Thread: >tfw no beta invite

>tfw no beta invite

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    >tfw no beta invite

    >tfw you didn't get accepted into the alpha
    >tfw you build a supercomputer to play nosgoth on ultra
    >tfw you look at the testimonies from all your other guildmates enjoying the game and die a little inside
    >tfw you dont get accepted into the alpha
    >tfw I'm even in America, not in an obscure location
    >tfw my unending love and support for this game goes unreciprocated.
    >tfw nosgoth-sempai will never notice you
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    I feel your pain bro and share it.

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    Yeah thats how I felt which is why I kinda stopped posting for awhile. I actually registered for alpha during the first hour too. =[

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    We need beta T.T

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    Oh well , I understand how this transition could have its possible side effects. I signed up a week after a teaser trailer was made back in 2013. I haven't got a key yet but, I got faith that I will eventually after more and more keys go out. In the meantime, I guess I can watch some awesome footage and await the day I jump in on this game....dun dun tis.....Reaver Pun!

    I am patiently waiting your arrival Nosgoth in hopes you return to me in good favor of handing me a key. <3

    Vae Victis!
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    I feel your feels.