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Thread: Nosgoth Videos

Nosgoth Videos

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    ThatGuy Sucks (blood) In Nosgoth! A YouTube Series All About Sucking. (blood)

    Hi there, I'm ThatGuy and I'm a YouTuber.

    I fell inlove with Nosgoth immediately after seeing it played and bought it for myself and a friend.

    If you'd like to see someone be semi-decent at the game and kind of funny play with someone else who's semi-decent at the game and also kind of funny feel free to check out my YouTube series and channel.

    Episode 1 The Begininining!

    Episode 2
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    Cool =D Any propaganda of the game is cool for the old fans. We need a lot of players here =D Also, I found very funny your comments on the game!
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    I love the game, it's super fun.
    There'll be another episode today. (This one is from yesterday I'm just slow at making forums.)

    I've already started planning a fun 24 hour livestream where I play some of the games from the Nosgoth lore. (Soul Reaver 1/2 & Defiance.)
    So look forward to that.

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    Nosgoth Scout Loadout Review

    Let me know what you guys think!

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    There's the new episode! c:

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    Nice video, if you want to play together sometime friend me on steam. My name is the same as on here

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    Not bad, but Trap is extremely good for personal defense. It stumbles vampires and does all of its damage at once, which is key to surviving 1v1 encounters. When you feel like a vampire is going to come at you, get behind your trap and throw knives as soon as he steps on it. You'll A: stumble him with the knives. B: slow his attacks, C: get trap to set off for maximum damage, and finally D: stumble them again, letting you get free arrow shots. It's a death sentence for anything caught in it, especially if you're being supported by a teammate. Even if your target is smart, he'll avoid running at you through the trap. That's a huge positioning advantage.

    There are plenty of people who can vouch for how badly the knife + trap combo can hurt.
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    Just make sure you aren't too close to your own trap if the knives miss.... A personal love of mine to top off a good match is getting Scouts to kill themselves with their own turrets / traps.
    Black Cardinal Peaches, at your service. I stream things sometimes. Wanna see?

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    It's why you want to roll past your trap if you're putting it down at the last second.

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    Sentinal Skill

    Sentinal Quadra

    Sentinal Quadra

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    I wonder how well you'd do it vs more experienced players. Although your kidnap/abduct timing (special timing) seems near perfect. I might try to puncture, usually I got wing flap for the CC.

    Also yeah lovely when you got a team that works together :P

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    Deceiver Gameplay

    Deceiver class overview and gameplay

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    The Reaver Class (video)

    Nosgoth class, Reaver. Gameplay, overview, impressions, tips and tricks, guides and a first look at the Reaver class and it's abilities.

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    Nice video
    Hope someone make a Deceiver tribute next

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    Deceiver Video Guide

    So, I got a totally sweet blog post dedicated to my work regarding the game. Namely, the video guides I made for the community guide!

    I'm incredibly thankful for it. However, I'd also like to point out that I am a bit sad that I didn't have the same microphone I currently have, as such the audio quality on my part was a bit lower than it could have been.

    Also, I was a day too late with this apparently. I only just finished the Deceiver video, so since it couldn't make the blog post, I figured I'd make a thread for it here instead. So here you go, my latest work:

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    Also placed in the Guide.

    Your rock and well you can always remake them if you feel boored.
    You know my contact info so I can always update the video's

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    Nosgoth Gameplay - Get Wrecked! - CONSTRUCTIVE Feedback Wanted PLS!

    Accepting CONSTRUCTIVE Feedback of the following video, getting Nosgoth on my channel, if you like what you saw, don't forget to subscribe for more Nosgoth

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    Nosgoth Gameplay - Slickshot (Prophet Gameplay)

    Liking the game a lot so I decided to start making gameplay videos, this is one of my new ones, so yeah feedback is always wanted, I'm not the best player ever but I try to be entertaining.

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    Surviving with only 1 HP

    Crazy 1 HP Video proof

    I barely survived a fight... As the title spoils it with 1 hp left. You can mute the video if you'd like.
    Skip to 2:40 if you want to see. Just kind of bragging rights in my opinion. Trying to raise my Epeen to an all time high.

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    Big Grin Did Some Gameplay Recording :3

    Hey there guys!
    Here's the first of my Nosgoth footage ^^
    This one and the next one have commentary but soon I will produce one without.

    I hope to produce regular videos of highlights of matches and such.
    If you want to get involved my steam ID is Marmite_666- all are welcome

    Thanks for checking it out!

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    You guys are lovely Sorry you got into a match where everyone was leaving again.

    This is all pretty badly cut together. I first had the impression of hax since you got instagibbed while just running on the roof but then realized the timestamps.

    However I fully share you thoughts on playing longer in a protected environment:
    Id also love to have high level players separated from fresh or newer ones. Its more fun for all of us

    Hope to see the next video of you guys having a proper 4v4 match and opponents worth your time. Until then you might want to check out some guides...

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    I hate my voice hahah xD

    Just finished uploaded the second video (again it's all clips)

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    You really show how you can have fun sharing a hobby

    Gameplaywise you seem to wait til the vampires are already in your face. You lose a lot of your potential as humans with your ranged weapons there.
    Same for standing still, its what vampires want humans to do before they can eat them.

    This video was posted yesterday. Maybe you can grab some moves:

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    Yeah, getting a 1 hp survival is crazy. It only happens once in a long while, though.

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    I've survived with 1hp a few times, even once managed to get a kill on vamp that was preparing to attack me while I was still at 1hp

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