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  • Gameplay

    50 79.37%
  • Graphics

    57 90.48%
  • Story

    50 79.37%
  • Controls

    48 76.19%
  • Environments

    53 84.13%
  • Camera

    42 66.67%
  • Music

    45 71.43%
  • Length / Challenge factor

    8 12.70%
  • Lara's Look

    50 79.37%
  • Enemies/Combat

    41 65.08%
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Thread: What did CD do right in Legend?

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    I Really liked everything about this game from controls, to characterisation to graphics and gameplay. Only thing was it was over too quickly and I wanted more levels.

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    Graphics, music, gameplay and Lara's look.
    I like Legend, it remind me of the TR's movies

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    I clicked everything but challenge as the only thing that dissapointed me was when it was over too soon.

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    Can I go everything. It is a gem of a game even by TR standards.

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    I stiill think there is a lot to like about Legend just a shame it wasn't longer.

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    The only disappointment was the game being too short. Other than that I liked the different places, the pacing, the boss fights and funny talking across the intercom.

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    I really thought it was a great looking and great playing game. I liked the quirkiness of some of the mechanical devices and the King Arthur museum. I didn't mind Zip and Alistair on the intercom either. Lots of different locations and outfits but only big negative was it wasn't difficult enough.

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