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    50 79.37%
  • Graphics

    57 90.48%
  • Story

    50 79.37%
  • Controls

    48 76.19%
  • Environments

    53 84.13%
  • Camera

    42 66.67%
  • Music

    45 71.43%
  • Length / Challenge factor

    8 12.70%
  • Lara's Look

    50 79.37%
  • Enemies/Combat

    41 65.08%
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Thread: What did CD do right in Legend?

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    What did CD do right in Legend?

    It's about time we get some positivity going for TR. Even I will admit I have been a little downcast about TR. Let's for once have a thread tottaly about what CD are doing right. Please keep comments positive. Vote with thought rather than all yes or all no.
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    Ooh, great idea! I voted for story, music, enviroments and Lara's look.

    I loved other things though. I loved the King Authur level, it's my favorite in the game. I also loved all the outfits you could choose from, my favorite was the red jacket biker outfit. Excalibur was cool and I preferred it over Mjonir. Lara's comments to Zip and Alister were almost always funny, I loved her wit. The motorcycles were cool and this was the best story as far as the mother storyline went. If it had just ended with her mom dead or with her being able to get her from Avalon then it would have been perfect.
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    TRL was an all round really strong TR game. It's environments were incredible to explore and never boring. The gameplay was very easy to grasp and fun to play over and over. Controls, Camera and story were all very strong. Could have been a bit more challenging but a very solid game other than that.

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    i checked almost everything, the graphics were pretty good, even for the ps2, i was just looking at the waterfall in bolivia a few minutes ago when i was playing and i was like wow, looks so pretty haha, and the story was nice, pretty clever with teaching us a little about some of the myth/stories of the passed and how they're similar, i feel the controls were pretty fair, nothing too complicated, environments were well done, ghana was beautiful and Cornwall was very dark, i loved the feeling i got from the levels, i never had issues with the camera really, i thought it was fine, the music was beautiful, i love listening to some of the tracks when i wake up in the morning whilei get ready for school, and lara's look is absolutely fabulous, she looked great
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    i voted for everything apart from the length
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    The environments were fantastically varied which was great fun and more exciting. The Japan skyline and snowy Nepal in particular were brill. The Amanda side of the story was great and the headset brought some comedy to the game. Lara looked great in all the different costumes especially the Japan dress. Simple to use controls with high replayability. Yes to everything but Length.

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    Legend was a fun game, sure, but not really Tomb Raider-ish (OMG! SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! HOP ON THE WHITE SHINY LEDGE THAT'S SCREAMING CLIMB ME YOU FAT *)
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    Everything about the game was pretty good. Really fun to play even if it was quite a lot too short.

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    Everything was great.

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    Everything but length. Alister and zip were particually good as a comedy duo to back up Lara. I really loved the snowy levels towards the end. Lots to see and do there.

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    I thought the game was just purely amazing. The only problem is the game felt like an appetizer. I wanted more. Atleast you got to go all over the world. But come on, it took me 1 day to beat. The only thing I had a tough time with was the snake but that was because I had no medipacks.

    I really think they did a great job. It quickly became my favorite of the franchise. It is better than Anniversary because you don't have the adrenaline dodge. I hope when TR9 comes out they remove the adrenaline dodge.

    But this game really left me wanting more and more.
    I liked Alister and Zip aswell. I missed them when I played TRA. They should have an option next game to either switch them on or off so everybody will be happy.

    This game revamped my Tomb Raider love. I hadn't played a Tomb Raider game since 3.

    And this game is the best simply because the controls are better than any other TR game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelus0901 View Post
    Everything was great.
    Yes. You are right. Legend it's most modern game for Lara Croft, making with the "nextgen". Graphics, music, story - wonderful.

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    i liked everything because it was new to me and long for me at the time. it was perfect and still is my fave game even though i get bored playing it. if i had to sell it... i'd cry. (sounds geeky, but i did when we had to sell ps2 to buy xbox 360, even then, i got to have it again and was over the moon coz i'd never actually got all rewards outfits etc) I just loved it so much.
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    This might contradict what I've said in other threads but as of this past week my vote would be with:

    The length. I mean I wouldn't complain at a longer game but a shorter games are far better, most of the time anyway.

    Why, I here you ask? Because who really has the time to sit playing a game for weeks on end anymore?

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    everything except length and challenge

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    I agree 100% with Pinpal.

    Legend was nearly perfect, but it was much too short and not too difficult.

    My only other qualm was the combat, but that's the same for all TR games. I hate shooting people/animals 20-25 times before they did ... I'd like for it to be a little more 'real'.

    But Legend was a total blast and it's the best of all the modern TR games. Love the story, love the levels. Lara's look was perfect and Keeley was an incredible choice to voice the character.

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    Well, they got most things right IMO, but how they set it out was where it wasn't so right. The game was linear for a Tomb Raider game, thats the only notable complaint of mine.

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    I voted for Story, graphics and camera, that's the only thing I really liked about TRL as a TR game of course, as 'just another game' its rather a good game. All the TR elements were virtually stripped out though.

    The story was the 2nd best the series has seen since its inception and only falls behind AOD, but that was just because AOD's seemed bigger than TRL's and the whole backstory change thing... its just a shame Legend's story wasn't featured more prominently in TRU.

    The camera worked well both fixed and free plus it was fresh to the series and bettered what was set up in AOD with the camera system.

    Graphics, for their time were, of course magnificent.
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    I think the bike scenes in Peru and Kasachstan are very good.
    I have TR Underworld at home and the bike controls aren't so good like in Legend
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    Everything except the length. I really liked the game.

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    I checked everything except the length/challenge factor, and the enemies/combat factor.

    My reasoning:

    Legend was far too short, and too easy. The only level I found slightly difficult was the Cornwall King Arthur Exhibit level, which paled in difficulty to most of the classic tomb raider levels (grrr damn you TR3.) The combat was also kind of dull, with the repetitive task of the adrenaline moves. I believe that including these moves was a bad idea, as it made most combat too easy, although being able to slide tackle people off a waterfall on the Ghana level was quite fun.

    However, on the flip side, everything else about the game was good. The characters in Tomb Raider: Legend were definitely designed well. The unknown entity looks just like it's name - unknown, mysterious, and powerful. Alister and Zip's chatter over the headset provided comedy, and not the stupid kind of comedy that some games have - a lot of it was actually quite funny. The environments were varied, and coupled with brilliant graphics *cough* Ghana swan-dive waterfall *cough* gave the game a brilliant feel to play.

    Damn.. I think I've written enough now.. so yeah..

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    Everything but chalenge factor

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    An amazing game and I couldn't really fault it on any of these. Even the shortness of the game got made up for with time trials and finding the secrets

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    Legend was a great game!!!!!!

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    like most of you said, Legend was way too short and the puzzles did not seem difficult enough. But oh gawd, the new controls were such a relief after AoD

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