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Thread: tomb raider legend STUCK help plse!

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    tomb raider legend STUCK help plse!

    can someone tell me .....! please
    at that bit when you have to use the magnetic chair gun thing to swing the balls and shoot /get rid fof this annoying black beast that keeps knocking you out of the chair, etc
    When you getthe 'circut' happening', what do you do?
    a) shoot the beast?
    b) jump on the chair &grab the 'artifact' haning above the chair (ps i only see it there once)
    So whatto do, because i push the balls x4 , and then just cannot get on the chair, if i do theres nothing to do
    plse explain
    4days STUCK

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    Hey, don't worry, it's a piece of cake.

    I see you have already done the biggest part: pulling all of the levers, shooting all of the magnetic sphere things with the Tesla gun till a full circle of magnetism is formed etc...

    Then you will see the artifact coming down. Immediately get out of the chair and use the grapple on the artifact. Press interact to pull it and that's it!

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    wicked thanks

    wicked thanks , i try it this eve!
    ..(grapple, forgot about that !)

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    You're welcome!
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    hey man/chicko! I got passed that, big thanks..
    now i am stuck on fighting the trex its annoying...2days, any ideas? do i just duck and shhot for 4 hrs until its 'energy' goes down?thanks..or can i slam one of those spikey poles into his head(somehow)
    many thanks

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    Are you playing Tomb Raider Anniversary now?

    To kill the T-Rex the fastest way, you have to master the Adrenaline Dodge (or Bullet Time, whatever you want to call it).

    Shoot him till he gets enraged, the rage bar will flash red. Then he will start running at you, the screen will turn blurry when he's close enough. When that happens do this: keep your weapons drawn (changing the Combat Mode to Advanced Toggle or Advanced Hold will make this easier), roll sideways (by pressing the roll button and left or right at the same time). If you did that correctly, two grey circles (reticules) will appear. Don't do anything, wait till they unite and turn into a red circle. Then immediately shoot! This headshot will kill normal enemies instantly. But this boss will get confused and run towards the wall, losing health. If you do all of this while standing in front of one of the three spiked structures (with your back towards the spikes) and do this AD succesfully, he'll run into the spikes, losing a third of his health. So just do that three times, and he's dead. (Well, not yet...)

    You can also just keep shooting him, but that will take ages. And it also won't work on later bosses. So you'd better learn now.
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    very clever chicko/man! excellend, yes both aniver. and LEGEND! when stuck on one i switch to the ther for a break! cool! i tackle trex now! thanks yeeeeeeah baby! nice 1

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    ohh L2R has a man-friend
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    To avoid confusion: L2R = chica
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    yeah chica + timmybuddhadude(man) = ohh la la
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    lol... just joking damm my jokes are bad when its dark outside lol
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    still on trex guys/chickos, busy.........

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    got the dodge sorted, saw those 2 grey circles once, its really really going on.......and on and on..

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    i have never been more BORED* in any game place than this its tedious,annoying, i see the grey circles, havent got any lower than 2/3rds of 'life', this make me wanna give it up
    is it normally this much bollox on one scent that goes on hrs or days it ridiculous. need fine tuned ways to do&movements &help.ahhh lalalaa

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    shoot the red circles when ur near the walls, it head buts them and gets injured faster
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    ok thanks i finally did it real tedious, but the next part just has another one of those drama -type bits 'cenematic' they say, and it gives me no moves''.... just red like no entry signs on the screen, i dont know why it normally says 'do left' do right' etc in white arrows but this has no entry type street signs, v wierd and no hints . Do House or love to raid wana help and just write go left-go right , jump etc, i dont get it why it has no entry signs in a jungle, and no hints, maybe pc error etc... thanks PEOPLE

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    Edit: Oh, you already did it! Yeehaw, congrats!

    This is from Stella's site:

    Second interactive cut scene:
    When you've beaten the T. rex using either the regular or alternate method, the huge beast makes one last angry charge at Lara. Use the controls indicated on-screen to evade it. When you press the correct buttons, the Tyrannosaurus smashes into the temple creating a gaping hole in the wall. If you fail, Lara dies and you must try the cut scene again. The correct sequences are:

    * Windows & Macintosh PCs: Down then Up
    * PlayStation 2: Circle, R1
    * PSP: Circle, Square
    * Xbox 360: B, RT
    * Nintendo Wii: First, hold the nunchuk and remote level and thrust forward. Second, alternately raise and lower the two controllers.
    You have to be fast, or else the red icon thing appears and she dies.
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    mannn! where you get THAT FROM?? cool, you put it on???? I never seen LC move that quick, i must have adead slow comp&you guys must have more buttons. that was wicked THANKS ALOT ok doen then up here i go.....(dead chuffed) 1 happy 'gamer', that took an effort, nice 1

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    Haha, actually, it was my brother who recorded it. But I can do it too.
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    wicked.who did that techno -tune spoof vid?

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    only got red steet signs in jungle, stuck at bottom up bit no signs trying to watch those vids to get it exact, too slow a comp i reckon o well thanks

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    more guns??

    AND you got more guns where they come from(on vid?) i only got little pistols i started with (and i took him down witha peanut...)
    where that gun come from thats not on, thats why!

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    Yeah, those are the 50 Caliber Pistols.

    You will get them much later in the game. You will also get a Shotgun (you can find it in this level if you explore it thoroughly, otherwise you'll get it a bit later) and Mini SMG's/Uzi's (much much later).

    If you beat all Time Trials you'll earn a Golden Shotgun, that will take all normal enemies down with only one shot!
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