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Thread: Can your PC handle Batman?

Can your PC handle Batman?

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    Glad I could help

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    Runs great on high with 4X Anti, no Phys-X or i lose a lot of fps. Benchmark average of 78 fps.

    AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 240 ~2.8 Ghz
    4 Gigs DDR2 pc 6400 800MHz RAM
    Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H Mobo
    9800 GT Superclocked 512 Mb
    Windows XP 32-bit SP3

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    hey, is this compatible with windows 7 32-bit? thanks!

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    most people have no issues with windows 7

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    I see. Are most of Vista-compatible games work with Windows 7? btw, I appreciate the quick response. thanks!

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    pretty much, there may be a couple of exceptions but 7 is basically a much more optimized version of Vista.

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    Hello. I would like to know if a nvidia geforce GTX260 can handle Batman in a 1024*768 resolution (my monitor cannot handle more) with physx high because I want to change my nvidia G210. I want to buy more memory ram a Corsair Twinx 4gb. Thanks

    My specs

    Intel core 2 Quad Q9400
    RAM 2GB 667mhz
    Video Nvidia Geforce G210
    Windows 7 Ultimate 32bits
    Mobo Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. The video card is a Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, which is apparently inadequate. Can I install a new video card, or is my laptop fated to go to its grave with the video card it was born with?

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    Originally Posted by Henke123
    There is nothing wrong with the test, your computer is only using 1.7GB of your RAM.

    As Nemesis296 said, a 32-bit operating system can only support 4GB RAM, video memory included.
    Since your video card has 2GB Windows is only able to use 2GB of your RAM.

    You should install Windows Vista or 7 x64 because 6GB of your RAM is not being used.
    Only for your OS is there a disadvantage... with games it will use all your ram

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    @neilpert, there are 2 different basic gtx260 models available, one with 192 shaders, the other with 216. the more shaders you have the more physx effects you'll be able to run at once.

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    thanks for the reply, I am going to buy the one that has 216 shaders then

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    I can *guarantee* your PC will run BAA.

    I installed it on my 4yr old laptop:
    HP 8510p. 2GHz Centrino dual-core
    2GB RAM, 512MB ATI 2600
    Nothing special, quite old specs.

    Running 1280x800, high detail, almost everything on, and it's gorgeous and getting 20FPS all the way. Amazing. Hats off to the Unreal Engine. Don't know how they did it. And who cares about PhysX? Doesn't seem to lose anything without it.

    Must say this is the nicest and smoothest game I've played on this old thing.
    If I can run it smoothly, then you can too.

    The fights are a button-mashing fest and rather boring.. I'd love it they put more emphasis on the exploring, crime solving & stealth as the major gameplay elements instead of button mashing battles. But it's one of the most gorgeous and well-produced games I've ever seen!

    Loved the fireworks at the end, adds even more atmosphere. Just wish they'd let us climb around anywhere we want, on top of the big buildings, etc. That'd be awesome. Such a visually rich environment.

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    I was honestly surprised at how smoothly this game ran on my computer. I mean, it's a pretty nice one, but nothing really major in any way.

    Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz
    4 Gb RAM
    ATI HD 4850, 512 Mb
    Soundblaster XFI XTreme Audio

    Benchmark at 49 FPS average, with a low-point of 35. That's pretty damn nice.

    Edit: Oh, and that's at 1280*800, with as many bells and whistles as WinXP 64bit allows.
    "Isn't the universe an amazing place? I wouldn't live anywhere else." G'Kar, Babylon 5.

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    I have:

    Intel Xeon CPU W3680 3.33 GHz
    6 GB RAM
    Quadro FX 3800 with 3.5 Gb of VideoRAM
    Realtech Sound

    And DON'T PLAY IT, Freeze when I try to run. Why?

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    Originally Posted by Henke123
    There is nothing wrong with the test, your computer is only using 1.7GB of your RAM.

    As Nemesis296 said, a 32-bit operating system can only support 4GB RAM, video memory included.
    Since your video card has 2GB Windows is only able to use 2GB of your RAM.

    You should install Windows Vista or 7 x64 because 6GB of your RAM is not being used.
    so atleast i know i didnt do something wrong then installing extra ram for my windows 7 x86 lappy 64bit of course. Only 2 slots though so i lost 2gb in the process, I could have had 8 and it save me money too in the long run but, it runs really fast now, it should be even better when i start using driver sweeper, providing that will sweep just the recycle bin, i havent bought that yet so im unsure how it works, i know it can wipe drives altogether but not sure on its options. And yeah i have same problem I can't seem to get batman running at all now and mine is the original boxed game, first i lose my save game 30% complete and then. Salt in the wound lol.

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    Originally Posted by Standovka
    I also have a problem when you start the game The game reports BmLauncher stopped working I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit
    CPU: Intel Core Quad Q9550 2.83GHz
    8 GB RAM DDR 3
    Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
    DirectX 10
    I installed all new drivers which may be the problem?
    in my operating system, Vista Ultimate 64 bit?

    I am very sad stack I wanted to buy this game
    I think the directx 10 is an optional update which is just nvidia card compatible, it didnt work for me and i didnt need it either, I have ATI 4000' series card and it runs fine, infact it says anything above and beyond the 2000's ati series. check the help file it does actually help I used device manager to update my ATI display setup and that sorted it for me, at first It was stuttering all over the place, my card uses v sync too, don't understand why batman runs smooth with that on, but crysis doesnt,

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    Originally Posted by Octavian
    Hi I wanna ask you something trek554! I have a problem with the demo so I don't know how batman arkham asylum will work for me! I hope that the full game will work for me. I went to can you run it and I almost am betwen the minimum and recomended. I passed all of them except the RAM! I have 2 GB RAM! Here are my full computer specs:
    Widows Vista 32 Bit
    Processor:Amd Athlon Dual Core 4600+
    Memory:2 GB RAM
    Direct X 10.0
    Graphic Card:NVIDIA GeForce 8600GS
    HDD:360 GB(170 Gb Free)

    What do I have to do to make it work at its full speed?If I disable physx or put it on medium will it work full speed?PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    Sorry 2 botter u but I'm desperate!!!
    I can help ya, your system is actually limited as games requiring 2gb ram will work better with 3gb or 4gb ram, btw 4gb ram is 3.75 useable ram, the rest of it is obviously tied up in running everything else your pc does besides games,

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    I've tried the Asylum demo, it worked without problems in my laptop but i had to set the detail level to medium. (my laptop: centrino duo 1.83Ghz, 500Mb Ati, 1GB RAM, WinXPSp3)
    I probably will wait for a pack containing both Asylum and city (for my PS3)

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    Can someone help me with this:

    AMD Phenom II X4 810 (2.6 GHz)
    3Go RAM DDR2
    PNY Geforce GTX 560 Ti OC
    Win XP SP3
    Directx 9.0c
    NVidia pilot version 266.44
    Batman AA 1.1

    Any action scene involving two or three bad guys is laggy and barely playable. Same goes each time I grapple to a gargoyle or whenever I move the camera in front of Batman.

    I'm at 640x480 and every option turned off (no PhysX either).

    When I run the fps test I have something like:
    min fps: 0
    max fps: 89
    avg fps: 37

    on canyourunit, I'm in the recommended config.

    Any idea on why performance is so bad??

    Updated directx again, bumped computer again, turned antivirus off.
    dunno which one did the trick but the problem seems solved now.

    I can now run it with everything but AA enabled and physX effects on normal

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    My pc runs it well on high settings

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    It works on my PC perfectly fine, no crashing nor slow working. Considering all of your issues, I am pretty lucky

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