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Thread: 'Gordon Crash' - Information Request

'Gordon Crash' - Information Request

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    Done it. Removed drivers. Installed the latest beta ones. Still same thing. Will only work if I'm signed out of GFWL.

    I've played and completed this game on this PC withthe same setup, just the beta 32 bit w7 and now I'm running the 64 bit vers and it wont work

    Any more suggestions?

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    Interesting about g4wl, is yours updated? if so you could try complaining to microsoft's g4wl dept. If it works when you're not signed in there's a large chance it's the culprit.

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    Originally Posted by jaycw2309
    You referring to the `libraries` system Win7 uses.. There is still a documents folder if you look however.. and it still can be moved exactly the same way.

    c:\users\yourname\documents is the default location for the ACTUAL documents folder, the library system can look anywhere you tell it.

    I just checked all my win7 installations and they all have a folder in the user folder called documents.
    Tried to do this but "c:\users\yourname" is there but the "\documents" part doesn;t exist. Tried creating a "Documents" fodler i nthere but it didn;t work.

    But yes it does look like GFWL is the culprit. I even tried a trick from another game I was having problems with. About GOMplayer having issues with the audio and crashing the game but it didn;t work.

    Another thing. After reading through this thread again I've reaslised that my problem isn;t like the rest.

    For me, the game crashes whe nthe gameplay is supposed to start. After the 2nd cut scene you can skip (1st is driving to Arkham, 2nd is entergin Arkham) The bit where the gameplay starts and you can start controling Batman.

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    Foudn another thread about GFWL:

    Tried reinstalling GFWL but still same problem.

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    Well I found another solution. Renaming the movie folder skips the movies.

    I finaly got a bit of gameplay before it crashed. Now I'm crashing just after the bit where the lights go off in the lift.

    I've also tried reinstalling the game on my C drive. Same thing. Changing graphic settings doesn't change a thing.

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    Found the fix at last.

    Batman is not compatible with a 64-bit OS. End of.

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    I've played it fine all the way through on Vista64 with no crashes, It's when I play it on XP32 that it starts to crash, but the performance is better overall so i stick to XP when playing this and just hope it's not having an off day.

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    my crash is little bit different, i finished on Quinn and take the sequencer and head back to "the medical wing" to finish all the riddles there but on my way back i stucked on these

    and instead of the circle of the grapple on the edge i had these

    when i press it batman goes into the wall LITERALLY and keep flowing to nowhere AND DON'T TURNED OFF

    now i have a win7 64bit and i7 1.6 GHz and 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M
    i got the game on disk, the patch from Gamespot and it always happens even when i turned everything off on the configuration and the files date & size are the same as you post

    PS: these images is by my camera phone cause printscreen give a black pic in paint or paint shop or any program

    thanks for your help

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    ok I'm having the issues listed in Case B

    Does the game still crash when you do not sign in to any account (i.e. saving is disabled).

    Is your 'My Documents' folder in the default location?

    Do you have administrator rights on the account you are attempting to run the game?

    I downloaded my copy from steam whenever I run the game, it crashes as soon as Harley puts her feet up, what's a Batman fan to do?

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    It's probably worth doing the download a second time (you should be able to keep your saves) - this sounds a bit like a problem that some people have had when installing the game from older DVD drives. In their case, the issue was files not being copied properly, so maybe you have a more internetty version of that issue here?

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    please tell me what to do to fix this. I bought the game from direct2drive and installed it. it was patched last night when i started the game for the first time. the dates don't match the dates listed in this thread. what do i do? How do "turn games for windows live off" like dronuk said in his post (the second post in this thread). How do you turn gfwl off and still get saved games? Why don't my dates match? It says V1.1 when I start the game?

    I'm lost here folks. I have the same problem dronuk has. It crashes at the start of the second scene.

    Please help me. I have brain cancer. I don't see any solution in this thread. Could someone simply tell me what I have to do? I don't see what the fix is in this thread. Or how to fix it. I'm lost. My brain hurts so bad. I've been working on this all night. I can't sleep because of the brain tumor.

    Please, someone have mercy on me and give me a hand. My number is 610-480-8379, I will PAY you via paypal for help.

    Thank you,


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    i don't understand this thread

    what do I have to do to fix this? running windows 7 64bit. files listed at beginning of thread do NOT match size and dates of my files. game came from direct2drive.

    have other games using gfwl working fine (bioshock2). game works with phsyx turned off, but still crashes on exit.

    don't understand this thread. what IS the fix? I see people saying "it works now" - what did you do to fix the game?

    I'm lost. have a brain tumor having trouble thinking. i don't see a solution in this thread.

    please call me at 610-480-8379. will give 50 dollars to your paypal account if you call me and help me out. i'm lost. can't play game. how do you play game without gfwl? the second poster in this thread said he "turned games for windows live off". How do you do that?

    again 50 bucks for help. call 610-480-8369 or email me at

    serious about the payment. I need someone with a working brain, the cancer is very painful and i can't think. please help me. i just don't see a solution in this thread.

    thank you,


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    The GFWL 1.1 update does not work properly with the DirectToDrive version of the game. You should instead use the patch hosted by Eidos:

    That should fix things up

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    my video card does not support physx . so what is the solution to fix Gordon Crash !!!!!!

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    I have a case a i dont have Max_B4_PhysX.umap and Max_S3_PhysX.umap - 8,933 KB - 19/08

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