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    I think you've done a great job man. As someone who wants to start posting some Nosgoth footage myself - I enjoyed watching the video and I also think you've picked up the game pretty well.

    My opinion is that you'll just keep getting better over time naturally as you acquire more experience.

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    Definitely not a bad start. The ambient noise for the intro was an excellent choice to help make your narration sound more compelling. The two issues that I noticed were that your introductory audio was too sharp (loud), and that your voice carries echo since you are speaking in a non-insulated room. A small issue is that you cut your video off a few seconds too soon. It's better to have a soft fade with your logo/next video playing rather than an abrupt ending.

    Try setting up cardboard walls with foam lined along them in a cubicle shape around your recording area. This will cut down on feedback and other unnecessary sounds during your sessions. Here is a video to demonstrate

    Overall you did an excellent job and there is definitely potential for you to create quality content for your audience.

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    Well the Siege adds an element, an in-game objective other than the plain "kill each other" of deathmatch. Personal preferences here.

    Video's nice. You could prolly use a little intro, not to long. Everything above 5 secs is too long for me and boring.
    For me you just have to make smooth transitions "around the edges".
    As you keep doing this you'll learn more and as mentioned you'll refine it. But you will notice that the more you trying to refine your videos the more time consuming it will get. So it is up to you actually. GL man.
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    Originally Posted by ScholarEclipse
    ... the Siege adds an element, an in-game objective other than the plain "kill each other" of deathmatch. Personal preferences here.
    Have to agree on this part. I really prefer the siege mode, because the added objective for humans helps alot in public games to keep your team together. Humans can only prevail with good team gameplay and the objective to capture a spot helps alot.

    @video: I like that you put a good disclaimer at the beginning talking about the current "beta" state. The narration has some flaws, but that was already pointed out. I like your accent and voice
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    Thumbs Up I R newb but made some videos anyway (GTX TITANx2)

    First off, I am seriously loving this game! It's incredibly fun, win or lose. Both sides are fun to play as well. Anyway, like the topic says, I'm a newb (started 2 days ago) but I made a couple gameplay videos just to show you how good the game looks at 1440p with SLI GTX Titan cards!

    Part 2 -

    Part 1 -

    Enjoy and keep up the awesome game development! I look forward to earning future unlockable skills and whatnot as I level classes!

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    5 kill in 2 minutes

    hi, i love the game and make this gameplay.
    coments in spanish languaje because is my mother languaje.
    can u say me one kill do u like?
    ty for watch

    Watch the video in Youtube

    if u record a game and u think that have a better kill can send me and i will ranking
    gl hf!!!!

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    We need more Nosgoth youtubers.
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    Originally Posted by DeathMetalMarine
    Liked and Subscribed.

    We need more Nosgoth youtubers.
    Thanks, I really appreciate that

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    nice work man!!! I sub to your channel - if u want visit my channels and my Nosgoth videos in Youtube

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    really you monotized them? how annoying

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    Originally Posted by Butthook
    really you monotized them? how annoying
    Pop-up blockers disable youtube ads.

    Anyway, another video This one has facecam commentary and I'm pretty silly !
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    Some good Nosgoth gameplay

    Add me if you are a decent player who wants to play with us who isn't annoying. steam: Shane is a Ghost or ShaneisaGhost

    I know a few friends of mine wanted to see this so I thought some of you might as well just for fun.
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    Luck or Skill?

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    Even got a quad kill in that match

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    Now I will share your pain bro! xD

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    My Nosgoth Montage

    Wanted to mess around with some video editing and I decided to use nosgoth gameplay.

    Hope you enjoy

    Let me know what you think!
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    Very nice indeed

    ...great tuuuuunnnnnneeeeessssss too - made me want to do a Nosgoth dance

    ...may I ask did you tweak the colours and stuff at all?

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    Thanks man,

    Yes, I messed with brightness/saturation and levels. Idk was just messing around it looks way better then the raw footage.

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    Originally Posted by Marmite666
    Hpw did you get soooo good so fast man? >.>
    allmost 2 decades of gaming experience pays off in learning and adapting to new games

    (click image to enlarge)
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    Hey gang! I have a couple more videos. TDM and Siege action

    Here's some TDM, Talespin happened to be on my team, and I heard he's the #1 Nosgoth player?

    Here's a Siege video
    My youtube
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    Not sure why it was necessary to mention how much money you spent on your graphics cards...after all this game runs stable 60 FPS @ 2560x1080 with a single 750 Ti for me xD

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    Girl gamers? Not this one!

    Thought you guys would appreciate a fun video of a completely new gamer attempting to immerse themselves in Nosgoth. PandaBiskit doesn't game, but knowing how she overreacts to everything, I thought it would be quite fun to give her a go at the ol' vamps and hunters... With hilarious results.

    I'm the guy in the background encouraging her. Feel free to follow to see more Nosgoth gameplay and guides.

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    She is panicking too much...

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    My ears :|

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    Couldnt watch past 1.30
    Remove the Lobbies! Move the banners to the death screens!
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