check those out too.

    Heroes of Might and Magic 2: I know that turned based strategy isn't for everyone but this game is just too much fun not to give it a try. You'll have to do some fiddling to get it to run on a newer computer but it's well worth the effort I assure you.

    Dungeon Keeper: If realtime strategy is more your style then try this one out. Setting crushing boulder traps for unsuspecting heroes is evil laugh inducing fun. Once again, be prepared to do some tweaking for newer systems.

    Temple of Elemental Evil: Basically a turned-based, tactical strategy game and probably the best Dungeons & Dragons game ever made. I've spent hours and hours with this one.

    Stronghold 1&2: Realtime castle building sim. If you haven't tried them, you are missing out. Laying seige, building catapults, dousing barbarians with hot oil... good times.

    All the games I listed are available from tons of online game dealers. Your turn...
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    I quite enjoyed the original Deus Ex

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    Oh crikey, so much to choose from! OK, here's a list of the games I've played recently, but they're not necessarily the games I'd recommend to everyone else:

    - Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Only just started this FPS, but it's looking very promising, if a little fiddly to control both yourself and your team
    - CoD 4 - great but far too short. Shooting generic Middle-Easterns in a generic Middle Eastern country is exactly as terrifying as I imagine the war in Afghanistan to feel (apart from horrific actual violence that is worlds apart from pixellated violence)
    - Far Cry 2 - Beautiful. One of the best games I've played in years. I just love open world games, and the immersion is just spot-on
    - TDS and T2X - all this excitement of Thief 4 got me inspired to dust off my old games and actually finish them. I'll go back to Thief Gold and T2 at some point soon

    However, as for "Top Picks" games that I'd recommend, I'd have to say:

    - TES4: Oblivion - I've invested a massive part of my gaming life into this game. It's just worlds apart from anything else (apart from T1/2, which hold my all-time top game spot together). If you have to play it though, make sure you get all of the Unique Landscapes mods for the games, and Natural Environments. They the game come alive.
    - Galactic Civilizations 2 - The best turn-based space sim I've ever played, and I've played quite a few
    - Far Cry 2 - Whaddaya know? It made it into my top games list
    - GTA: Vice City - Say what you will about breaking the law in a consequence-free environment, above all else it's FUN!
    - System Shock 2 - It's funny, when I played this game first off, I couldn't help but think it was a little overrated, but it's stuck in my mind in a way that very few games have. For the record, if I ever form a band, I've got dibs on "SHODAN" as a band name. Or "Skin Parade", I haven't decided yet. I need to learn to play an instrument first though, so I guess I've got plenty of time to decide
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    Morrowind. It has quite a fascinating setting, lots and lots of places and stories to explore, an excellent gameplay (except the damn' Cliff Racers), good character development, steampunk technology and, with mods, a somewhat Thief-reminiscent stealth system.

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    Some of my favourite games...

    Baldur's Gate 1 and 2
    Vampire: Bloodlines
    The Witcher
    Railroad Tycoon 2
    Europa Universalis 2 (and assorted other games from the same developer)
    Dominions 3
    Bethesda RPGs (from Morrowind)
    Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2
    Dawn of War 1 and 2
    Puzzle Quest
    Warlords 3: Darklords Rising
    Settlers 2
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    I did love Morrowind. But then Oblivion came along, with its arrows that arced in flight, people that actually spoke and NO CLIFF RACERS! It just won, hands down.

    And OMG! Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines! How could I forget? I spent a whole summer wishing I was a vampire
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    Red Alert 3

    Red Alert 3 - Come kill me if you can! I'm "cGREGgo" over there to...

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    Haven't had a lot of time to play recently since I'm doing my year in the military, but here's a few games from the top of my head before I go collapse on something soft. Sleep is nice.

    Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares
    Operation Flashpoint (the original. Need to upgrade my computer before I dare try ArmA 2)
    SWAT 4
    Penumbra: Overture
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    Go Caranfin!
    I love penumbra too! The perfect horror game.
    So here is my list

    Penumbra series- Horror games, cradle like story telling *hint* *hint*
    LittleBigPlanet- Who doesn't love it. The only console game I like.
    Assassins creed- I love the freedome the game gives you, I find myself just running around doing nothing for hours and it's still big fun.
    Mirror's edge- FREEEEEEEEEDOOOMMMMEEEE!!! I love it.
    Half-life 2/ep. 1/ ep. 2- Great story, awesome character development, I'm not usually into shooters but this is more of an epic tale than a shooter.
    Hitman series- because of the stealth elements that I love, always trying to get all mission at "silent assassin" rank. which indicates you are the most stealthy of all.
    army of two (part 2 coming soon)- As you should know I'm not so into shooters, but this beautifully crafted piece of coop experience has you and your friend busy for weeks, A game I use to play over at my friends house all the time. I play it because you need to rely on your friend and it really improves the immersion. Great story too!

    I hate rpg's/mmorpg's simply because they demand so much free time while having no actual clear goal.
    I love coop games, games you can play together with friends with each other and not against each other. It's awesome. I also love the stealth genre but you probably know that already.
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    I have two:

    Paper Mario & The Thousand Year Door: In my opinion, this is one of the few games theat delivered as big as it talked. There were loads and loads of different environments, a comprehensive levelling-up system, and clever dialogue that would surely get a nod from Garrett. Super Paper Mario was alright too.

    Robot Arena 2: Build robots like on Robot Wars and Battelbots, and have them battle against each other. That's it, that's all there is to the game. No unlockables, no hidden levels, no beating the game. But it's incredibly fun; you can just let your creativity flow. Much more realistic than the Robot Wars video games liscenced by Mentorn; you can actually rip wheels and stuff off your opponents.

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    Unreal (1998) - Even if it is a game from '98, it still looks gorgeous, very beautiful and immersive locations and interesting AI behaviour (AI can fake death and stand up behind you if you walk by, they sometimes start a fight with each other if you shoot one and he thinks it was the guy beside him, heh heh). Also, Unreal was my first PC game.

    Unreal Tournament (1999) - A game from '99, I often play the "monster hunt" and "co-op" game modes, just for fun and relaxation.

    Infiltration - A total conversion for Unreal Tournament, the most realistic game to date made by just a mod team (realistic when it comes to weapon handling, movement, fatigue, etc). Since few years I play it as co-op using the "Unreal" levels, basically it is like playing Unreal, but more tactical, realistic and team orientated.

    SWAT3 (1999) - Also a game from the good ol' 90's and the best tactical simulation ever (ever, ever).

    Ghost Recon (2002) - A great tactical game, 'nuff said.

    I.G.I. 2 (2003) - A wonderful piece of a game. No matter how low budged and highly flawed it is, I just love it, one of my all time favourites. It has something to it, an immersive atmosphere and visual realism (very very authentic sounds), I fell like I'm really an SAS agent on a clandestine mission. If a game can give you this feeling, then it is a good game.

    Splinter Cell - Not my most favourite, but good stealth games nontheless. I like the immersion when sneaking through the locations and playing all three parts in a row was great entertainment (didn't play Double Agent).

    Aliens Versus Predator 2 (2002) - This game is a love HATE, I never liked it, but it is the only functioning online AVP game and I had great fun with it, so I give it some credits. I am like 99,9% an Alien player, while being a huge Predator fan (though the Predator was screwed in the game).

    Thief - Currently replaying Thief - Dark Project and plan to replay Deadly Shadows (3,5 years since I played it the last time).

    Super Mario World (1994) - Sometimes I feel nostalgic and get my old and dusty Super Nintendo and play some "Super Mario World". Pity I lost "Mario Allstars", I liked it much.

    As you see, I'm much into old school games. Of course I don't play all these games regulary, these are the ones I played the past years (there have been few more, like Tomb Raider Legend, Deus Ex Invisible War, etc. the ones mentioned are my all time favourites.

    I am so disappointed with the gaming industry and bored by modern games, that I even didn't bother upgrading my computer, but it is about time as good games are coming soon (Deus Ex 3, Alien Versus Predator 3, Alien Colonial Marines, Thief 4 and more).

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    Before Thief, all I had that wasn't for the Atari 7800, 130XE, and 2600, was Solitaire and Diablo. I considered Diablo a much more interesting version of Solitaire--point and click many many times--but with a story and randomness, plus I liked that as with Solitaire, I could carry over my earnings into the next game. I had played the Duke Nukem 3D 5-level demo, too.

    Diablo hit the spot for that time in my life.

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    Originally Posted by jtr7
    Before Thief, all I had that wasn't for the Atari 7800, 130XE, and 2600, was Solitaire and Diablo. I considered Diablo a much more interesting version of Solitaire--point and click many many times--but with a story and randomness, plus I liked that as with Solitaire, I could carry over my earnings into the next game. I had played the Duke Nukem 3D 5-level demo, too.

    Diablo hit the spot for that time in my life.
    You are simple man, brother jtr7. Also, I would like to add Metroid Prime and Metroid 2 to my list. These two games alone are plenty enough reason to head down to Game Stop, buy a Gamecube for silly, stupid cheap and PLAY THESE GAMES TILL THE SUN RISES!
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    Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall - Everything great about Morrowind and Oblivion (and Fallout 3, for that matter) started on Daggerfall. For years, it was the closest thing to 'Thief' without actually playing 'Thief'.

    Mass Effect - I think I'm on my... seventh play-through? Yeah. This game is incredible. Needs melee combat, though.

    Silent Hill 4: The Room - Yes, 2 is also an incredible game, but 4 is my personal favorite. Unbelievable head trip. I looked at my apartment completely differently after that affair.

    Assassin's Creed - Five years without Thief was rough. Assassin's Creed helped me deal with it. Not a fan of the combat, though. Altair could pretty much steamroll an entire army without breaking a sweat.

    System Shock II - What can I say? Masterpiece. The 'Dead Space' team should have had to pay Looking Glass royalties for how badly they ripped it off.

    Deus Ex 1 & 2 - I love both games equally. They each have qualities that the other lacks. Here's hoping Deus Ex 3 combines the two with aplomb.

    MechWarrior 4 - Here's a franchise I wish would return from the dead.

    Wing Commander: Prophecy - That goes double for Wing Commander. PC Gaming just isn't the same without them.
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    Dungeon Keeper
    Lords of Magic

    They need to remake new Lords of Magic and Dungeon Keeper games. Both are awesome, but need polish.

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    Omikron Nomad Soul (1999) too.
    First open-world adventure with multiple chat options. Still maybe the best adventure out there.

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    Interesting, jtr7. I never played Diablo buit I did play the sequel, originally I approached it as if it was a "proper game", like say Baldur's Gate, and i thought it was rubbish, but eventually I came to a similar conclusion to you and now I think D2 is really rather good.

    And bambini, I've spent far more than one summer wishing I was a vampire
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    *Sigh*. Being a vampire would be awesome-o.

    ToMegaTherion, thought you might like to read this article. It's an interesting look at how cultural changes have changed the way we view vampires from terrifying predators to kind of "cool outsiders" that we identify with.

    These game suggestions are really great. I'm always on the lookout for new games to try out, so I'll probably give some of these a go. It's odd how so many quality games slip by unnoticed.
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    Let's see...

    I loved playing the following:

    1) Thief Series (obviously)
    2) Uru: Ages Beyond Myst
    3) Uru: Path of Shell
    4) Deus Ex 1 (I didn't like the second very much)
    5) Quake 2 (I played Arena too but liked it far less than this)
    6) American McGee's Alice

    and...but please don't laugh...I know it's terrible...but I did like it..Star Trek: Elite Force 2 !!!!
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    Originally Posted by glyph07

    and...but please don't laugh...I know it's terrible...but I did like it..Star Trek: Elite Force 2 !!!! [/SIZE]
    There's nothing wrong with that! Okay, the story sucks...

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    The Halo series, Perfect Dark Zero, The Force Unleashed, Mechwarrior 4, and the ol' Nintendo 64 games. Although Halo is commonly the epitome of FPS games I enjoy going through missions with stealth rather than unleashing waves of firepower on everything I see. This allows me to appreciate the A.I. more in Thief because it is so much more advanced than Halo. Perfect Dark is action on easier difficulties but I prefer stealth on higher difficulties because of the difficulty of Hard Contact.
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    Originally Posted by Herr_Garrett
    There's nothing wrong with that! Okay, the story sucks...
    Hi! Hi! Crazy people we are, aren't we?!
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    The first game I ever got into was Myst. Had some fun times with that one =P

    I'm in the midst of System Shock 2 right now, with a couple of Thief FMs on the side.

    The other games I've got installed on my comp are

    Fallout 3 (Completed)
    Bioshock (finished about 1/4 or so and got tired of it. May return to it later)
    and Fallouts 1 - Tactics, which I haven't started yet.

    Deus Ex is headed my way in the mail, so I will kill some time with that later this fall when I get a chance.

    I was also considering getting Mass Effect at some point when I have the time, maybe around xmas. Can anyone recommend it?

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    Originally Posted by Telex
    and Fallouts 1 - Tactics, which I haven't started yet.
    Fallout Tactics is awesome. It's the sadly linear version of the game that Fallout 3 should've been. It's also one of the prettiest 2d games I've played, right behind "Raptor - Call of the Shadows"

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    Originally Posted by Platinumoxicity
    Fallout Tactics is awesome. It's the sadly linear version of the game that Fallout 3 should've been. It's also one of the prettiest 2d games I've played, right behind "Raptor - Call of the Shadows"
    I'm looking forward to playing the first three Fallout games as soon as I get the chance. What with all the work I'm doing I haven't really had any time for gaming. But as soon as I get a couple of days off, I won't be leaving my computer until I've made some headway on them - not for food, water, rest, not even to relieve myself

    Okay, that's an exaggeration - but I am planning to play them when I get some free time.

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