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Commandos 2 - High Resolution

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    Commandos 2 - High Resolution

    Ok so I have set the resolution 1680x1050 via the hex editor, the only problem is, the screen shrinks. I mean I manage to set it to 1680x1050 but the screen area that you can view is smaller, it's like a small box in the middle, and everything on the sides is blacked out.
    YOu know what I mean?
    I have a 22" lcd, so it sucks, that you can only view a small screen in the middle at 1680x1050. Anybody know a fix for this? So the game stretches over all the screen even at high resolutions?

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    1280x960 is the highest possible viewable resolution for commandos 2, and it's a 4:3 ratio, meanwhile your settings are 16:10. these kind of new generation monitors appeared later than c2 saw the light, that's why the game can't support new generation native resolutions. so it can't be fixed afaik.

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    Bvm, I fixed that with hex editor, but now I have a diff problem, this game so buggy and broken

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    you did? O.o
    wouldn't you mind if i asked for some 1680x1050 ingame shots? O.o and maybe give Commandos 3 a try as well...
    maybe the hexedited stuff became unstable?